20 Effective and Unique Business Ideas for New Student Entrepreneurs

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Written By John Morris

It is 2021 and the cost of setting up a new unique business has never been so low.

New technology and free tools have made starting your own unique business easy and quite affordable. The only thing you need to start a unique business is a phone, a computer, and the internet.

Finding a good and unique business idea is often one of the trickiest choices. But here we have made it simple for you.

  • It should be something you can do even at midnight and which gives you happiness.
  • It should be something you are confident about.
  • It should be something that has demand.

So let’s see which are the best and unique business ideas for new student entrepreneurs to start in 2021 and beyond.

1. Start with an E-commerce site

20 Best Unique Business Ideas for New Student EntrepreneursWhen you are looking for something to purchase where do you go? Rather who gives you discounts and coupons?

Advantages are it can be accessed from anywhere you just need an internet connection on your smartphone. The most demanding products are:

  • Clothes and shoes.
  • Healthcare products
  • Children’s products
  • Packed food
  • Home goods for daily use mostly essentials.

2. Designing unique business plans

Creating a research-driven business plan is a real deal. A unique business plan will not only act as a blueprint for business but it solves important questions for investors as well to invest in that particular business.

Though cost is minimal for creating a unique business plan. But if made perfectly, it would shine from a thousand other business plans. All you need is domain knowledge, writing skills, and presentation skills.

3. Affiliate marketing

Well affiliate marketing is never off the list, isn’t it? What is affiliate marketing?

You may have heard starting with the affiliate market is a good source of income. You get a commission for promoting someone else’s product.

But you can earn more in affiliate marketing if you have these things:

  • Healthy traffic on a blog or a website;
  • Experience speaks louder than words. If success is presented to your potential clients guess who be doing affiliate marketing for that product.

4. Buy and flip domains

Buying and reselling are terms we have heard in the real estate business. Well, here it is the same thing.

You can buy a domain nurture the website and increase its DA and PA. If SEO is done for the website and it starts ranking you can earn even more money.

With already a list of the used domains you can select one from the category and it is a good source of income if you are working on multiple websites at a time.

5. Integrating chatbots

A decade ago, companies were thriving for online presence so they were building websites. Now almost every product/service company has its application.

But now the latest trend is a chatbot. As visitors can come anywhere from the world and they might have some questions and want to do some inquiry or might have a doubt.

Therefore these chatbots act as a personal secretary for the website and answer the query, the good thing is that with AI these chatbots get better and better. The new best tool in internet marketing at the moment is a chatbot. Also, it is not that hard to implement a chatbot.

Configure and launch the chatbot robot. Write the algorithm(code of chatbot) of its actions, load the queries with replies you want, and test the work of the chatbot. Usually, on google you can get basic questions asked on the website you will have a healthy set of chatbot questions to start with.

6. Become a social media expert

20 Best Unique Business Ideas for New Student EntrepreneursOn the Internet, people get to know everything, and most important they tend to purchase from those who have a good social media presence.

Social media presence is important because potential clients first look for reviews. Moreover, in social networks, business activity is most active and has certain social media platforms that only have founders and CEO.

This is a huge opportunity to target them or you can share your business plans there to get their attention.

For example, a research report company may look for these platforms and directly target founders and CEOs of the company. And also, their company hires or has a third-party vendor for social media platforms where they can have huge growth.

7. Become a tester or reviewer

When you have decided to purchase a mobile or laptop or any electronic item or any product which is available online do you directly purchase them? Obviously no, we tend to look for reviews or product demonstrations.

An easy way to start is to start with products you have and start reviewing them once visitors are increased some companies may sponsor their product for demonstration and they are ready to pay heavy cash for it.

8. Tutoring

Whether you have a topic of tutoring or want one topic, teaching is the best profession. But if you are out of topic try to get recommendations from the students (or their parents) that you have around them.

There might be certain topics they want to learn, but it is preferred to go with a topic which one has commanded in and being a subject matter expert.

Also while targeting the audience for tutoring you can always post ads offline and online there are digital marketing agencies who can do work for you for the budget you have.

9. Fundraising firm

The number of new entrepreneurs starting new firms is booming. The common obstacle they face is capital.

Fundraising is an art that is associated with the attraction of finance for the needy one. The landmarks of a successful fundraiser are as follows:

  • Always know who you are up to
  • Framing strategy
  • Be confident
  • Divide large amounts into smaller ones

10. Starting an event agency

20 Best Unique Business Ideas for New Student EntrepreneursEveryone likes to party and be a part of organized meetings. Why not turn your hobby into a demanded business today?

Every year company has an annual party, people like to celebrate their life events so the scope is always there. These event managers help clients plan and coordinate the event.

These people hold a huge responsibility when it comes to large-scale events like weddings, conferences, festivals, seminars, etc.

Working as an event organizer requires attention to detail and patience because there may be certain situations where some plans fail and you need to keep calm and handle the situation.

As it is not that easy to handle events, companies and people are ready to pay a huge amount as they want to cherish and enjoy the moment.

11. Website maintenance service

There are thousands of web development firms but how many are giving you after-sales service or maintaining the website? Many companies and other business owners are willing to pay a website maintenance firm.

You also need to understand the basics of CMS (content management system). You’ll be able to earn good cash from crafting landing pages for numerous clients.

12. Photo Studio

Food market companies and product companies spend a huge amount on advertising their products.

Most photo studios are found by former photographers which makes a lot of sense. You don’t necessarily have to be a photographer to start this unique business but it is so good to know. Also, certain companies like to explore new options.

13. Recruiting agency

A recruiting agency is an important connection between an employer and a future employee. The value of a recruiting agency is its database.

Having employees who will daily search candidates for creating a database and after getting any requirement for the job is just a search away.

That is why this is a service which is a cheaper alternative for companies. They will save money for paying their recruiter which is cost-cutting.

14. Graphic design

Companies are always in search of graphic designers for their product and branding purposes.

From designing marketing brochures, including social media posts, marketing banners, posters, and logos to creating stunning designs of landing pages, the opportunities here are best and the scope is huge.

Also, you can always pitch your designing skills to new business owners, individuals, or online marketing gigs.

15. Stock photographers

You may be a photographer who likes clicking nature photos but you can earn from that as well. Online photo platform has such images which are used for websites, banners to social media, and marketing.

If you have a DSLR and beginner photoshop skills, then you can easily sell your images to stock photo websites like Unsplash and Shutterstock.

Each time your photo is downloaded you get paid. This is the simplest way to turn a hobby into some serious earning. You can later build your website when you have earned a good amount of money from these sites to secure corporate projects.

16. Customized T-shirt is a unique business

There is a huge demand for customized T-shirt printing businesses and funky logos. College groups, bikers groups, event companies all need customized T-shirts so that they will advertise themselves and also will be known for their uniqueness.

The good thing about this industry is it allows you to work on your terms, i.e., you can either choose to work from a small room or start with a production center. It all depends upon your financial condition, but if you have a good starting budget you should definitely invest in a high-quality fabric printer that will allow you to be completely independent.

17. Social media consultant

20 Best Unique Business Ideas for New Student EntrepreneursThis unique business is ideal for someone who not only knows how to use social media but also how to earn through it.

On social media platforms, you can earn huge money through advertisements, there are special campaigns run for it.

Usually, when a company sourced this work to a third party they save money so this is a good business model if you have experience. You can take multiple projects from multiple companies for extra income.

18. Handmade goods

There is a certain audience segment who like handmade goods and these people are usually the rich people. So if you are good at making handmade goods, all you need is to advertise your products and you are good to go.

You can make products such as leather wallets, jewelry, organic soap, and countless other things. Also, if there is a huge demand, you can try to sell them online through an eCommerce site.

19. Online course creation

A platform such as Unacademy, Coursera, Edx, and others where people who are hungry for knowledge can access massive open online courses. Such online course topics are beyond the traditional high-school curriculum.

So, if you have any skill at all or want to give it a go there is nothing stopping you. The only investment you need is a web camera and basic editing skills.

20. Custom covers for electronic gadget

College students or even every other people who own a mobile phone or laptop would like to have a cover or sticker which is custom-made.

So be it your photo as cover or photograph that you have captured, you can get it all.

On Amazon, you will find a variety of mobile phone covers or laptop covers. And there is a certain specialized website that tells you to upload your photo and they will make that cover and send you via courier.

Here you’ll need editing skills, marketing, and editing skills. But the customized covers are always attention-grabbing and if the product matches customer expectations, then all your advertising is done via mouth publicity.

Here are the top 20 unique business ideas which are having the most trend and will continue to grow further.

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