Lead Generation Strategies for SaaS Business with Examples

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Written By Mano Ranjani

When your business is to promote your Software As a Service (SaaS), the lead generation strategy is quite peculiar to other marketing strategies. Since it is not an actual product to market, you would have to show the actual performance of your software that you are about to broadcast.

In this evolving technological world, everything is about digital and everything has an app or software to get your work finished. In that case, generating leads for your SaaS business could be both a blessing and a curse.

There are multiple platforms on the net giving you multiple options to outsmart the requests you need to do on a daily basis of life. Growing your software amidst the sea of competing brands would be quite troublesome if you are not handling it with the right strategy.

Finding the right set of lead generation tools to promote your software service is the first rule to consider to generate leads.

Right from the presentation and claiming the performance of your software, you will need potential prospects, nurture them, turn them into loyal customers. Concentrating on the right set of audience would be the basic step to present your software service.

1. SaaS Marketing strategy

Lead Generation Strategies for SaaS Business with Examples 1 Expert tips to grow your business to success.In the SaaS marketing strategy, commandeering website traffic to your service page would give you the lead you are looking for. Users engaging with your page and enrolling with their email id willingly is generating leads in your arena.

Although there is no product to sell, the free subscription to your service would need the email to activate and is a possible lead. The way of attracting users to your page should need an eye-catchy marketing article or post to attract them.

Having a strong software marketing strategy is a guarantee of generating more leads and having a bigger revenue since your business is subscription-based.

The content you are going to put on your website is really important since this is what is going to attract users in the first place. You need to remember that you are not selling a tangible product so most of the time people will make decisions based on the content you create for them on your website.

Think and have an idea, how would you buy a product…?

  • The colors and the ads which are attractive get hold in your eyes. The same goes for promoting your brand; make them attractive. 
  • Engage content to lure them and make them stay more or visit your landing page multiple times. The more hours they spend, the more chance you have of converting the audience to leads.

A great Call-To-Action would do your work. Getting prospects is one of the crucial ways to market to an individual.

AeroLeads is one of the lead generation tools in getting the perspectives from any business platform giving you the most information to work within generating potential leads. We will look into this elaborately in this article.

2. The Anatomy of acing effective leads to your SaaS

Leading your brand would need the right set of tools and platforms to broadcast your service. The diet plan to build your brand needs to be healthy at the same time needs continuous overseeing with nurturing the leads.

Remember to pursue the right audience to pick the potential lead. You wouldn’t like all the handwork to go in vain, just because you chose the wrong domain lead. 

  • Converting the traffic into leads can put a halt to your sales increase, if not taken care of full-fledged. 
  • Whenever there is a bump in expanding your lead generation, there’ll be a hit on your ROI. 
  • With the correct guidelines to pursue leads, you will need broadcasting helplines like SEO – ranking keywords, marketing analysis- email marketing, and social media.

Mastering these platforms, with a flexible sales and marketing fleet, you can easily ace the game with flying colors.

Design your lead generation strategy to attract users and at the same time focus on broadcasting your Software-as-a-Service by upgrading your content that engages your leads.

3. Know what you are getting into.

Before stepping into finding the best lead generation tools and online platforms, know what you are getting into. That is when you are going to flaunt your software on various platforms, know your competitors too.

Analyze the software and its performance on the field and do research and create engaging content on your landing page that makes your clients stay a long time on your site. In order to increase your conversion rates, create engaging and attracting content, and publish them on social media platforms.

Mostly your leads would be from the techniques you select to play with; branded keywords and the trafficking channel which directly leads to your page. 

When it comes to the SaaS business, the rate of conversion is based on the subscription rates to your software. Moreover, the common tactics used in generating leads are accruing the potential prospects through business platforms and drive them into a CRM system.

4. Lead-Generating Strategy for SaaS Business

Getting hold of perspectives that can generate leads to your brand is quite arduous and time-consuming. That is where AeroLeads comes into play. 

Lead generation tools on the internet play a significant role in both increasing your revenue at the same time leaving you down. Thinking that you can save time by buying the list of the web, can surely put a dent in your revenue conversion rates.

Platforms offering free leads lists are not always authentic and at the same, you cannot completely rely on them for promoting your SaaS business. 

Lead generation tools like AeroLeads make your work automated cutting the actual man-hours spent in client meetings and follow-ups. The Aeroleads lead generation tool helps you get perspectives from various platforms helping you build the ideal marketing list to promote your SaaS business.

5. Lead generation tools aiding in building an ideal list

AeroLeads can come in handy when you are in mind to build the ideal client list to promote your SaaS business via email marketing. This tool allows you to extract business credentials and B2B data helping you to build the potential list that increases your revenue. 

AeroLeads is easy to handle and does not take any hard installation steps to proceed with. To make it easy, AeroLeads can be installed as an extension to Chrome; that way when you are unable to retrieve credentials from clients, AeroLeads does its magic for you. 

Giving you access to Business Email Ids, contact numbers, company name, and URL’s AeroLeads give a source to start your email marketing, to begin with. Once you have added the clients to your list, you can now export them to a CSV file to refine the list.

Now that the list is refined, you can upload the list to CRM platforms, Zapier, FreshSales, Zoho, etc., to account for your conversion rates.

6. Quality, not Quantity

12 Simple Lead Generation Tools and Strategy for SaaS BizThis may be a bit dramatic but B2B SaaS business marketing should partake in quality more the quantity. Even though you send your brand marketing emails to more than 75 percent of people per day, sending the qualitative content to the right set of audiences is a sensible outcome in email marketing. 

Improving the lead quality can be done by cross-referencing various fields and metrics and the credibility of the source.

AeroLeads lets you verify the authenticity of your potential email list at AeroLeads Email Finder and Verifier Tool by cross-referencing and double-checking them with the database. 

While positive propaganda of your brand is good for your sales conversion, your 25 percent marketing email can end up in one’s spam folder. Exceeding the ratio can end up suspending your email service provider. 

Pruning out the people out of your ideal list from common lead generation tools can save the marketing resources you decked up in bringing in leads.

According to surveys in lead generation this year, pursuing challenges can be improved by: 

  • Improving content – content engagement 
  • Personalizing marketing efforts 
  • Upgrading your data managing tools 
  • Remodeling 3rd party lead acquiring sources 
  • Focusing on using more curated lead quality metrics 
  • Regular Data clean up process 
  • Articulating AI predictions tech in improving automated traffics.

7. Personalizing SaaS business emails to attract clients

Generating potential clients can be automated by sending personalized emails. This is part of marketing tactics to lure leads into loyal customers thus bringing in more revenue.

Building up personas based on their likes and needs can help you pursue your subscription rates to spike high.

When you are offering Software-as-a-Service, people are not receiving any physical product to feel and play with it. In the field of software as service, subscription rates and user profiles are counted as the success rates in lead conversion.

Usually, when a software is built, the platform is built by having a user interface in mind; try to bring the user-friendly software plus points into engaging content.

Engaging the clients with high-rated SEO keywords, style, custom-tone images, with editorial guidelines can attract a set of users. At the same time, customize your formal workflow with customer personas, which includes your brand merchandise.

“More the merrier” – This does not just mention the quantity, but also the quality of the email you send out to attract leads. Prioritizing your marketing email to generate leads in the SaaS business arena can sure attract more leads. Exclusiveness always works its charm in attracting users to subscribe to your software.

Remember, exclusive content and customized emails can even get you referrals that can be converted to potential clients. Asking your potential lead about a referral can even get the lead you were expecting. Not all referrals are time-worthy; some may come in for the freebies and the others just to check out your software.

8. Subscription rates to SaaS business

Email Subscribers are 75 percent of potential clients to software services. Keep in touch with your email subscribers with your sales team to relink the marketing event to possible clients.

Nurturing leads and managing them is easy when you have built a good relationship with the subscriber. The more engaging content or marketing email, the more possibilities you have in changing them to leads.

Email Subscribers when converted to leads, can come to the conclusion that you have built a successful lead generating list. AeroLeads plays a paramount role in procuring these significant email Ids for broadcasting SaaS business.

9. Out-of-the-Box ideas

With the rapidly evolving nature of the SaaS business, try to work out ideas that are out of the box.

Don’t go by the same set of rules followed by generic companies to promote their brand. Lead generation tools like Aeroleads are a lifesaver when it comes to building the ideal client list from various business areas.

10. Marketing Influencers

Most of the B2B entities launch their products with influencers by reviewing their product and making a video for them. SaaS companies can trail around the influencers and bloggers to promote their service as they tend to be trendsetters in the field.

AeroLeads lead generation tool offers you a handy list of high potential influencers, bloggers, and companies credentials to broadcast your SaaS brand.

11. CTA to fold in prospective clients

12 Simple Lead Generation Tools and Strategy for SaaS BizCall-To-Action is an influential way of converting leads to sales thus acting as a lead generation tool itself. Giving access to free trials, eBooks, and exclusiveness for a short period of time can attract and convert more prospective customers.

Most SaaS vendors offer a free trial period to offer their users the look and feel of their software and at the same time keep track of the customer’s engagement on your software.

Persuading fiercely to nurture leads is an effective way to convert leads into sales. At the same time, if you do not have the right set of SaaS business lead generation tools to pursue your goals it would be utter vain to waste your resources at the wrong course.

Having the right CRM software like AeroLeads can help you out in acquiring potential business emails IDs, organizing and managing lead relationships, thus automating the long process of formal workflow in lead generation.

12. LinkedIn – SaaS pool to generate leads

Thriving in the field filled with essential business, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to publish your SaaS strata.

Addressing the significance of your software can get the customers than any other lead generation tool on the market. Creating a network or group with attractive content lets you engage with more customers thus luring in the interested business and contacts.

Yet, if you are having a hard time engaging with potential clients, get their credentials with AeroLeads and personalize an appealing marketing email promoting your SaaS business.

These are some of the alluring techniques used in promoting SaaS businesses and marketing their brand successfully in most of the leading SaaS companies and start-ups. Analyze your strategies, no matter how you want to pursue the leads make sure you pick the right audience to promote your SaaS brand.

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