7 Urgent Reasons to Automate Your Marketing

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Written By Tomi Saikkonen

Now is the best time to automate your marketing. A key determinant of building and growing a forward-thinking business is efficiency. Efficiency is an important metric for measuring a company’s success as it is a strategic metric in function integration and improving resource building and end results.

automate your marketing

Efficiency can be achieved through different processes, but one of the best ways is to streamline marketing approaches. Gone are the days of labor-intensive marketing work. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, there is an immediate need and priority for marketing automation.

No matter the size, industry or budget, marketing automation technology is a key tool to allow your business to create dynamic, diverse campaigns that will significantly improve ROI and increase opportunities for engagement.

Consider some of the key benefits of prioritizing marketing automation below.

1. Reduce costs

As businesses across all industries are tightening their purse strings, automation will reduce the costs of marketing processes. At the same time, it helps maximize revenue through improved opportunities for lead generation, conversion, sales and reselling.

The following are some of the ways you can automate your marketing and save money:

  • Assists in aligning marketing and sales departments to minimize fragmentation in segmented data in a cost-effective way.
  • Ensures both marketing and sales teams gain better insights into prospects and current customers going through all stages of the buyer journey.
  • Drives improved engagement and communication an alignment that results in increased sales.

2. Increase measurability

Efficiency in marketing can only be acknowledged through measurable results. Unless your diverse range of campaigns can be measured, captured, tracked and analyzed, it is unbelievably difficult to measure success or remedy failures for future campaign success.

Automation software is the kind of technology available to inform how audience segments are responding to your marketing campaigns. It provides clear and concise views of campaign success, creating immediate visibility on campaign performance.

Being able to thoroughly measure which campaigns drive ROI and improve lead generation allows your business to proactively turn insight into profitable action.

3. Efficiently manage a multichannel landscape

Social media. Email. Web. There are numerous ways to use marketing automation, and these are just three examples of various digital marketing inputs that customers engage with. Being able to control the key marketing inputs relevant to your business is integral to increasing your marketing share, communicating with a larger target audience and maximizing the efforts of your marketing campaigns.

This multichannel world requires a multi-pronged approach that many businesses, particularly small firms, are ill-equipped to handle.

How does automation help businesses navigate today’s multichannel market?

  • It provides a personalized, consistent marketing approach to the evolving and ever-increasing digital landscape.
  • Automation software simplifies campaign management across all relevant channels from one convenient management platform.
  • Simplifying cross-channel marketing campaigns improves your company’s strategic approach to lead generation and engagement.
  • Being able to orchestrate campaigns within the multichannel landscape improves the depth, reach, and impact of your campaigns.

4. Create successful engagement at every level of the customer journey

Automation empowers your business in tracking and measuring customer behavior throughout every stage and the significant moments of the sales journey. This facilitates the opportunity to provide a seamless, consistent, and personalized experience for current and future customers, across all levels.

Through automation, you can optimize the customer journey through the following steps:

  • Understand the needs and timelines of each prospect entering the buyer journey to shorten the sales cycle, which contributes to increased revenue.
  • Map out the complete buying process with automation to effectively ensure that your sales team can suggest a roadmap for the prospect in question.
  • Use such roadmap to help customers avoid obstacles that may elongate the buying process (lack of buying power, budget, or doubt regarding your products/services).

By using automation to capture necessary segment data, your business can deliver on a richer customer journey experience, meeting the needs of your audience segments and deepening relationships for sales leads.

5. Minimize the risk of error in decision-making

The real value of any marketing campaign lies within its data. Without trivializing other marketing processes, implementing a campaign with dirty data will render that campaign utterly useless.

Enterprises invest a significant amount of time and money to data management because nearly all facets of business processes require data capturing. Some of the ways to mine data for smarter decision-making include:

  • Leverage structured quality data to minimize the potential for human error and drive real-time data capture, resulting in better, improved decision-making.
  • Automate databases and structured infrastructures to improve your business’s agility and accuracy.
  • Empowers strategic business growth in a truly scalable way that meets your business needs.

Integrating automation to your existing marketing solutions enables data segments to seamlessly flow through your processes’ framework. This provides comprehensive information to ensure you can make sound decisions with confidence.

6. Target the right audience segments to get immediate results

With marketing automation comes the opportunity to send the right enriched, personalized content. Exactly at the right time, through the right channel.

By being able to segment your audience base and target the right people based on programmed triggers and specific conditions, you maintain regular contact, fostering brand loyalty and building relationships.

The parameters you send for certain individual scenarios or buyer personas means your automation software will work with minimal effort. Particularly useful for email marketing such as drip campaigns, targeting the right audience segment will incentivize customers at the exact time they are ready to commit to a purchase.

7. Drive innovation

Innovation is often overlooked as a key benefit of marketing automation. Indeed, many businesses are drawn to the ability of automation software to manage a campaign, capture data, and provide actionable insights. But as any marketer can attest, marketing campaigns are only as good as their next one.

Innovation is the foundation that underpins all marketing campaigns. It’s the ability to pivot quickly, responding to market forces with strategic, measurable control.

Businesses that continue to participate in labor-intensive campaign efforts limit their ability to control and leverage opportunities, minimize the application of resources, assets and, more importantly, the ability to remain competitive.

Automation eliminates the needless cycle of redundancies like manual data entry and manual processes. At the same time, it drives the human focus of any campaign, making way for digital maturity. Automation nurtures innovation mentality. It allows members of the marketing team to optimize their time focusing on tasks that will drive ROI and improve lead generation.

In conclusion, digital marketing is a fast-evolving field. Failure to keep up may result in your business losing its competitive edge and relevance.

Luckily, a host of technological innovations have appeared in recent years to drive higher quality, more efficient marketing processes. Automation is enabling businesses to stimulate streamlined processes that pave the way for increased efficiency, stronger ROIs, and innovative solutions to current marketing challenges.

Implementing marketing automation is a daunting task for any business, but a necessary one. Prioritizing marketing automation can yield success and measurable results only once imagined.

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