9 Pro Tips on Adding Call-to-Action CTA to Social Media Marketing

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Social media platforms are perfect for promoting or marketing your brand.

They connect your brand with your customers globally and presents one of the best ways to create a buzz around your brand.

But if you think that simply making an account on social media and posting some posts are enough to do this, then you are wrong.

You need a proper social media marketing strategy to ensure that people connect with your brand. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Make a professional bio and use a professional profile picture. Make sure that the bio is short and relevant to your industry.
  • Make sure you have a consistent theme throughout your feed
  • Be consistent with your posts, don’t upload twice a month and then suddenly go to once a month
  • Use hashtags as they help people find your content
  • Use a variety of content and focus on video content as well as they are quite popular.
  • Write captions, but make them short and relevant.
  • Use stories on Instagram and Facebook to tease people about your product or so on
  • All these things are important, but one of the most important things that will help push your customers into taking action is a call-to-action button.

A call-to-action button or CTA is a term or keyword that encourages your viewers to take action like open the link to your website or app, or buy your new product and so on.

CTA is important because they generate leads for your brand. But they need to be included in your social media posts in a clever way, here are some ways you can do that.

Why you need CTA in your social media marketing?

Including CTA can help your business by:

  •         Getting you more leads
  •         It helps people engage with your content more
  •         It is trackable
  •         It provides purpose to your content

Let’s see some tips that will ensure that your call-to-action is actionable.

9 Pinpoints on Adding Call to Action (CTA) in Social Media Marketing

1.   Be clear with your CTA like asking them to do something 

CTAs don’t need to be clever always. Sometimes they work best when they are clear and are simple.

The first thing you need to keep in mind while adding CTA to your social media caption is to ensure that they are short and clear. Don’t confuse the customer.

You can make it more clear by asking them to buy your product or like the post, whatever your end goal is.

Directly asking your customers is one of the best ways to push your customers into taking action.

2.   Make sure your CTA sounds urgent

People will respond to your CTA better if you make them sound urgent.

If they think that the product or services you are using CTA are available for a limited time, then they will work better as people don’t want to miss out on an opportunity.

So, a call-to-action that sounds like ‘hurry now to buy our latest limited product’ or ‘call now to avail this offer’ will work better than simple terms like call or buy now.

3.   Customize CTA as per the platform

Every platform is different and you need to make sure that you customize your CTA according to that. You cannot use CTA used on Facebook for Twitter, as people and medium both are different.

4. Use images 

You can use the images for a compelling CTA. if you are selling a product, using an image is the best way to make people take action.

Use Canva to create amazing images or edit them. 

5.   Compel people to take action

Most CTAs on social media sounds like ‘like our post’ or check the link in the bio. But you need to do more than that. You need to compel your viewers to do more than like or open the link.

You want people to buy your product or services or download an ebook or a guide or so on.

So, think about how you can do that in the best possible way and then create the CTA like that.

6.   Write the CTAs from the perspective of your user

Your followers on social media follow you because they get something in return- relevant content and news about your products or services.

The same goes for your CTA, if you want people to take action, they should get something in return.

If they don’t have any advantage, they would not take any action. Use your social media to tell people about the same.

For instance: you want people to buy your ebook, tell them why? Tell them it will help you start a successful blog, and they might click on the link.

7.   Strike a clear balance between having humor and sounding formal

A call-to-action is mostly attached to the caption in your social media posts like Instagram or Facebook. But that does not mean that you can use full humor to lure people into opening the link or take action.

Also, you cannot sound too formal or business-like because people can consider you rude or rigid.

Thus, you must strike a balance between the two while writing a CTA for your social media content.

8. The landing page must carry forward the message of the CTA

When you write a CTA, you don’t provide full details and the readers need to know it for further action.

Now, your CTA takes the reader on the desired page where you hope the customer will take some action like buy the product or so on.

Thus, it is obvious that the customer will be looking for more information related to the CTA message. If they don’t see that or see something different, it will be the death of your trustworthiness.

9.   Consideration

Before you upload your all-to-action, here are some things you should consider for a perfect CTA.

Voice of your CTA is crucial if you want actions from your followers. So, keep it short, a bit humorous, and be clear.

Never use the first person while writing the CTA because it makes it personal for you, use the second person instead.

Design is next, and it is crucial because if the call-to-action is located in a place where your users cannot find it, then it will crush the purpose of having a CTA.

It should attract the user and should be in line with your brand.

Tell us some of your strategies for including the perfect CTA for social media.

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