The Top 6 Benefits of Online File Sharing System for a Small Business

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If you are trying to get a business off the ground, or you have been in business for a while, you know that it can be easy to get disorganized.

Trying to manage various files, forms, and other essential documents can be frustrating, and old school filing systems aren’t all that practical.

In today’s digital era, people want digital solutions that can reduce the amount of paper and clutter in their offices, and they want satisfaction from the ability to easily access documents for sharing, pulling up for reference during meetings, and more.

Online file sharing is becoming more and more popular amongst business owners and leaders that want to be greener, and more organized.

In many cases, employees in office environments, or even home offices, can spend several hours per day filing different papers and documents in one place, and the videos and other digital assets in another.

And that isn’t efficient or effective.

The Top 6 Benefits of Online File Sharing System for a Small Business

The Top Six Benefits of Online File Sharing System

So, if you are looking to improve your business processes through file sharing, check out these benefits:

1. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of file sharing is the ability to transfer large files.

And, this isn’t limited to paper or written content.

In a world where video marketing is becoming a crucial part of how companies tell their story or demo a product, businesses all over are finding a need to share this significant content.

Unfortunately, most email servers have size limits, and many companies establish firewalls that make it difficult to access various programs.

But, with a reputable file sharing program, businesses can benefit from the ability to transfer large files of all types quickly.

And, this can be done securely, which brings us to our next point.

2. As mentioned, many companies have firewalls that prevent unauthorized access from external systems.

In this case, people can’t access various external programs that will allow them to download a large file from a client, vendor, or other.

And while your IT (information technology) department should be consulted before adopting any file sharing service, business owners are often reassured by the security that comes with the ability to send and receive encrypted files and controlling who can receive various communications.

To truly prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands, a reputable online file sharing service is highly recommended.

3. In today’s mobile world, it is not uncommon for employees of all levels up to the CEO, to leverage their smartphones for business.

In many companies, employees are even allowed to bring their own devices and then can work with their IT partners to get programs added to the device to access email and other critical company information.

But smartphones aren’t always secure, even with the best of intentions.

Between accessing unsecured WIFI systems or failing to install updates as they become available, these smartphones can create risk.

But again, with a reputable online file sharing system, employees can have access to the files they need, and leaders can be assured that those files are safe and secure.

4. By creating a common terminology for file saving, you can ensure that all employees in your organization know how to find what they are looking for quickly.

The terminology that you use should be something that makes sense for your organization, but often includes some form of the date the document was released or completed, a keyword or phrase, and the author of the material, if relevant.

Not only is applying consistency in file names important but so too is an expectation that files are saved in a particular place and that employees know where to go to access the latest and greatest.

If your sales team is saving their sales presentations to their desktop on their laptop, and then just doing a save-as every time they prepare for a new meeting, they may miss critical updates that your product marketing has put out.

Here see some digital product marketing skills. This can mean providing incorrect information at a big sales pitch, which could later turn into a customer service issue, or worse, a lost deal.

5. As your business expands and grows, you will inevitably have more and more information that people will need to access regularly.

Online file sharing systems are designed to grow with your business, and cloud-based storage applications are truly limitless in what they can securely store and handle.

6. Perhaps one of the best benefits of file sharing systems is the ability to save time.

What often took hours a day to manage can be only minutes a day.

And not only does filing take a lot of time, but so does scanning, especially on outdated and archaic scanning systems.

Many file-sharing systems offer easy to use workflow systems that help you get those paper files uploaded, filed, and organized for easy finding down the road.

How to find a reputable online file sharing system

If your business is ready to get digital and organized, it is time to start searching for reputable online file sharing systems.

You will need to consider price, accessibility, security, as well as functionality and integration with cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

When researching the right system for you, take the time to research testimonials from other customers who have already gone where you are going.

Be sure to check into the customer support options that come with the software, to make sure you can get help, if and when you need it.

And, make sure that whatever you buy comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

The FileCenter PaperPort software system brings best in a class organization to small businesses, at an economical price.

Not only can you scan and digitize your paper files and import them into the FileCenter, but you can also quickly turn all assets into searchable computer files, that anyone with authorization to access the system, can find easily.

Online file sharing systems bring a variety of benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

From financial planners to lawyers to accounts to insurance brokers and more, the right system can make it quick, easy, and practical to organize high volumes of paper such as invoices, receipts, contracts, business processes, and so much more.

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