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7 Smart Ways to Use Promotional Items to Build Customer Relations

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Written By Christiana Jones

Promotional items are one of the most effective methods in brand promotion. Many start-ups and established companies are using this strategy into their marketing ventures.

Distributing quality products for free to customers and clients is a sure shot way to boost brand awareness and brand loyalty.

A wide range of products like bags, glassware, wearable, desk items, calendars, writing instruments, etc makes the perfect gift for business promotion.

These gifts are imprinted with the logos and other relevant information like contact details, web addresses, slogans, etc. Customers use such products in daily lives for the long run, which results to increase customer loyalty.

A survey also disclosed that 66 percent of customers recall the name of the brand or company through promotional gifts.

7 Smart Ways to Use Promotional Items to Build Customer Relations

7 Smart Ways to Use Promotional Items to Build Customer Relations

So, in regards to build customer relations and loyalty, the business owners need to consider several ways to use promotional products. Let’s have a look at those ways.

1. Pick the products relevant to your business

The more the product is relevant to your business, the more likely the recipients will recall your brand. Giving away a product that is related to your business will draw the attention of potential buyers.

For example, if you are running a business of restaurants, then offering vouchers, promo codes, drinkware or aprons with its logos would become beneficial to your business.

Such promotional items convey a message and invite the people to a business.

If a product match with your company’s business, then people will recognize your brand instantly when they shop for your product and services.

It needs a well-defined plan to build customer relations.

2. Provide qualitative and branded gifts

Everyone loves high-quality products, as well as branded items.

While purchasing the products, the business owners first need to pay attention to the quality of promotional merchandise.

This will help to build a trustworthy image, plus leave a good impression in customers’ mind. A low-quality product can harm the company’s brand image.

People will avoid to use the cheap-quality product and also disappoint them. Distributing branded and quality products with appropriate logo design will enable the customers to stay in touch with your brand.

Therefore, it is necessary to pick something useful and branded items for your customers, so it can represent the company very well.  

3. Deliver the products with a theme

A promotional gift item crafted with appropriate logo design and slogan is useful for business promotion. That’s why make the campaign memorable for your potential customers.

For this, it is necessary to create a theme, but make sure the theme defines the brand message. The message should solidify the company’s market position.

Printing the logo with a meaningful message on promotional gifts will encourage the audience to purchase products from your company.

In addition, a catchy and strategical crafted theme will remain in the client’s mind for the long run.

When this message is spread out in the world, people get attracted to your business to see what is inside the box.

4. Offer gifts at trade shows

Trade fairs and shows give the business more exposure. This is an optimal way of presenting gifts to your customers, clients, colleagues, and employees during trade fairs.

Therefore, make sure the advertising gifts are useful and pleasant for the person to whom you give it.

While organizing such fairs, offer branded and quality gifts like a duffle bag, pen or t-shirt to an international and local audience.

By holding promotions and sales through trade fairs or business meetings, the brand awareness of your business will increase among the international and national audience.

5. Distribute products at company-sponsored events

Giving out free merchandise to your customers, employees, sales team, and clients during sponsored events will give a huge benefit to your business.

Offering freebies during company-sponsored events such as sales cruises, picnics or PR events to leave a lasting impact on people.

Many companies organize the events, festivals, concerts, fairs, and exhibitions in regards to sponsoring their products like T-shirts, Backpack and other items.

The main purpose of such meetings and events to promote your brand among thousands, or millions of people, which can later become a target audience.

A business owner can take his/her business to the top level by sponsoring extreme sports events like cliff diving and motocross. 

6. Gift promo items to employees as incentives

One of the most effective ways to build customer relations is to offer branded products to existing and potential employees, as well as, the business partners and clients.

When a business owner will represent the gifts as an incentive, they will get encouraged and helps to increase the sales of the business.

Sending a thank you gift to your partners and clients will give a true and viable feedback. It motivates to fruitful work and forms an attachment to the company.

Corporate identity items in the office or at work strengthen the corporate spirit, increase the status of the company and promote the business products easily.

It also delights and surprises the consumer when you reward the sales team or customer success team. 

7. Give out personalized promotional items

A most valuable way to build a relationship with your potential customers or existing clients is to offer gifts with a personalized message.

Sometimes, writing the name of the recipient on the product is a good way to build a relationship.

Another way to offer more personalized promotional items is to give out products according to consumers’ hobbies, interests, and profession.

For this, make a thorough research of your audience to know more about their backgrounds. So, choose more personal gifts with standard design and different colors.  

Wrapping up

The above-mentioned smart ways are effective to build a relationship with your customers. By implementing these strategies, brand awareness and customer loyalty will improve.

The use of promotional items as marketing tools has increased widely because it works. It creates a lasting impression on your customers and conveys the right message among users about your brand.

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