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6 Powerful Ways to Use Live Video Streams as an Effective Tool for Business Growth

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Written By Amanda Smith

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In case you thought that 2016 was the time of live video streams, 2017 is the year it solidified its position as an effective promotion and video marketing tool for businesses.

Brands and enterprises all over the world are showing that using live videos for business is an effective method to connect with prospects and the community on a personal level. 

80 percent of people, according to the New York Magazine, would preferably watch live recordings from a brand than read a blog entry.

Crowd engagement with live video is effective. 73 percent of B2B organizations using live videos for their business gave positive feedback.

In this article, I will cover why you should consider live videos for your business and the different ways you can apply live videos to your business communications system.

Why is live video streams such a powerful tool?

In a 2017 study by McCann Truth Central, the worldwide thought administration unit of promoting firm McCann, 42 percent of Americans discover brands and organizations “a bit dishonest” today than two decades back.

With live videos, you can gain the trust of your audience.

Customers purchase from brands they like and trust. However, trust can’t be accomplished overnight.

Live videos give you a chance to create and strengthen trust through all the phases of the purchaser’s life cycle.

In the course of an awful climate that was deferring flights, Southwest Airlines chose to live stream events from its task control center to social networking media platforms to console clients.

As indicated by the Financial Times, more than 100,000 individuals watched the stream on Facebook Live.

With live video, you would be able to showcase your organization’s procedures and depict straightforwardness and responsibility to clients and gain new fans.

Examples of events incorporating live stream.

Portland-based music fest Pickathon was able to develop a strong gathering of people through a forceful online networking effort.

Amidst a four-day occasion, their showcasing group reliably shared live streams of exhibitions on YouTube and Twitter.

As the weekend progressed, they effectively marketed the live stream during the occasion.

For each band, they’d set up a different post altogether.

The outcomes are basically a demonstration of these endeavors. Pickathon saw its online viewership soar from 11,000 out of 2015 to 200,000 in the year 2016.

Vocalist John Mayer knew precisely where his audience is. He did a one-night live stream of his Bud Light Dive Bar Tour from Los Angeles to Facebook.

The live stream achieved 1.5 million viewers and 27,000 comments and reviews in its initial seven days.

How does live video streams stack up or what is the budget plan?

To go live, all you truly require is a top-notch camera, solid broadband connection, and an online presence.

Social media giants like Facebook and YouTube enable clients to stream live for no extra charge, with specific points of confinement.

live streaming for business 2018

Your camera choice will rely on your financial plan and what you want your live videos to look like. Some of the top picks include Sony PXWX70, Sony PMW-300K1, and Canon XA10.

A committed and solid broadband connection is a very basic requirement for a successful live stream.

Ensure you have double the transfer speed as the bit rate you need to stream it at.

The most solid and reliable broadband connection while streaming live is interfacing straightforwardly by means of Ethernet to a devoted system.

How do live videos build trust?

Live recordings are underutilized on social networks by most employees and entrepreneurs.

In the real sense of it, live streams can help pick up confidence in your clients and potential customers.

You’ll gain trust, exhibit your aptitude, and demonstrate that you care about what your clients require. 

Clients get a kick out of the chance to see the identity of who they are doing their business with and who their sellers are.

Live recordings earn trust since they help you to connect with your viewers on a personal level without really seeing them face to face.

This means that you can contact more individuals in a more interactive field.

Both of these really enable them to feel as though they know the business on an individual level.

To achieve trust and demonstrate that you think about your group of viewers, you have to do live recordings frequently and all the time.

Consistency is essential in any business, particularly in live video recordings.

Your audience needs to know that you will continue to give them quality content every time.

This will help you build a loyal audience that will trust and see you as an authority in your field.

How have brands engaged their customers with live videos?

Live streaming “off-camera” is an extraordinary method to make your image more realistic.

The Philadelphia Eagles utilize live video streaming software to broadcast examination bits and “Press Pass” interviews with players.

The Toyota Camry 2018 team did a live video introduction from Detroit automobile to appear as Akio Toyoda, leader of Toyota Motor, who revealed particular elements of the four-barrel car.

The carmaker likewise accepted the open door to feature its new Nascar racing car, motivated by the 2018 Camry and respected its Nascar driver Kyle Busch in front of an audience.

The video has since gathered more than 10,000 views on every live streaming platform on social media.

Spotify executed that flawlessly when it live-streamed the declaration of its worldwide parental leave approach to its representatives around the world, through a town lobby style video introduction in New York City.

The outcome was motivating and top-notch video encounter for each Spotify worker around the world.

Some of the highest-grossing Live-broadcasts

Distributers like the Texas Tribune has fabricated new income by streaming live occasions.

Its choice to live stream saw state representative Wendy Davis’ experienced a 13-hour delay in 2013 saw more than 250,000 views crosswise over 180 nations, producing more than 400 membership recruits after the stream halted.

live video streams for business

Another case is the American Association of Advertising Agencies which, through live streaming its yearly state of the promotion business gathering “Transformation,” saw more than 16,000 watchers joining their occasion live. With more than 25,000 extra watchers tuning in for on-demand content.

Indeed, even remote areas and constrained access to power and internet couldn’t keep up with endurance events organization Tough Mudder far from live streaming its “World’s Toughest Mudder” 24-hour obstruction course challenge from Los Angeles.

Live video also gives a more powerful and attractive approach to give your fans a first-look demo of your item.

It fills in as a stage to feature every one of the fancy odds and ends of what your organization does and exhibit how you’re not quite the same as your rivals.

Live videos are an incredible method to develop yourself and build a trusted brand in the business world.

Live video recordings can be nerve-racking but you will learn and develop as you regularly do them.

It’s imperative to set aside the opportunity to create your first live video if you’ve not started already.

As you do this, you’ll find a balance that suits your goals which will help you to have the furthest reach and effect.

Live video recordings is a hot topic in the marketing world.

You need to know how to set up live streaming videos and utilize it to develop your business.

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