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Top 8 Salesforce CRM Tools for Smart Sales Professionals

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Written By Sujain Thomas

The number one investment of any sales organization or sales team administration in terms of technology is in a good CRM.

As of late, if you check out who is the enterprise leader in the CRM category, there is only one answer, Salesforce. Just ask around and look for expert opinion, and you will surely hear that the investment made on Salesforce.com is fully worth it.

Salesforce is the industry leader for its integration capabilities and technology features incorporating the latest technologies like AI and Big Data etc. In fact, what makes it a mighty platform are the tools used in tandem with Salesforce CRM, which would further help in maximizing the efficiency, productivity, results, and impact of the sales and customer service teams.

And optimizing their results by streamlining the workflows, providing key insights, and enabling the salespersons to take a more strategic and insightful approach to inbound and outbound communication.

Here in this article, we will discuss the top sales tools which Salesforce users should be aware of and try to adopt based on their needs. These were chosen based on the top rating at AppExchange.

You may check out these Salesforce CRM tools and see which ones would add more value to your sales and support processes.

Top Salesforce CRM tools For Smart Professionals

Top Salesforce CRM tools For Smart Professionals 

This listing is not comprehensive, but the objective of the listing is to cover the top categories and showcase the top tools which can easily integrate with Salesforce and sync to your business content, emails, analytics, and the customized platform.

1. Ambition – Sales Management Analytics Tool

This is ideal to be integrated with Salesforce for the organizations which use various platforms to gather business data.

Ambition will help curate the data and showcase the performance analytics from Salesforce and also other third-party systems all in one place.

2. Cirrus Insight – The top integration for Outlook and G-Suite

In terms of Outlook and G-Suite data integrations to the Salesforce platform, you cannot rely on anything other than the original.

Cirrus Insight is the pioneering name in Salesforce-Gmail integration, which happened close to a decade ago. For the last ten years, Cirrus Insight offers the most reliable calendar and mail sync for Salesforce, that too, at an affordable price.

Along with real-time syncing of data, Cirrus also offers value-added services, also like Cirrus’s Flight Plan, which will let you a custom set up the outbound call and email sequences.

3. Clearbit – Tool to manage data of prospects

Clearbit is a wonderful tool to be integrated with Salesforce, which will let you enrich the prospect’s data like contact info, company info, and social information all from inside the CRM itself without much effort.

Users can simply add an email or refresh the browser, and further, Clearbit could enrich and verify the information right in Salesforce.

When you are looking to get a comprehensive view of the prospect list, you can understand the customer profile better or could trim down your leads by using the Clearbit insights.

It can also integrate easily with Gmail, Drift, and Slack to offer actionable insights in terms of client and coworker communications.

4. Drift –Online chat and web conversion Salesforce tool

This tool comes from the HubSpot leaders, which is a highly sophisticated tool to score better in the conversational marketing era with personalized chat UIs, lead capturing, forms, lead enhancement, and direct syncing with Salesforce.

If your organization has a need to engage with prospects frequently, Drift will give you a customized way to collect and track all the data related to those conversations right inside Salesforce.

For those companies having a greater number of transactional processes related to sales, the Drift values which the sales team will give you may be massive.

This is a cool way to eviscerate the length of the sales cycle and take the initial level of conversation as rapidly as possible to close deals.

5. Engagio – For everything related to accounts

Engagio is one of the top-rated account-based sales and marketing strategy development tools to integrate with Salesforce.

Engagio offers a fully covered arsenal for marketing, sales, and customer support teams. Engagio offers the best possible all-in-one interface to manage each account strategically.

Engagio uses Salesforce as the bedrock to provide clear insights and playbooks to synchronize all customer-facing teams better. Engagio is worthwhile for all those who are dealing with B2B and enterprise clients.

6. Gong – Tool for call recording and call coaching

In terms of customer calls, call recording, call auditing, and caller coaching, Gong is a mighty software that offered comprehensive integration with Salesforce. 

Gong can be used to record, capture, and store the conversation and analyze the happenings through the existing system. You can make use of the existing conferencing platform to offer recommendations and provide insights to engage the prospects better.

For the sales teams needing frequent conversations with the prospects through various platforms like web conferences, phone, etc., Gong is a perfect call.

7. Guru – Top content management tool for Salesforce

Guru is a wonderful content management tool that can add great value to Salesforce. This platform will let the users add more content to the cards and better organize the sales collateral and find more opportunities for the reps.

Going a step ahead, it can also signal the existence of the most relevant collaterals every time you come across a lead or contact on Salesforce.

For the sales teams which use Salesforce or Slack, Guru offers custom notifications which appear in Slack immediately as the prospects click on a tracked link that auto-login Salesforce.

8. HelloSign- eSignature tool

HelloSign is a user-friendly eSignature application that provides the sales team with an opportunity to update the stages as they advance through the pipeline. This enables effective integrations and automated notifications.

HelloSign is much more affordable and sleek, which acts as a great tool to make the pipeline data more accurate and streamline the proposals as well as contract creation. However, HelloSign is primarily built for the sales teams and not the legal teams.

What is the best Salesforce CRM tool?

What is the best Salesforce CRM tool?

Here are some of the best Salesforce CRM tools for managing business processes:

  • Ambition – Sales maanagement analytics tool
  • Cirrus Insight – Top integration Salesforce CRM tool for Outlook and G-Suite
  • Clearbit – Salesforce CRM tool to manage data of prospects
  • Drift –Online chat and web conversion Salesforce CRM tool
  • Engagio – For everything related to accounts
  • Gong – Tool for call recording and call coaching
  • Guru – Top Salesforce content management tool
  • HelloSign- eSignature tool

As explained above, this is not an exhaustive list, but there are many more such tools like Prezi for sales presentations, Tenfold for cold calling, etc.

By exploring all these Salesforce CRM tools, you can then choose the best available apps for your purpose and leverage those to make your sales process more streamlined.

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