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Artificial Intelligence Predicts New Trend for Business: TikTok Video Ad Market

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TikTok quickly outstrips Youtube, which is losing its position in competition with trendy service from China.

Many video bloggers are disappointed with the policy of monetizing their channels on Youtube and are looking for new ways to make money.

TikTok was at the right time and right place.

The insane increase in the number of users and the very loyal content policy offer great opportunities for video bloggers.

Not so long ago, the platform included its own capabilities for video advertising, which opens up new prospects for advertisers.

The Signum.AI artificial intelligence for trend forecasting predicts that the TikTok video ad market will grow at an insane pace and YouTube will continue to lose its audience.

Who is using TikTok?

The main audience of the social network is teenagers. They like to shoot videos to their favorite music, dance, make video collages with friends.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, TikTok has 500 million users worldwide, and in the first quarter of 2018, it was the most downloaded app in the Apple Store.

This may be a great platform to present your product or service to a new audience.

Why is TikTok so popular?

Artificial Intelligence Predicts New Trend for Business: TikTok Video Ad Market

The TikTok audience is growing faster than in any other social network. This is mainly due to teens, as they are the main users of the service.

If the social network was able to attract the attention of teenagers, it is doomed to success: they are active, create a lot of content, arrange challenges.

It’s worth even recalling the success of Snapchat.

A large number of so-called “challenges” made the service a good viral advertisement. The first major challenge that made TikTok popular was “Karma is a Bitch”.

It consisted of appearing in a homely way at the beginning of the video, then, uttering the words “Karma is a Bitch”, showing the transformation into a radically different image: beautiful clothes, hairstyle, makeup.

The challenge was mainly popular in Asia.

TikTok for business

Earlier there was no official advertising on the social network. A test version of advertising was noticed in January 2019 by users from France.

Considering how popular the resource is now, interest in advertising will be incredible.

The young audience is impressionable and responds well to advertising, although its low solvency is also worth considering.

Despite this, TikTok does not plan to rest on its laurels.

At the moment it is the only application of a non-American company that was able to achieve such high results.

According to AdAge, the platform offers the following advertising products: Hashtag Challenge, Brand Takeover, In-Feed Video, Branded Lenses, and Top View.

1. Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag Challenge is a flash mob lasting six days under the auspices of the brand.

The service places the advertiser’s banner on the featured page, secures the sponsor’s hashtag, and may also include a branded song in the playlist.

The cost of such a package is $150 thousand.

2. Brand takeover

A full-screen banner with a countdown (3-5 seconds) to the close button – Brand Takeover – will cost $50 thousand per day, based on CPM (cost of 1,000 impressions).

TikTok guarantees the advertiser 5 million impressions. It can be placed in video format or in gif/jpg formats.

3. In-feed Video

The third format of In-Feed Video is commercials that “appear as native as possible” in the user’s feed, play automatically with the sound on, have all the signs of organic content (you can like, share, comment it).

The minimum cost is $25 thousand for the entire campaign, the maximum is $30 thousand per day.

There is an option with a fixed $10 CPM and 1 – 3.3 million impressions. In-feed ads are available in the auction mode.

4. Brand Lenses

For the creation of Branded Lenses in 2D or 3D, you will have to pay from $80 to $120 thousand, depending on the complexity of the work.

5. Top View

A new product called Top View is actually a full-screen option of Brand Takeover, but such a video is posted in the user’s feed, lasts 15 seconds and is sold as an exclusive – one advertiser gets up all day.

Targeting is available to customers by gender, geography, age, language, OS, type of Internet connection, as well as interests. Searching for a similar (lookalike) audience is tested.

There is also a Custom Influencer Package, but its cost is determined individually in each case and depends on the requests of the influencer.

Integration of your business to TikTok.

Tik-Tok is a new tool for business promotion and customer acquisition.

Maintain a corporate account or choose the person who will be “the face” of the company, and promote your products or services through the video network.

Take into account the characteristics of the audience and its solvency. Boring progress reports are of no interest to anyone.

Get creative and humorous.

For example, if you keep an account with a veterinary clinic, record a video with the fluffy clients that are coming to you.

The main thing is that it is cute and sticky. Selling clothes? Shoot beautiful videos of your stuff with brand filters and popular music.

Making something with your hands? Create short movies and post it in an accelerated mode, showing a piece of shapeless clay turns into a beautiful vase and successfully fits into the apartment interior.

Show the use of your product.

Add logos to the video and attach a link to your website so that users can quickly contact you.

What’s next?

Super applications that provide dozens of services through one interface; social e-commerce, in which bloggers sell goods and services on a massive scale.

Short music videos that make hundreds of millions of users go crazy. Now American companies are copying all these Chinese Internet phenomena.

China no longer catches up but sets trends. The phenomenal popularity of TikTok is only part of the global trend.

ByteDance is currently spending $3 million a day promoting TikTok in the US market.

The task is simple – to attract an active audience at any cost.

The lack of aggressive monetization is explained quite rationally: the platform developers do not want to spoil the atmosphere of creativity.

This tactic works.

At the moment, TikTok has almost monopolized the vertical entertainment video market and has become the main alternative to rapidly aging American social networks.

TikTok is becoming a trend in promotion, so it makes sense to invest in it right now.

Even if the hype comes to naught, you can get ads at a reasonable price and redirect your audience to other web resources in the future.

But if TikTok becomes the next Instagram, you will gain an advantage over other players and benefit from an organically formed audience earlier than others.

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