5 Invaluable Tools for Your Sales Team to Use Today

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

All salespeople are not created equal. Some sales reps seem to be able to do no wrong, with a steady stream of projects and customers in the pipeline and an amazing ability to close deals. Others are struggling to meet quota, or they frequently make excuses about their performance or gripe about prospective clients.

Clearly, selling in the twenty-first century is not a simple task. Fortunately, there are a number of sales tools that can make the lives of both successful and struggling sales agents easier and more productive.

1. Email parser

Email data is frequently hidden by other emails or forgotten after just being partially read. Your data is locked up in an inbox, and sorting, extracting and syncing it takes a lot of time and work.

An email parser can help with this. This is an extension that scans inbound emails for data and extracts it to a spreadsheet. A more sophisticated system will also function with email attachments.

An email parser operates by using the information and criteria that you provide. You tell it what terms or keywords to look for and then it searches for and parses data fields from email bodies, sender details, and email footer. With the help of an email parser, you can find what you need in hundreds of emails. Your sales representatives will better understand deliverables and what their businesses need. 

For instance, they might need to organize purchase orders and invoices, which has a direct impact on business finances. Some even rely on email parsers when going through legal procedures to keep track of important costs that come as bill attachments.

2. CRM software

CRM softwareClient relationship management (CRM) software helps with the administration of your company’s customer interactions. It aids in the management of existing customers, the enhancement of customer relationships, the improvement of client retention, the management of sales and marketing efforts, and so on.

As a result of technological improvements and intense competition in the marketplace, CRMs have evolved into complex, multi-tiered support systems.

These tools now have a plethora of capabilities that help salespeople enhance their sales processes, from providing real-time information to conducting advanced lead scoring and automating repetitive chores.

3. Sales Analytics software

Sales analytics software is a name that refers to tools and systems that allow sales professionals and managers to measure, evaluate, and improve the performance of their sales operations while also projecting trends and results and uncovering valuable insights.

They give sales managers a detailed perspective of sales, breaking them down into easily digestible chunks so they can see which salespeople, items, and campaigns are working well and which need to be improved.

Sales analytics has become a crucial aspect of every sales report in the age of big data. Sales analytics software allows sales reps to access all of the data in one place, rather than manually collecting it from a tangle of spreadsheets,

Sales analytics solutions are often built on top of CRMs and use algorithms to uncover insights based on existing data. However, some systems act as both CRM and analytics tools.

A good tool of this kind that may be a good fit for your company is Google Analytics.

4. CS software

CS softwareBusinesses use customer success software to ensure that consumers get the results they want when they use the company’s product or service. Customer success activities are critical for preserving and growing revenue and for increasing customer advocacy and assisting in the long-term growth of a company.

Businesses can get a complete study of their customers’ prior behavior as well as a “health score” that estimates their level of satisfaction with the product.

Customer success solutions will also assist firms in developing or identifying customer profiles, capturing customer data, history, and feedback, engaging customers throughout the lifecycle, providing feedback and customer success scores, and predicting future customer growth or red flags.

This assists companies in recognizing disgruntled customers, initiating suitable actions, and enhancing customer retention rates.

5. CPQ software

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software allows businesses to automate the entire quoting and proposal process, from the moment a customer specifies their requirements in a company’s offering to provide the customer or prospect a thorough quote.

In sales departments, CPQ software is used to speed up the sales process while also improving quote accuracy and customer relations. Companies can use this software to identify a customer’s demands and present them with personalized quotations that best meet those needs.

Conclusion: 5 Invaluable Sales Tools to Use Today

Consider your business nature and its needs and see which sales tools from the ones listed above you can use. Implement these sales tools in your business today and then try to make the most out of them to help your business attract and convert more customers to stimulate further growth.

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