How to Promote your Podcast on Social Media: A Useful Guide

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Social media has been a powerful tool for business podcast promotion and other such online businesses that you would like to promote.

Have you ever thought about why social media has been a very powerful tool, particularly in podcast promotion? Well, it is because of the number of active users who are spending hours on social media platforms. 

Coming to the most common social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the average active users are more than billions every day. In such a case, if you are about to promote something through social media, for sure, the success rate will be very high.

Yet, you have to work on a few things to make your podcast promotion systematically appropriate for the right platform. There is a separate field called social media marketing, a form of internet marketing that deals only with social media networks. 

Social media marketing is a very simple area on a surface level. But, getting deeper, you will have to learn a lot of things, including analytics. No, we have a few easiest ways where you can promote your podcast using social media platforms. 

Starting from unpaid social media advertisements to paid social media advertisements, the potential reach of your content is enormously high. Let’s go deep into the top podcast promotion tactics on social media that will help you grow your brand effectively.

In this article, we have discussed a few pointers that work well in promoting your podcast in social media networks. Social media is not only effective for podcast promotion, but you can also use the same strategy for promoting your other businesses online.

1. Share your episodes on their right platform

Social Media Podcast Promotion: 10 Free Effective TacticsAs much as you are careful about promoting your podcast on social media, you will also have to focus on choosing the right social media network. 

For example, if you are working on a podcast that performs art-oriented programs, it is highly effective to promote it on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. It is because you can easily promote your content through graphics, as it attracts a wide audience. 

In this case, if you are about to choose some other social networking sites like Quora or social media platforms like Twitter, it doesn’t work. Because, being an art-oriented podcast, graphics content speak louder. So, you must be very careful about choosing the right platform. 

Once you choose the right podcasting platform, you can record your podcast and start promoting your episode. Through this, you can provoke the curiosity of your viewers. 

If you are a business podcast, it is highly recommended for you to promote your content on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Whereas, if you are an entertainment podcast, you can go on with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media networks, but not LinkedIn. 

The fact is LinkedIn is a professional platform, and you cannot use it for entertainment purposes. You need to give a proper look over the preferred podcast promoting platform you are using.

2. Keep updating with previews

It is merely equal to something that we have discussed in the previous pointer. More precisely speaking, you will have to promote your content to boost your viewers’ interest. 

In such a case, you can share a little preview of the entire content that is highly provoking and attractive to your audience. 

You can also add the link of the podcast so that people can direct themselves and watch it. According to the latest research, it is highly recommended that anyone can promote their content on social media using preview and can gain more social media followers

Some of the platforms allow you to share short clips like what we have on Instagram. You can share 15 seconds videos on reels and make people aware of your podcast. Additionally, you can also use Instagram stories that will be visible for 24 hours, and you can even promote this story to get the attention of a wide audience. 

For the same, you can employ a paid advertisement that highly boost the number of engagements and reaches, which you are getting.

3. Create valuable content and potential target audience

You must be very cautious in choosing the content that you are about to podcast. Because, in this era, many such podcasts are enthusiastic about promoting themselves. So, you need to own your style and discuss popular topics, ideas, viral content, and other such things that pull your target audience. 

If you want good reach, ensure a steady conversation between you and your audience. You can go on with social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and sources where you can promote your strategies. Most of the time, try to get feedback from your audience. 

Whenever you get feedback from your audience, appreciate it and send a response politely. Be it positive or negative, just prepare yourself to react for the feedback that you get. 

4. Create a social media content calendar

You can create a social media content calendar that helps you know how to construct a post on your social media handles. With a good content calendar, you can plan things appropriately. Since you will cover multiple platforms, you must plan everything properly and promote your podcast in all possible ways. 

Having a social media content calendar somehow makes your work simple, and it is a powerful way to engage with your fans. You can also share inspirational quotes, at times, and promo of your episodes.

5. Cross-promotional platforms

Social Media Podcast Promotion: 10 Free Effective TacticsMake sure you can employ social media influencers and digital marketing. It is vital to get the help of other content creators if you need immense reach. When you need a high number of audiences, it is important not only to share the content in your social media handles. 

Instead, it is also necessary to get in touch with content creators and partner with them. Even if it is a paid promotion, it is recommended to go ahead. A little investment towards cross-promotional partnerships can get you high traffic.

6. Track your results

You will also have to track all your engagement and reaches using any of the analytics tools. If it is Facebook or Instagram, by default, you can check the insights. Only when you check things effectively, you will know your strength and weaknesses. Hence, tracking your journey and other approaches is too vital.

Podcast promotion: Key takeaway points 

  • Create a social media handle in all platforms
  • Engage with your audience effectively
  • Respond to their message politely
  • Never use harsh or abusive words
  • Share promo or preview of your episode
  • Track the results, more often
  • Involve in all aspects of promotions
  • Work on paid promotions. But, make sure it does not ruin your investment
  • Operate on contests and other such things.
  • Be very particular in handling your content calendar.

Closing note: Podcast promotion tactics

Being in a computer-assisted world, you have become one of the luckiest persons that you can promote everything from the place where you are. Amazingly, one can reach out to millions of people using digital gadgets. 

In the previous decade, things were so different that people cannot interact with everyone effectively, and communicating with a wide audience was a risky task. But now the scenario is too different that you can work effectively from your home. 

So, you must grab the opportunities that you are getting in this computer-assisted world. Digitalizing things are advancing us, and it is you who is responsible for using it wisely. Realizing this, you can effectively use social media handles with the right strategies. 

One can never find such a good platform where you can promote things for free and paid. If you choose social media as your prime promoting area, you are the luckiest. Now, just have a cup of tea and enjoy your journey in social media.

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