Essential Tips for Interacting with Your Social Media Followers

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

Nearly every business, large or small, has come to regard social media as a powerful digital marketing tool.

In addition to being free and easy to use, popular social media platforms can connect your enterprise with thousands of prospective customers and bring your brand to the attention of scores of users.

Although the quality, frequency, and timing of your posts are important, the manner in which you interact with your business’s social media followers can have a profound impact on both brand loyalty and overall popularity.

The more professional you are in your social media interactions, the more connected followers will feel to your brand. If social media marketing represents a new frontier for your business, but the following tips to good use to interact and increase engagement with your followers. 

1. Work with a web marketing agency 

More Social Media Followers? 2020 Essential Tips for GrowthWhether you are new to a social media marketing or your current strategy could use some fresh energy, it is in your best interest to reach out to an experienced web marketing agency.

In addition to helping your business create a workable social media strategy and providing invaluable tips on follower interaction, reliable agencies offer fantastic SEO, link-building, web design, and content marketing services.

So, if any of your enterprise’s digital marketing endeavors could stand to see some improvement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a highly-rated web marketing agency. 

2. Be as courteous as possible 

While treating one’s followers with kindness and courtesy may seem like a no-brainer, a surprising number of businesses appear to have missed the memo.

Whenever a social media follower reaches out to you for answers, make a point of being as gracious and obliging as possible. Offering glib or flippant responses to genuine queries is far from the best way to instill brand loyalty.

Not only will this make the person who posed the question unlikely to give you their business, but it will also reflect poorly on your enterprise as a whole. After all, if other followers see these replies, they are liable to (justifiably) write you off as rude and apathetic to consumer concerns. 

Rudeness can also backfire on you in a big way if a disgruntled follower sees fit to publicly share a less-than-polite response you’ve offered up. If this user has a sizable number of social media followers or the response is seen and shared by a popular account, your business’s reputation may suffer a powerful blow.

From a consumer perspective, the ability to instantly voice displeasure with businesses that have wronged them is among social media’s most convenient amenities. That being the case, enterprises need to be extra-mindful of the manner in which they engage people on social platforms – and in general.   

Even in the digital age, a little bit of kindness can go a long way. Since consumers now have more choices than ever before, there is no reason for them to patronize businesses that don’t value their input.

This isn’t to say that you are going to agree with every complaint a customer sends your way or that all of these complaints will be legitimate, but it behooves you to approach them with respect and professionalism.

As anyone who has worked in customer service or consumer research can attest, it is impossible to please every person at all times, and some people won’t be satisfied even after being given everything they’ve asked for.

However, for the most part, if customers – and prospective customers – are treated with respect and dignity, they’re likely to return the courtesy.  

3. Put genuine thought into the tone you adopt 

Not every anger-inducing response is intentional. When communicating through text-based mediums, it is very easy to come off as dismissive or frustrated even if no offense is intended.

To prevent your responses from being misinterpreted, put genuine thought into every reply you fire off.

This may require spending a little more time on replies than you’d prefer, but this additional effort can go a long way towards keeping your social media followers happy and nipping miscommunications in the bud.

4. Make your responses timely to followers

More Social Media Followers? 2020 Essential Tips for GrowthMany of your social media followers will appreciate timeliness just as much as they appreciate the courtesy.

Since we are living in the age of instant gratification, consumers are less amenable to long wait times than ever.

With this mind, try to respond to the most pressing questions and concerns sent your way via social media as quickly as possible.

This isn’t to say that you should stay up all night watching your social media accounts like a hawk, but provided these queries come your way during normal business hours, make an effort to respond to them within an hour or two. 

If your social media accounts regularly receive a steady stream of questions and comments, hiring a dedicated social media manager may prove worth your while.

This will ensure timely responses and topical, well-timed posts and help your business keep its finger on the pulse of the latest social media trends.   

5. Don’t get drawn into arguments 

Some social media users thrive on creating conflict. Even in the absence of clearly defined issues with individuals or businesses, they won’t hesitate to start arguments with any account they come across.

Of course, this isn’t to say that every dissatisfied follower you encounter fits this description. Still, if it becomes clear that a user is intent on goading you into an argument, you should avoid taking the bait.

Not only will this give them exactly what they want, but it is also liable to make you appear petty, short-tempered, or immature in the eyes of onlookers. Additionally, if a user’s comments take on a threatening or vulgar tone, take care to report them to site management.  

No business that wishes to engage in effective digital marketing can afford to overlook the importance of social media management.

Maintaining a solid social media presence can help bolster your brand, foster customer loyalty, and expand your consumer base exponentially. When crafting a good social media strategy, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of follower interaction.

Popular social platforms provide businesses with convenient outlets for direct audience interaction, and any enterprise looking to build a positive relationship with prospective customers would be wise to take full advantage of this.

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