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7 Simple Restaurant Renovation Ideas to Boost Your Business

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Written By Hannah Thomas

People like going to restaurants not only for fine cuisine but also to enjoy the décor and uniqueness of the space.

Moreover, the establishment needs to leave a good first impression and attract its patrons with both exterior and interior design. Today, this is as important as the menu and service in a restaurant and will make the customers feel more comfortable and welcoming.

When it is time for restaurant renovation, here are some simple restaurant remodel ideas and upgrades that will boost your business sales and help your establishment stand out from the competition.

7 Simple Restaurant Renovation Upgrades to Boost Your Business

1. Change the colours for a big impact

Changing the colours in your restaurant is the most cost-effective way to improve and renovate the space.

Usually smaller spaces will look bigger and expand with lighter shades like cream-white, yellow and lime green. Large spaces would look inviting and beautiful in darker and warmer tones like brown, navy blue and evergreen.

Pastels have a calming and peaceful effect so they would be perfect if your restaurant is serving late lunch and dinner to create a romantic ambience. Colour is also a sign of style and so pastels are for post-modernism and earthy tones for a natural ambience.

2. Consider using a specific concept

A theme can help you define your business and what kind of customers you want to attract.

If you are a fast-food restaurant then creating a variation of a 1950s diner with booths, predominant red colour, and black and white tiles is a perfect décor. For a more sophisticated look, decide on one of the clean design ideas like industrial and minimalist with geometrical patterns and clean lines.

Family-style dining restaurant means that you will have to add a big enough table to fit a large number of people, as well as make the space appropriate for children.

You can add a playground with an animator to keep the kids entertained, as well as use joyful colours like pink, blue and yellow. Make sure you apply this to your restaurant renovation.

3. Renovate your bathroom and kitchen as well

Renovating interior and exterior space will attract customers, but your upgrades shouldn’t end there. Bathrooms and kitchens are equally important to run a successful business and you should invest in making them presentable and functional.

Dirty and smelly bathrooms will repel your patrons and thanks to social media the story of your facilities will spread fast. If this is your case, be sure to read a commercial bathroom remodel guide so that you cover everything you need to know and consider remodelling the company’s bathrooms.

On the other hand, a functional and modern kitchen will allow your staff and chef to work in better conditions and provide prime service.

Renovate your bathroom and kitchen as well

4. Keep your furnishings in the best shape

Patrons don’t just come to eat at your establishment, but to enjoy its ambience. The entire time there, your customers will observe the décor and furniture which will affect their opinion about your restaurant.

If your chairs and tables are worn down, scratched and unstable, they will see it as a sign of lower quality. So, invest a little bit more in refinishing your tables and reupholstering the chairs in order to increase the satisfaction and comfort of your customers.

Also, this is an excellent time to breathe something new into your décor, so changing the colour of your restaurant furniture can leave a positive impression. Just make sure that the new shade and upholstery fit well with the overall interior style, to avoid tackiness and get an opposite effect than desired.

5. Renovate the façade

First impressions matter and you can attract a lot of customers if you invest in renovations of your façade and exterior appearance.

Moreover, the exterior design will affect your brand and image-making you recognizable and approachable. One of the things that have a huge impact on the visual element is the colour of your façade, doors, and even awning.

Just like interior colour, the exterior tones can influence your patrons on the subconscious level. For example, red and yellow stimulate appetite and are perfect as a combination for a façade.

The brightness also plays a part, and so toned downed shades will set the mood, like using maroon instead of red for elegance. On the other hand, some colours may be so unappetizing no matter how beautiful they are, like blue, purple, white and black.

6. Add an outdoor space to your restaurant renovation

Having an outdoor space is a big plus for a restaurant since it will offer more choices to the patrons and also help your business attract customers. Look for perfect commercial awnings from respectable brands like Pioneer Shade which will allow your guests to stay in this area during any weather conditions.

Also, think about landscaping the area using various plants, and natural materials like stone and wood and even add a water feature for a more serene ambience. It would be a nice touch to add a playground where children can play which would increase reservations for big family dining and make the parents more comfortable.

If you want to be more oriented toward fine dining, create a romantic atmosphere in your garden with lanterns and more private tables to create an intimate setting.

Install great lighting for better ambiance

7. Install great lighting for better ambience

The interior design can’t shine to its full potential without good and appropriate lighting.

However, you need to be careful what type you install to make your patrons feel comfortable. Namely, too bright and they won’t feel as relaxed, but too dim and they won’t be able to read the menu or see the food. 

Make sure that your lighting is in line with the concept you chose and the mood you want to set. Also, don’t neglect the kitchen since good lighting will help your staff to do their job efficiently and correctly.

Restaurant Renovation and Restaurant Remodel Ideas

Restaurant remodelling may seem like a big and costly project, but you can change the ambience by only adding a different colour scheme or adding an outdoor space.

Here are some easy restaurant remodel ideas that will help you keep your restaurant renovation simple and efficient:

  • Change the colours for a big impact.
  • Consider using a specific concept.
  • Renovate your bathroom and kitchen as well.
  • Keep your furnishings in the best shape.
  • Renovate the façade.
  • Add an outdoor space to your restaurant renovation.
  • Install great lighting for a better ambience.

Consider the latest trends in restaurant design and choose the upgrades that will boost your business by attracting new patrons and keeping the old ones. Once you know your goals, it will be easy to determine what kind of renovations your restaurants need to grow to their full potential.

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