Top 5 Reasons Social Media Marketing is Important to Business

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Written By Sangeeta Sangeeta

Social media marketing is changing the way businesses are being run on a global scale. And here is why.

Marketing is the backbone of any business since you need to sell products to keep the business afloat. But marketing is not just selling. It involves creating a product that will add value to the customer, communicating about it to prospective buyers, and delivering it to the customer.

Here are some reasons you should implement social media marketing in your business.

1. It helps to understand the common issues of your customers

To create a product that will add value to your customers, you need to understand the common problems or issues faced by your customers.

Social media is a place where people follow others, share and like ideas and content including photographs and videos, and do many things that reveal a pattern.

If you are active in this domain, you may catch hold of a common pattern or trend. This itself can lend you a hint of the common issues faced by your prospective customers. So with the help of social media, you can get an idea about a service or a product that will add value to your customers.

2. You can build your brand and make it visible

Social media marketing

You need to build a brand and make it visible to your potential customers across all sales channel.

The conventional way is to advertise the product in print and electronic media. But social media marketing has become a very important competitor for print and electronic media.

In fact, these days, people are spending more time on blogs and various platforms than on print or other electronic media.

You can build your brand and enhance its visibility by building relationships with your potential customers and communicating with them through effective social media management. By some estimates, social media is projected to grow at around 25 percent rate for the next five years.

This is perhaps going to make it the biggest digital marketing platform in the next few years. This scenario is also giving rise to the increasing use of social media for business purposes.

3. Social media posts can drive targeted traffic

The ultimate aim of social media marketing is to drive traffic to your site and convert them into paying customers.

There are several ways to do that. This includes SEO, back-links, carefully crafted landing pages, etc. But these are all widely used methods, and it is very difficult to get good search engine ranking by solely following these criteria.

You need to do something new and extra. Social broadcasting is not yet saturated. It is still evolving.

You have a perfect opportunity to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platform to increase your visibility and therefore your web traffic. And if you can optimize your site for these platforms, you will reap rich dividends.

4. Social media helps in keyword research

These days, social media and marketing are interlinked like never before. The aim of marketing in the digital world is to drive traffic to your website. The idea of keyword research is innate to this effort.

You need continuous research to come up with the most socially relevant keywords. Social media helps in researching keywords in a smart way.

Since this domain leaves a trail of customers’ likes, dislikes, and lifestyle, you can get a good insight into keywords that will help answer their questions in the best possible ways. It is a major platform for listening to customers’ aspirations and stories of success or failure.

This will help you come up with sets of keywords that can meet the aspirations and quests of potential customers in the best possible way.

5. Digital marketing is expected to churn in more sales

Are you aware that close to 70 percent of business-to-customer (B2C) clients have been acquired through social media platforms?

When you are way ahead of your customer base, they are likely to know more about you along with the products or services that you offer.

Not only does social media marketing portrays the name of your brand in front of the customers, but it also provides them with an opportunity to buy from you. Discounts along with shopping codes are attractive tools in this regard.

Effective social media marketing strategy

Effective social media marketing strategyIt is okay to have a social strategy in place. But if the plan is not in order, it can be damaging to your business in the long run.

Hereby a list of social marketing checklists is created assuring the success of the online operations of your business:

i). Formulate goals

Work down and start big? Do you intend to increase customer loyalty?

ii). Be aware of the target audience

Do not merely rely on demographics, but expansion with psychographics would be a great idea

iii). Social network

Decide which form of social media marketing you intend to use and focus on it.

iv). Measurement

What does a social media marketing success mean to you?

Try to measure achievements against standards and find out how effective it is. Try to engage with your audience and find out what works and what does not.

The core objective of a social media marketing strategy is the formation of a brand and enhancing its visibility. It is undertaken by building relations and at the same time communicating with customers in a better manner.

When your business has devised a social media strategy you will feel on top of the game. After all, in modern times, this is one area of business marketing that you cannot afford to ignore.

The social media industry has scripted a new chapter from a marketing point of view. Better brand awareness along with visibility is assured.

With an annual growth rate of 25 percent expected in the coming five years, it is time to invest in this domain. And if you have not till now, then you are losing out on a great marketing avenue.

Properly forming the right social media and marketing strategies will help you gain higher returns from your marketing investments.

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