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How To Market Outdoor Posters Effectively For Your Business

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Written By James Martin

Be it shopping malls, train stations, coffee shops, community centres, or bus stops, you probably must have encountered outdoor posters once in a while.

Outdoor posters are more affordable than other forms of advertising such as paper, radio, and magazines. Be it a small business or large organization, everyone likes to channel their creativity and showcase their brand in stunning visual forms.

When it comes to outdoor posters, a proactive message with a provocative design is enough to catch the attention of an audience.

Because of its affordability and custom size poster printing options available wide range of customizable options available at the disposal of business owners, outdoor posters will continue to be a favourite for small to medium-sized businesses.

1. Cost-Effective Solution

Even if you modify posters for special occasions and promotional offers, your bulk order would be relatively cheaper than other advertising options.

Larger than brochures and smaller than billboards, it is one of the best marketing and promotional tools available to businesses out there. Your custom outdoor posters may vary in pricing depending on their size, colours, graphics, print, and finishing options. Whatever the case may be, they would still be a low-cost investment that brings a high ROI.

Unlike other forms of advertising, outdoor posters do not require ongoing investment. One can easily reach their objective with bulk orders as mentioned above.

Be it conventions, exhibitions, or trade shows, all you need is extra-large posters to stand out from your competitors. Outdoor poster advertising will continue to work despite new forms of media tagging along.

You can avail of multiple outdoor posters for different occasions, place them in more than one location, reuse them all year round, and still, their production cost will not affect your budget as digital or newspaper advertising would do. Be it startups, entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized companies, everyone gets a fair share of opportunities to reach their target audience with outdoor posters.

2. Wide Range Of Customisable Options

Outdoor Posters 8 Effective Ways For Your Business

Because of their size, large posters have this advantage which makes a brand and the information displayed distinguished from other forms of prints.

You can simply provide your artwork to the printing company or let them choose a fitting template for you. Whichever way you look, the amount of customization and personalization options one has on their hands is countless.

Feel free to opt for gloss, matt, and uncoated finishing options which will stand the test of time and stay compatible in all weather types. Go minimal or heavy with design, your outdoor posters will speak on your behalf and raise your brand awareness wherever you place them.

Be it exhibitions, events, concerts, festivals, or trade fairs, you can easily get your hands on an outdoor poster of your liking without having to worry about how it will look.

Professional designers in established printing companies take care of your requirements from start to finish and guide you every step of the way so that your blueprint comes into reality and calls for making that positive first impression among your audience that you always wanted.

3. Consumers Respond To Outdoor Posters

First impression matters and there are numerous studies done on the positive impact outdoor posters have on new customers. Visually engaging outdoor posters play on memory and someone who has seen the advertisement for example on the daily commute is more likely to buy the product sooner rather than later.

Businesses that are successful in creating a continuous buzz concerning their potential target audience perform better than their competitors.

Posters of today strive to be interactive to hook the young audience with a QR (quick response) code. All your vital information such as the company’s address, email address, website URL, and contact number can be stored for ease of communication. Bonus points if you can direct your audience to your store for a quick purchase.

4. As Effective As A Home Page Of Website

Websites target a certain demographic audience by pinpointing a certain location, however, chances are that the end-users are more likely to get lost in the pool of information.

The brand recall only pays off when a considerable amount of money is spent digitally to lure the audience. With outdoor posters, one reaches the audience directly and more importantly without spending huge chunks of money.

If your audience is local, then the outdoor posters you will craft can be as effective as a home page of a website. A clear call-to-action, QR code, engaging graphics, and a copy can help generate interest in your products and services locally.

Outdoor banners have the potential to capture the attention of any consumer who is interested in what you have to offer. Word-of-mouth marketing also helps generate enough traction that is rewarding for your business and the community at large.

5. Trusted Form Of Advertising

Outdoor Posters 8 Effective Ways For Your Business

About 70 per cent of consumers state that they often look at the messages displayed on roadside billboards. More than 55 per cent of consumers who commute daily make purchase decisions based on the outdoor advertisement they believe serve their best interest.

Be it restaurants, cafes, events, or real estate advertising, billboards and outdoor posters play a crucial role in converting viewers into potential buyers. Business owners capitalize during holiday seasons, flash sales, and festive holidays to drive sales and boost revenue with the help of outdoor posters.

Outdoor Advertising with its direct, clear, and concise communication is one of the most trusted forms of advertising. Usually, these forms of advertisement are placed in front of the physical stores, which makes it easier for the public to trust what is being offered. Therefore it is important to build on mutual trust for a chance to be successful in what you do best.

Your potential audience will take less than a second to register all the information they need before making a purchasing decision, therefore it is important to prioritize the unique selling point your business has to offer for effective conversions. A click-bait advertising that doesn’t offer what it promises doesn’t go well with customers who can post bad reviews with a tap of their fingers that can damage the reputation of any business.

6. The Popularity of 6 Sheet Posters

One of the most popular forms of billboards, the 6 sheet poster is the standard term in the industry for posters that measure 1200mm x 1800mm.

They are predominantly positioned in high-traffic areas and capture the attention of the audience from multiple viewpoints. They can be easily spotted from a far-off distance, and most importantly are designed to last long.

The vivid colours, eye-watering size with striking clarity are what make 6 sheet posters a popular choice for marketers and a visually engaging delight for the audience. They are widely seen in bus shelters, train stations, gyms, cafes, and places where there is a constant flux of people.

Available in single-sided and double side prints with matt/gloss laminations, 6 sheet posters are one of the most effective and direct ways to reach a large group of people with one’s products and services.

7. Screen Printed Posters For High-Quality Prints

Whether your brand is looking to wow new clients, an artist looking for quality prints, or a music band in need of tour posters, screen-printed posters have become a popular choice because of the wide range of custom artwork.

With vibrant inks and stunning visual displays, screen-printed posters offer to create too good to be true first impressions.

Easy to create, install, and quick to produce, poster art prints can be availed digitally for any occasion or purpose. There is no limit to graphics and artworks you can get for your marketing and promotional events which makes it one of the fastest ways to reach a target audience.

Wrapping Up

Outdoor posters have a wide range of applications and can be practically used in any setting. Be it schools, universities, concerts, trade fairs, startups, organizations, there is an outdoor poster for every occasion.

Hook your target audience with clear and concise information and build your brand awareness with extra-large posters. Print your business’s logo, branding, artwork, graphics, tagline with a wide range of finishing options for an effective reach that is unique and makes you stand apart from your competitors.

We have covered all the critical points you need to know before you order your outdoor posters. Outdoor posters act as a spokesman for your storefront business therefore first impression matters wherever you place them.

When crafted correctly, outdoor posters and billboards can successfully catch the attention of your audience while making them fully aware of one’s products and services that they would not otherwise have known about.

Opt for poster and print services that offer cutting-edge printing solutions while delivering on your custom requirements whenever they arrive. This powerful ability of outdoor posters to make an impression on the consumer’s mind delivers higher advantages to small to medium-sized businesses looking to establish themselves as front runners in what they do best.

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