Guide on How Landing Page SEO Can Boost CTR Immediately

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Written By Rajan Vadgama

We all have heard about SEO for websites but do you guys know that SEO can be used for optimizing your landing pages?

People optimize their websites so that they can increase the organic traffic and it is the cheapest and crucial method to grab the attention of your target audience.

If your landing page answers the question of a potential buyer, he is most likely to become your recurring buyer. So let’s see how you can optimize your landing page SEO correctly.

What are landing pages?

A landing page is an initial page – usually created with a purpose in mind – your visitor lands on after clicking on an ad, a link in an email, a call-to-action on social media, or any other sources.

People can also access your landing page simply by typing in a URL, which leads to an organic search, and they are considered as landing pages because they have a designated call-to-action.

So there isn’t anything to distract a visitor into going somewhere else.

What is SEO?

2020 Guide on How Landing Page SEO Can Boost CTR ImmediatelySEO is the most accurate representation of the “voice of the consumer” inside organizations, offering digital marketers from companies of all sizes the opportunity to enhance visibility and expand their digital base while generating valuable business data.

Search marketers are in a position to help customers recapture or transform their businesses into a more digital-focused economy, as:

  • SEO reaches the consumer when they are in a state of need and regardless of the state of mind.
  • When there is scarcity, people turn to search.
  • SEO is affordable and efficient for ROI.
  • Optimized content helps protect, build, and grow a brand.
  • SEO is the voice of the consumer and provides vital insights into consumer behavior and patterns.

With over 53 percent of website traffic coming from organic search, now is the time for organizations to leverage SEO during a multitude of the way.

Brands have unlimited potential to entertain, assist, educate, and inform.

Opportunities keep arising for brands to win prime search visibility and companies who get the first-mover advantage will be quickest to recover, dominating share of voice in-market.

Why you should focus on landing page SEO

You should focus on your landing page SEO exclusively to urge people to come to your site and then make them stay.

We do that by writing each page to be targeted specifically for an extended long-tail keyword and variations thereon keyword.

We incorporate the keywords into the page content also because the header (also referred to as the H1 tag), the subhead (aka the H2 tag), and therefore the meta description.

When the landing page SEO is optimized correctly, it will rank well for that keyword, drawing traffic from people checking out that term.

These optimized pages will draw quality traffic i.e. people who are looking for your products or services into your website.

Let’s get into more details of landing page SEO tips.

1. Low bounce rate and high engagement rate

A well-optimized landing page SEO needs a low bounce rate and a high click-through rate. You want people staying on this page, you would like them to click the decision to act, and you would like them to research more.

This will help you design the perfect landing page and increase the conversion rate.

2. Keyword targeted content

The next thing these pages got to accomplish is grabbing people’s attention long enough that they still click around the site. This is one of the reasons you need well-written content integrated with the right set of keywords.

Incorporating photos and videos also can help keep people on your page longer, increasing the chances that they are going to still explore the location and become conversions.

Some of the SEO tools that can be used to make your work easy are Google Search ConsoleGoogle Keyword PlannerSEMRushUberSuggest, and many more.

3. Editorial links

A landing page needs to be able to earn editorial links or it can’t rank. If it can’t earn editorial links, it is going to have a very, very difficult time with getting manual links. 

Because you are trying to rank your page in search engines, you are also going to need much content further down the page. It’ll need to be useful content too—not just a sales pitch—and it should bring in editorial links.

Without this, you are getting to struggle to rank well for any popular keywords.

Let’s say, you create a landing page that highlights a replacement revolutionary technique that helps people keep to their household budgets and but also get their dream vacation.

Maybe the landing page will even include case studies of individuals who have transformed their finances using this method.

This copy shows how your software can help with this goal. Sure, but it is also going to attract links because it is of genuine interest to several people. 

Using a simple vertical design and repeating the decision to act as you scroll down, you’ll want to feature the maximum amount of value for the reader as possible.

The more useful and interesting the content, the more likely you are to draw in backlinks and boost your rankings. You should also engage in link-building strategies. A bit like you would for any blog post or the product page.

4. Traffic

2020 Guide on How Landing Page SEO Can Boost CTR ImmediatelyWhen optimizing a new landing page SEO on a website, you should note that those pages exist primarily to draw search traffic into your site, then push that traffic towards your conversion pages.

The landing page has to serve many audiences.

It should be treated really like a piece of content that helps anyone who is looking for this information and then has a CTA, a call to action on the page.

5. Site speed

Recent studies show that a delay of one second in page reaction time can yield a 7 percent reduction in conversions.

6. Lead them into a sales funnel

You can use SEO to interact with your target customers as they travel through the conversion funnel.

7. Get testimonials

“Almost 92 percent of potential buyers on the Internet read online reviews and analyze ratings before making a purchase and 82 percent of those will trust those reviews and ratings.

And testimonials can help generate 62 percent of more revenue from every buyer, every visit.” according to BigCommerce.

So needless to say, testimonials keep the business going.

Conclusion: How landing page SEO can boost CTR

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google, it is about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” Phil Frost.

Landing page SEO may be a game that never ends. SEO, especially, is critical not just for discovery, but because the channel that gives the best insight into consumer behavior in real-time.

SEO insights will uncover opportunities and supply key insights for operations, customer service, development, R&D, the C-suite, and businesses.

Business websites that rank well in search aren’t as complicated as it sounds. The most difficult part is figuring out the balance within ranking plus converting thoroughly.

Ideally, you would like to be assured you are optimizing a page thoroughly to compete for those top Google rankings, but not bogging it down with keywords and links to the point that it is difficult to read.

Once you’ve done this, you will have an incredibly useful landing page that does an incredible job of turning search traffic into customers.

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