Top 10 SEO Trends To Boost Your Rankings In 2020

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Written By David Clive

SEO trends come and go every year. But with the frequent changes in these trends, some things hardly change.

According to the research, around 75,000 searches are made per second on Google.

The search engine receives such huge traffic every second, which shows the worth of increasing your brand’s visibility.

You need to be seen if you want your business to boost its productivity.

A total of 6.3 billion searches are made on Google out of which mostly are to look for products or services.

Google shows such a vast possibility of gaining success by engaging the target audience.

As for the ranking, the first five organic results receive around 67 percent of all the clicks.

Each year the search engine optimization techniques are improvised and new tricks are used.

As the technological industry progresses, new ways are introduced which can stabilize your rankings for longer.

So, here is the list of SEO trends that you must use. Read on!

SEO Trend 1: Mobile search 

In the year 2018, the traffic received on websites was mostly navigated through mobile devices.

As the mobile screens are comparatively smaller, this rises the need to build responsive websites with highly optimized content.

Back in 2015, Google showcased that people were using mobile searches ten times more than the desktop search. Therefore, Google introduced its new algorithm under the name Mobile-First Index.

According to which Google preferred mobile pages for indexing and rankings.

Considering that every SEO company style=”font-weight: 400;”> must now improvise their strategy to practice optimization in a better way. 

SEO Trend 2: Content diversification

Google has always aimed to provide results in a way that a visitor finds no reason to look elsewhere after arriving at the platform.

This is the reason why it provides content in many forms and styles.

You can find a knowledge graph, visual results, quick answers and many different styles of content deliveries.

In the year 2020, you need to practice the content diversification approach.

You can create engaging infographics, video tutorials, explainer videos, GIFs, and many other forms to deliver your message through content.

SEO Trend 3: Intent optimization and semantic search

Google algorithms have shifted from direct keyword use to semantic searches. Now you do not have to directly use the entire key phrase.

You can simply add the terms that are highly searched within your titles.

As Google intends to provide better search results to the audience, its bots first try to comprehend what the visitor wants and then present the right searches.

Now the process is the same to carry out keyword research but you need to be more targeted when making the combination. 

SEO Trend 4: Snippets bring more clicks 

There is a new feature in Google- the snippets.

These snippets appear in a unique zero ranking space right at the top before the first site is displayed.

The snippets must have accurate answers to the search queries with targeted content.

It provides the easiest way to navigate the visitors to your website.

One must not take it lightly as according to the statistics, around 54,68 percent of clicks originate from the snippets.

So, try these featured snippets in the coming year.

SEO Trend 5: Structured data

Top 10 SEO Trends To Boost Your Rankings In 2020

Among the many trends of optimizing your brand, this one is surely going to give your site the engagement it deserves.

You have to incorporate structured data into your content.

Data kind of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and fact-check posts are going to engage your audience.

Most importantly, you can even add commonly searched questions in your web content as well.

With the shift in Google’s guidelines, the new technique has shown much better outcomes. 

SEO Trend 6: Influencers marketing 

You can try adding influencer marketing in your SEO campaign as well.

By the use of Influencers in promoting your brand, you can accelerate the link building quite easily.

The online visibility the influencer share will have an impact on creating the possibility of increasing yours by the promotion.

Moreover, this type of marketing is considered effective as well because it sounds more authentic and the personality tends to influence the followers as well.

SEO Trend 7: Secure websites

Google states that “helps prevent intruders from tampering with the communications between your websites and your users’ browsers.”

It’s imperative to make sure that your website is highly secured.

It must never have experienced any scam or fraud cases if it wants to have a stable online ranking.

To enhance your SEO results you need to provide a safe outlet to your visitors to browse.

You have to acquire certification to further authenticate your site and develop its framework with strong coding skills to be sure about the data privacy and breaching.

SEO Trend 8: Voice search 

The incorporation of voice search into the website interface can be real benefitting for you.

People used to type every query before smartphones were invested but as of now, things have changed a lot.

Now you simply speak up and then whatever you are trying to watch simply appears in front of you.

You need to know the right trick to optimize your site to make better use of voice search as it will aid your overall level of productivity.

SEO Trend 9: Mobile UX/UI for better ranking

Emphasis on website UI is of great significance.

You know the need to build a mobile responsive website, you must add clutter-free graphics to double the appeal and improve the ranking.

You need to add more captivating graphics.

Your graphics should be able to deliver the message efficiently while attracting customers towards your site.

All of this adds in the efforts to raise the appearance of a website.

SEO Trend 10: The use of visuals 

You must have witnessed the fame YouTube has received over such a short course. The reason lies in the use of visuals.

You can incorporate videos and pictures on your landing pages to give a boost to your rankings.

By the incorporation of videos, the number of visitors on a webpage increases five times. Add one more thing; index your keywords as well.

You need to add proper keywords in the description and video content to increase the effectiveness.

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