4 Free Online CV Assessment Tools for Job Seekers and Professionals

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When I left school, I was faced with the problem of writing my CV to the accepted format.

My goal: get online CV assessment tools that are free to use. I googled the topic “how to write a CV” and I got many answers that helped to further complicate the initial question.

I got my research cap on and explored further.

I networked with my immediate friends, extended friends, and friends of my friends.

I was desperate to stand out from the crowd and to present the best CV which is tailored for any job I would apply for.

I discovered several formats for writing resumes online and offline. From the simplest to the complicated ones.

I got real life CV samples from people who are currently employed and also from some professional and postgraduate students.

I was able to come up with my own CV in about four different formats.

Then the next challenge was to review these different resume formats.

I know that there is always the possibility that I would make mistakes in my resumes and I want to learn from them before the big day comes.

Then, I discovered that Jobberman, a job site was offering a one-time free resume evaluation services to its subscribers.

I submitted one of my CV and got it evaluated. But the disadvantages of using Jobberman free CV evaluation is that;

  • You have to be their subscriber to enjoy their service.
  • You can only submit your CV once.
  • Jobberman free CV evaluation service is basically a sales tool to their premium service.

Don’t get me wrong, Jobberman is a great site to be for job seekers and professionals alike.

I am not just satisfied with their free CV evaluation service and migrating to their premium service is a no-no for me.

I don’t even have the cash to pay then despite the fact that it was a promo.

What I discovered after using their service is that recruiters don’t give a hoot about your CV format.

Your CV format shouldn’t be your top priority. What every recruiter want to see is your skills, strengths, and value to their organization.

They want to see it staring at them from just a glance at your CV.

Truth be told, this is very difficult for a fresh graduate and even some professionals who make use of some professional and premium services to get this done for them.

In case you are like me and would want to get your CV reviewed without paying a dime, then this article is for you.

4 Free online CV assessment tools for job seekers

I have combined a list of websites online that I have tested that will get your CV evaluated for free.

They offer recommendations and you can download these recommendations or get it sent to your email.

And you can also submit your CV to them as many times as possible using your email. That is, you can rinse and repeat as many times as possible.

These are the four online tools I used to evaluate my CV for free.


This is the simplest and easiest to use of all these tools.

Rezscore is an online tool that read through your resume and then analyze it using metrics that are based on certified resume writers.

As it the name implies, Rezscore scores your resume. All you have to do to get your Rezscore as simple as 123 i.e. upload your resume, set your subscription options and get your grade instantly.

2. Live Career

Live Career offers a free tool called Resume-Check which will run a thorough analysis on your CV and is able to identify 20 common resume problems.

Resume-Check will check for grammar, verbs, organization, length, spelling, sections, fonts etc.

Resume-Check is very easy to use. Just upload your CV and get your score instantly.

3. Naukri

Naukri is an online tool that will give you a free feedback report on your resume within 30 second!

Your report is automatically backed up in their database. You have to create an account with them so as to have access to your score.

If you are not comfortable with this, you can easily use the other tools. Otherwise, Naukri is a great online tool.

4. Resume Grade

Resume Grade is an online tool that compares your resume with other job winning resumes.

It will instantly grade your resume and offers suggestions on how you can improve on your resume and make it better.

Resume Grade also has a free resume builder that will help you to build a great resume which you can download as .doc or pdf.

Resume Grade is a comprehensive resume review with no fees.

All the listed free CV evaluation tools above are great and very easy to use.

What I did was to combine all these four tools together for the optimum result. I wish you all the best in your career.

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