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25 Most Significant Google Ranking Factors For Websites Today

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Written By Bella Jones

Knowing the latest Google ranking factors will help you get ahead in your website search engine optimization (SEO).

Suppose that you have created a website after spending hundreds of dollars and several hours but paid no attention to the SEO. It is just like owning a retail store in a distant region that no one knows subsists; your website and information in it are of no use.

Search engine optimization is the only likely answer to fetch traffic on your website. An excellent and planned SEO strategy will occupy people with your brand and lead them to your website.

Picking Google over Other Search Engines

Currently, 15 of the world’s 50 most used and high traffic websites are search engines owned by Google. If you don’t plan to appeal to users of your website from it, then you’re missing a huge chance.

25 Most Significant Google Ranking Factors For Websites Today 1 Expert tips to grow your business to success.

25 Most Significant Google Ranking Factors Today

The list below are the top 25 most significant Google ranking factors you should pay attention to on your website:

1. Keywords in Content

Search engines, like Google, look for naturally repetitive words, phrases and words linked to them. These keywords tell the search engines what your content is about.

Make maximum usage of keywords in your content. It will increase your visitors and your ranking.

2. Include Keywords in the URL

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A well-managed URL will offer a simple understanding for both users and search engines. Using a URL that contains your keywords can recover your site’s ranking.

3. Keywords Density


Though keywords are the most significant feature in ranking but making use of the same keywords extremely can affect your status in ranking. So, it is a better choice to check your keyword density by using any of the free SEO tools available online.

4. Website Domain Length

It is suggested to have the domain length less. The regular length of the leading 50 famous websites has 6 characters in their domain name. Make use of technical words in your website URL that defines your website

5. Content-Length

The length of your content will play a vital role to gain your ranking. The more quality content you place on your page, the better you will rank.

But also keep an eye on the class of the content, using fake or illegal content can affect your website and its ranking. Google doesn’t permit invalid content and they can eliminate your website as a penalty

6. Meta Description

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The meta description is a tag in HTML of around 155 characters which describes a page’s content.

Search engines display the meta description in search results typically when the searched query is inside the description, thus, optimizing the meta description is vital for on-page optimization.

It will also influence on page’s CTR which can affect the page’s capability to rank. As Google favours those websites, that have meta tags as per Google guidelines.

7. Click Through Rate (CTR)

CTR is the total of users who click on your URL. When several users click on your website, search engines automatically increase your rank because of the different click-through rates of each place in search results.

The more percentage of CTR you possess, the more your rank will rise. Because Google algorithms are intended to cater to the viewers, a higher audience on your website signifies that you are giving the users what they want.

8. Backlinks

Backlinks are also called “incoming links.” These links are made when one website links to others.

Backlinks are the most valued thing for SEO as when one website shares your link, the traffic of that website can dribble onto you by clicking on the link making a small proverbial hole in your water tank of traffic to profit an associated website holder.

9. Quality of Backlinks

The most exceptional method is to get backlinks from reliable and high authority websites.

If you get backlinks from some scam website, your website will be punished. Sometimes, the quantity of backlinks doesn’t matter but the quality.

10. Internal Linking

25 Most Significant Google Ranking Factors For Websites Today 2 Expert tips to grow your business to success.

Mostly, these links go from one page on a domain to another page on a similar domain.

If your website contains numerous pages, then you should generate a good internal linking structure. It will improve your position since search engines creep through content to list pages amongst their keyword directories. Use anchor tags for internal linking.

11. Make Use of Images

Images and visual guides are all vital for a better understanding of your content. They communicate the message more effectively than plain content and then create a break.

The appeal and ease of access to the information you’ll create through graphics will reduce the bounce pace of your pages which makes the users stay. This will improve your Google rankings as a result.

12. Videos

Over the past few years, video promotion has emerged as the most significant aspect of a business. With the help of videos, you can also obtain rank from organic search.

Steps you require to follow while posting a video:

  • Select the accurate video.
  • Add a video transcript.
  • Always assure your thumbnail is appealing.
  • Pay consideration to the heading while posting a video.
  • Include keywords in the meta title and descriptions.
  • Make good use of hashtags.

13. Citation

Citation always has a greater chance of being read. They are the most excellent place for generating external or internal links. As they are simple to crawl.

14. Mobile Friendliness

More than 50 per cent of traffic is from mobile users. It is very vital to design your website well-suited for mobile and show all the content cleanly.

Just recently, Google has updated their algorithms in which they have stated that websites which are made mobile-friendly will be given more priority over other websites. There are different approaches like (bootstrap and CSS Media Queries) to make your website clean and optimized for both mobile and web.

15. Mobile Loading Time

25 Most Significant Google Ranking Factors For Websites Today 3 Expert tips to grow your business to success.

The page load time of web and mobile can be dissimilar. Constantly check your page load time for mobile users. As we stated above, mobile traffic is comprised more than 50 per cent of users.

If your page load time is greater, in that case, you must reduce it using image compressors and by removing unusable code.

16. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of a website is necessarily the time that a guest has spent on your webpage. If you have useful data for the user on your web page then certainly your bounce rate will reduce, and it will play a critical factor in Google’s position

17. Website Design

If your website design is not catchy, and the info you place there is not contented for visitors to read, then indeed your bounce rate will surge, and it can disturb your position severely.

18. Multimedia

Using several kinds of multimedia on your web page will keep user attention and help you gather more traffic from Google. It can be videos, photos and any added kind of eye-catching animation.

19. Contact Us Page

Google algorithm favours websites possessing a proper amount of contact info. The more info you place, the more it surges the faith of search engines and people.

20. Use HTTPS

Google has made it official that the use of HTTPS is a ranking indication. By following this method, you can move your site from HTTP to HTTPS

21. Amount of Comments

Pages with plenty of comments are an indication of the user’s interest. Try to finish your post by questioning visitors so that they could comment

22. Privacy Page and Terms of Service

These two pages benefit the search engines to know that the site is reliable. A more reliable way to get a higher position on search engines.

23. HTML Errors

Tons of HTML errors are a strong indication of a bad quality website.

Google certainly doesn’t need a poor website to be listed as number one as it will damage its status. Keep your code fresh and blunder-free. Use this free HTML error checker tool to validate your site code.

24. Unique Content

Always keep your content fresh and unique. If you put unrelated and unacceptable content, then it will not rank on Google.

If you copied the content from some other page, then Google has the power to discard your entire website.

25. Geo-Targeting

Google algorithms favour websites that possess a local IP and country-specific domain name extensions.

These are the leading features in Google ranking factors today. We hope it benefits you and your business. Don’t forget to share this post.

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