How to Stay Motivated as a Woman Entrepreneur

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

Being a woman entrepreneur is not always easy.

You might have to work harder to have your voice heard and your expertise recognized. You may have a small family to juggle all on your own. And there is the uncertainty of knowing where the next paycheck will come from.

However, giving up is not an option and you have to make it work somehow. It all starts with motivation. Never underestimate it since it will be a huge difference when it comes to business success.

Let’s take a look at how you can stay motivated as a woman business owner.

1. Look for Inspiration

One of the first things you should do is look for inspiration from other successful women entrepreneurs. Having a mentor will be helpful when getting started and will give you someone you can look up to. 

We also suggest you check online for resources. A good place to look is podcasts. These can give you a wealth of information on anything from financial literacy, business strategy, trends, and interviews from other successful entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for a list of top podcasts for women entrepreneurs, Jennifer Dawn has a great one. 

2. Build a Network

Stay Motivated as a Woman Entrepreneur: 10 Big Tips to UseYou cannot expect to make it on your own in business. If you try, you are only making things unnecessarily tough for yourself.

Learn how to network and tasks such as getting clients, financing, or partners could become much easier. More importantly, you’ll have the chance to speak with people you can relate to.

You’ll be able to bounce ideas or share your concerns. This could be a great place to find a mentor as well.

3. Read

We also suggest that you start reading works from other woman entrepreneurs. Books can give you some insights into their early life and some of the obstacles they may have faced. This could help you overcome similar obstacles you may have to deal with. 

The great thing about the community of businesswomen that are being created around the world right now is that women finally started to help other women.

Look for mentorship and see what other women in your situation did in the past. This can help you find that extra bit of motivation you need to get over really big hurdles in business. 

4. Consider Switching Industries

There are times when the field you are in simply isn’t for you. Even if you like the money, you shouldn’t stay in a business if it makes you miserable.

We would suggest that you start researching other industries if you are in that situation. You will also need to prepare to sell or close your current business.

Another thing you could do is change your role within the organization. You could decide to offer majority ownership of the business to someone else and play the background., for example. This could allow you to concentrate on what you like doing the most. 

For instance, if you have a clothing company, you might not want to deal with things such as copyrights, marketing, or acquisitions, and concentrate on designing. Bringing someone in with a business background could be both a great way to grow your business and bring you closer to what you got into business for.

5. Look For Your Why to Stay Motivated

We tend to be focused on what we do or how we do something. This is a problem because we can easily lose track of why we do something.

There is a purpose behind every single action and if you want to stay motivated, you need to know that purpose. If you are clear about what you strive to achieve and have strong goals, it is easier to keep going. 

Speaking about goals, you have to define your goals since it would be impossible to put ideas into action with them. Defining goals is a huge step between planning something and doing it. 

6. Create A Plan

It is very hard to remain motivated if you do not have a plan that you can fall back on whenever needed. Your plan is what makes the vision you have and breaks it down into steps so you know what you have to do in the future.

When you have a goal but you do not have a plan in place, it is practically just a simple dream. 

7. Step Back And Look At The Bigger Picture

Bigger pictureStaying motivated is often very hard if you stay focused on really small things or too many things that become overwhelming.

It is always a very good idea to step back a little whenever you feel you are losing your motivation. Look at the big picture and think about how it relates to you, your wishes, and your needs. 

We find motivation in different things. Sometimes we want to help people while in others we want to make more money so we can add more money to a college fund.

Regardless of what we want to do, it is easy to lose track of it because of what happens on a day-to-day basis. Cooling off and finding or looking at the big picture is what helps to move forward. 

8. Stay As Positive As Possible

Negative thoughts and focusing on negative elements often lead to losing motivation. This is why positive thoughts so often lead to positive results and actions. Even self-affirming affirmations can do wonders at helping you do better in practically all aspects of life. 

Do not think that positivity means staying optimistic and only looking at the positive elements, no matter what happens. This is a bad understanding of positivity, which is based on realism and looking for the good parts of a situation to then focus on it and move on. 

9. Become A Master In Organizing Everything

Start with your workplace. It should never be cluttered since this always leads to not being organized in the work that you do. Basically, you need a calm working environment if you want to be very productive and efficient. 

Generally speaking, everything that you do should be as organized as possible. The whole idea that you can wing anything and adapt on the fly is not actually realistic. For most people, this would only lead to huge problems and can just make it very difficult to remain motivated and optimistic since you see everything is disorganized. 

10. Actively Tackle Procrastination

Last but not least, one thing that many do not know about procrastination is that it rarely happens out of the blue. It is a gradual process that starts small. You make one excuse for something and then you waste time, usually finding a random reason about why this is happening. 

When you notice that you do not do something, the trick is to figure out the real reason behind the delay. Take responsibility and see what you can do to not be faced with such a situation again.

When you actively challenge procrastination, even if it is not that serious at first glance, you set yourself up for success. You reach more goals and you do more work. As a result, it is easier to remain motivated. 

There are tons of ways that you can stay motivated as a woman business owner. Don’t be afraid to reach out and try to find as much inspiration as you can from the right sources.

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