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12 Exciting Job Opportunities For Business Majors

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Written By Paisley Hansen

When a business major graduates from college, they need to determine what industry they want to be a part of.

There is a wide variety of positions that they can be a part of and find fulfilment in. Whether it is communicating with others or determining the cost of an accident, there is something for every skill set.

Here are a few of the exciting job opportunities in business for business majors. 

1. A Member Of Human Resources

Business majors who like working with people might consider a career in the human resource field. This position onboards new employees while training and assisting the staff members who are already in the facility.

To hold this job, this person must be well acquainted with the labour laws that are enacted by the government. It is important that they have the courage to make certain that the company that they work for is following them.

Along with their degree, they should also take part in corporate trainer certification programs. They must be knowledgeable in the rules and regulations that the organization that they are a part of has set. It is their responsibility to ensure that each member of the team treats others with respect and kindness and is there if a conflict occurs.

A Member Of Human Resources

2. An Actuary In The Insurance Industry

When someone is in an accident or has property damage, there is a certain dollar amount that will pay for the incident. While there are many factors that can determine that figure, an actuary is the one that runs the situation and suggests what an insurance company should pay.

An actuary performs many scenarios and studies what happened. Then they evaluate the market to see what materials and other items cost. They then propose a final total to the organization that they are working with.

While math is a skill that the individual must have to succeed at this job, they must also be able to talk to others and be persuasive.

3. Being a Presence On Social Media

One of the fastest-growing advertising avenues today is social media. A business major can take advantage of this trend and get a job as a manager handling this form of marketing.

This person would analyze the demographics that their corporation caters to and then build posts and ads that reach these individuals. They monitor what they have distributed and gauge its success and failure. They also present their company their recommendations on which platforms they should utilise, what photos or videos they should use, and what should be boosted to reach a larger audience.

The candidate for this position should communicate well with others through both vocal and written word as well as have the ability to analyze statistics and act on their conclusions. 

4. Bringing Students Into Their School

Some business majors stay with the school they graduated from or join another one. At these institutions, they find their future talking to potential students about enrolling there and then assisting them throughout the process until the first day of classes.

As college admissions representatives, they develop a plan to reach certain demographics and share their findings with their team. They set up appointments to speak to those interested in their university and prepare packets to distribute.

To do this, they must be able to talk to others and convince them to take part in their programs. The way they communicate would be much like how they would if they were making sales for a corporation. 

5. Teaching What They Have Learned

A business major graduate can also consider staying with their college to teach those coming after them. This can be done at the high school or collegiate level. However, it does require having an education degree also.

This allows the business major to share their knowledge on analytics, communication, and persuasion when they talk to potential clients. At the same time, they are continuing their own learning by staying on top of the current trends and taking courses themselves to strengthen their skills.

While being strong in the basic core components of this industry is important, being able to talk to others is the most vital. 

6. Advising Clients On Their Financial Situation

Financial advisors help their clients determine how to best invest their money. They work with their customers to organize their estates, determine how to pay for their taxes, and show them how to manage their debt.

Financial advisors use their skills to plan for the future of the individuals or corporations who hire them.

This position requires a great deal of skill in analyzing the market, being aware of the options available on the market that will work in certain situations and communicating with those who they are collaborating with. It is a great position for a graduate with a well-rounded education.

Advising Clients On Their Financial Situation

7. Working For a Bank

A graduate who enjoys working with investments can also find a position as an investment banker. This individual assists their clients in maintaining their funds while eliminating the excess money that they spend.

Investment bankers find ways to put their money to good use while watching the market to determine when it is a good time to deposit into stocks and bonds. They secure the future for their customers, whether they are a company or a family.

This candidate must have great analytical skills but be able to talk to others easily. They have to explain what is going on with the accounts that they are working on. 

8. Options In Accounting Departments

Business students whose strengths lie in the numbers that they compute may find that they fit into a company best as an accountant. This person studies the finances of an individual or corporation to eliminate any errors that might be there.

Accountants look for discrepancies that may cause trouble in the future. They also calculate what the taxes will be, file them, and then advise that they be paid.

If management is also something that the graduate wants to do, they might redirect their ambitions toward being a Controller. This position oversees all those staff members in an organization’s accounting department. Controllers help their employees, give them tasks to complete, and review the numbers to make sure they are correct.

There is a greater deal of responsibility with this job. However, the candidate who takes it will get much more on their paycheck. 

9. Working With Products Within a Company

Business is more than just numbers. Companies sell the products that they make and product managers do their best to ensure that that item is in top condition.

Product Managers test the market to determine which demographic response is the best for it. They question whether the thing they manage can be improved if they should stay the way it is. They monitor the comments made by their clients and then apply them if it is necessary.

Product Managers lead their team of developers and customer service agents to construct something that will bring a great deal of profit to the organization that they work for.

Working With Products Within a Company

10. Supervise a Hospital or Medical Facility

One job that caters to business students, yet encompasses everything they learned in school, is hospital administration. This individual manages nearly every aspect of the medical facility that employs them.

They need to control the financial areas of the organization and find ways to increase profit while eliminating debt. They assist in the marketing programs and help tailor the message presented to the public.

They collaborate a great deal with Human Resources to ensure that employees are happy and that rules dictated by both the government and the hospital are followed. They must be skilled in accounting, communication, and analytical to be successful in this position. 

11. Using a Law Degree In the Business World

There are times when a corporation will need a lawyer. Whether it is as a defence to a claim or to submit a patent, a business student can couple their knowledge with a legal degree and become a business lawyer.

Their knowledge of the industry makes the service they provide accurately. Their ability to analyse, communicate, and understand the market makes what they do very valuable to their employer. 

12. Write About Business

Knowing about what happens in the business world makes a graduate in this industry the perfect individual to share the knowledge with the rest of the world.

A business reporter, whether it be in print or on television, reports the trends that are happening in the market. Their words can inspire investors to back a corporation or to sell its stock. Sharing a spotlight on a local business will drive traffic to that shop and increase their revenue.

It takes a special knowledge of this field to illustrate what is happening to listeners or readers and to provide the correct information to their audience.

Exciting Job Opportunities For Business Majors

12 Exciting Job Opportunities For Business Majors

A graduate from business college has many options to continue in this field throughout their future:

  • A Member Of Human Resources
  • An Actuary In The Insurance Industry
  • Being a Presence On Social Media
  • Bringing Students Into Their School
  • Teaching What They Have Learned
  • Advising Clients On Their Financial Situation
  • Working For a Bank
  • Options In Accounting Departments
  • Working With Products Within a Company
  • Supervise a Hospital or Medical Facility
  • Using a Law Degree In the Business World
  • Write About Business

Whether it is working with social media, working with future students of their university, or helping clients manage their money, there are multiple exciting opportunities available to them.

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