How To Increase Net Promoter Score? 9 Strategies to Boost NPS

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Your customers are the reason that the doors of your business are open and you have an income to operate with. However, if your customers are less than happy with your products or service, they should have the opportunity to express that to you.

Being available to your clients and making the process simple for them will help you solve any issues and keep them coming back to work with you. Here is how to improve your Net Promoter Score or NPS for your network provider.

1. Make the Process Quick For Your Client

When providing service to your customer, you need to make the process as simple as possible. This can greatly affect your net promoter score or NPS.

This applies to the moment that they reach out to you to the point that you ask for their feedback. Train your team to give quick and concise answers that correct the issue at hand. Minimize the times that they are passed from one associate to another.

When you ask them to rate the level of service that they have received or their satisfaction with your product, give them only a few questions that pinpoint what you want to know instead of tying up their time filling out pages of forms.

Inundating your customers with excess information will cause them to lose interest quickly and leave before they tell you how they feel.

Make the Process Quick For Your Client

2. Follow Up With Everyone, Every Time

It is simple to talk to clients when they are happy with your organization. It can be far more of a challenge when they are dissatisfied.

However, it is vital that you know how they feel and find a way to rectify the situation. When you get a complaint or an unfavourable review when you send out a survey, address what is said. If you have the contact information for the customer, reach out to them and ask what happened to lead them to feel that way.

Speak to each individual that was involved in the situation then determine what should be changed so that it can be avoided in the future. Working through problems can help you keep these valued consumers and possibly lead them to promote your company to their friends and family. 

3. Provide a Bonus To Those Who Do Engage With You

Customers will tend to put aside a survey if they feel they have little time for it or have something they would rather do.

A way to convince them to share their opinion with you is to give them something if they do. This can be a free product from your business, a discount on their next purchase, or a chance to win a gift card with a large balance or a valuable prize. This can be offered at the end of a phone call, sent in a follow-up email, or printed at the bottom of a receipt.

Clients will be motivated to participate if they receive something they want in return. Be sure whatever you choose is an object that the individual would be willing to give up their time for. 

4. Put a Stellar Member of Your Staff On Every Team

Your customer service department is a valuable asset to your corporation and can be broken into different teams. Keep these groups balanced within your company by putting a leader with a high response rate in charge of the rest.

This individual will motivate those around them to contact your clients and get the data that you need. They can share their methods with others and encourage their coworkers to make any interaction with a consumer a positive one.

Stacking these staff members on one squad will provide you with stellar numbers from one group. However, you want these figures across your organization if you desire rising NPS and content clients.

Put a Stellar Member of Your Staff On Every Team

5. Arm Your Customer Service Representatives With All the Answers

Avoid being the organization that puts your clients on hold, then transferring them to other groups multiple times for the answer they need.

Consumers want to be taken care of immediately. If they have to wait on standby too long or speak to multiple representatives, they will become angry and leave an unfavourable review, which will drop your NPS. They also could walk away and do business with your competitor instead of telling you how they feel.

Give your staff members the documentation that they need to answer all the concerns presented to them. Limit the number of steps on your recorded call-in telephone number before your customer reaches a human they can talk to.

Upload a detailed help section onto your website or provide the user manuals so that the end user can find the solution themselves if they wish. Do whatever you can to make the experience a positive one. 

6. Make Sure Your Customer Feels Valued

When you interact with your consumers, do what you can to make them feel like they are your only focus at the moment. Email interaction should be personalized with their name or title, especially when you are asking for their opinion on a situation.

To do this, assign a database of clients to each staff member and make it their responsibility to reach out to everyone on their list. Talk to them like they are a friend. If they have a concern, detail your message to address what is conveyed instead of providing a cookie-cutter answer.

A representative may even have to call the customer to work things out if that will leave that person content and willing to provide positive feedback.

Write instructions and scripts that will assist your team with this and train them to take the lead and be personable with those who shop with you who come to them with a situation. This will equip them with the right tools to give excellent help to those who do business with you. 

7. Involve Every Member Of Your Organization

As you construct your customer service system to elevate your NPS, share these results with every member of your business.

Each individual in your organization, from the CEO to the employee on the assembly line, needs to know how your customers feel. Send them each updated metric, explaining what your numbers mean and highlighting the most common concerns that were presented to your helpline.

Ask for feedback from these individuals on how they would handle a certain situation if it arose. Provide training for the entire corporation on how to best serve the desires of those who buy from you. Task them with determining ways to make your clients content with you and provide them with the help that they need to make them happy with your company.

Do this on a regular basis, possibly weekly, so that the consumer’s opinion is at the forefront of the entire staff’s minds and that the team is concerned about this.

Involve Every Member Of Your Organization

8. Note the More Common Concerns and Design an Answer For Them

Prepare your staff to provide the correct answer to your customers by analyzing what the most common concerns are. Compile the surveys that you have received and sort them into categories.

Add these to a database so that you can see which ones repeat themselves and what ones are unique to a certain problem. Assembling these also allows you to share them with other members of your company. For the ones that repeat frequently, construct a solution that will remedy the issue. However, train your employees to listen to what the client says.

The person on the other end of the conversation will be able to tell if the representative is reading or emailing a response from a script or giving honest assistance. If they feel like the person who is working for you is less than genuine, they will provide negative feedback in the end.

9. Reach Out To Clients Who Withhold an Opinion

Possibly the best source of information for your NPS are the customers who fail to respond to your surveys or calls.

These individuals may feel that they received poor service or just have few reasons to respond. They may think that their time is too valuable to pause and provide you with feedback. These are the people that you want to talk to.

Set aside time to call or email these clients personally to get their input on your organization and your services. Ask questions to draw them out until you get to the root of the issue. Do everything that you can to remedy what has happened then revisit with them to see if they are satisfied with the outcome.

Document each step of the process so that you can use it in future situations and educate others.

How To Improve Net Promoter Score?

How To Improve Net Promoter Score?

Here are some tips to help you increase your net promoter score today:

  • Make the process quick for your client.
  • Follow up with everyone, every time.
  • Provide a bonus to those who do engage with you.
  • Put a stellar member of your staff on every team.
  • Arm your customer service representatives with all the answers.
  • Make sure your customer feels valued.
  • Involve every member of your organization.
  • Note the more common concerns and design an answer for them.
  • Reach out to clients who withhold an opinion.

Customer service is important to the success of your company. This is monitored by your net promoter score.

Raising this rate by making interaction with your consumers, providing surveys that are short and simple for the end user, and educating your organization on your NPS, will attract new clients to you and indicate your support of those who do business with you.

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