Top 6 Most Effective Marketing Strategies In 2020

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Written By Maria Nickerson

It is a historic fact that proven marketing strategies always come out to be effective when it comes to the case of a downward business growth graph.

In the latest and recent evidence collected by professional market leaders, they are of the belief that the marketing tactics mentioned below serve a required purpose in the business community.

Let us take a sneak peek into the best and productive strategic marketing plans which are opted by top-notch companies like Google and Coca-Cola.

The best part of these marketing plans is that they do not come with a multi-million dollar marketing and advertising budget.

Here are the topmost effective marketing strategies which can help any business situation.

effective marketing strategies

1. Brand consistency

We have proven studies all around the world that every single marketing strategy should be designed in a way that it shows the brand consistency aspect.

For example, in the Coca-Cola and Nestle brands, do you know what is common in their marketing strategy?

It is their brand consistency.

These brands are globally recognized and your advertising strategy should be drawn in such away.

Represent your brand in a refreshing and good way.

Try to make your brand a recognizable brand and it is pretty simple to do that.

Try to keep your brand identity as well as your product consistent for as long as possible..

Your brand logo, marketing slogans, and marketing taglines should try to deliver the same and exact message for years and years.

Your brand can only come out as the biggest brand if there will be a level of consistency present in it.

2. Creating trust

It is best that if your marketing plan is going to use a different approach, you need to create trust among your users instead of shoving your products right down their throats.

You need to educate your consumers about your product.

Using this strategy will help your brand to become a big brand.

In the world of marketing, there are few ways to create and promote trust.

One way you can do this is by educating your customers.

Tell them how your product and services will be beneficial to them.

You can share a valuable piece of information with your consumers.

This is an obvious strategy which can work for any brand.

Most consumers love to receive free information which will add value to them.

3. Presence on social media

You need to become extremely active on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

It is imperative in the current marketing world that your brand should have a strong and solid social media presence.

The power of social media can really establish and retain the brand identity and trust.

It helps your target audience to remain engaged and involved with your brand at a much more intimate level.

A good example of a brand that uses this strategy is Starbucks.

They utilize their social media presence while implementing their marketing plans.

They make the most clever use of videos and images, gif’s, custom images, tweets.

4. Display your brand like a story

You need to advertise your brand like you are telling a story.

Some brands give beneficial information to their consumers, but only a few of these brands display their products like a story.

Do not focus just on the product specifications, instead showcase your product in a story-like form.

Your product should show its journey right from its idea until its conception stage.

Just think of the fact that you are not selling a product, instead, you are selling a story.

This story-telling part will make your brand more powerful.

Show those interesting elements in your product through which your consumers can easily get relate to.

You don’t have to come up with something grand, and tear-jerking.

Think of the simpler terms and make your product relatable to your consumers.

5. Making your product a visionary

You should create the image of your product as someone with a vision and make it a life-changing product.

Your brand has to look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Exhibit your product in this manner and convey this message to your consumers that this product can come out as a life-changing experience for them.

Create a brand which can easily integrate and fuse into your consumer lives.

Try to deliver lots of valuable information which your target demographic consumers really want to have.

Your brand should be able to stand out from your competitor’s zone and remain original and consistent always.

6. A brand should have a deeply rooted philosophy in it

Your brand should have a deeply rooted philosophy embedded in it.

Make honest promises to your consumers that your product can actually deliver.

Your brand should appeal to the consciousness of consumers and they will then show interest in your product.

You can stand up for some humanitarian cause and associate your brand with that cause.

This is the best way to make your customers and new users feel good about your products.

This, my friend, is how a simple marketing plan can be formulated.

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