How long should it take to re-brand your business?

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Written By Hermit Chawla

When it comes to the time that would take to re-brand your business, the answer can fluctuate between large ranges.

Even after the shots of the successful efforts, you may end up between the time range of 4 weeks to 6 months. In some cases, it can even take more than that. After all, re-branding depends on a lot of factors like:

  •    Roll out and brand launch
  •    A person who is involved in the works
  •    Budget plays a big role
  •    The time you have planned for the successful implementation of the plan
  •    The range of the audience of the brand and how widely spread it is
  •    Brand assets required by the company
  •    Technological complexities associated with the services and products
  •    Changing demands of the company after the growth
  •    Size of the company

re-brandingWhen you go for the re-brand your business, you come to know about a lot of things about your own company itself. The things start with the knowledge of the space that your company has occupied in the market along with the reach to the audience.

These facts are all followed by the point of the differentiation from other products, challenges, opportunities and even the competitors.

Aiming for relaunching or launching is an important aspect of the business

If you are a business executive or a business owner, how many times do you think you would encounter with the re-branding?

Only a few times, that’s the answer. So, to think about how much time it would take would leave you in a broad range of time.

In this situation, what you could do is to choose a branding company that is a way ahead of the others.

The branding company would help you to take a hold in the market, which is one of the main aims of the re-branding.

By working this way, you would be able to do the planning in accordance with the branding company’s work till the launch date of your new face of the brand.

The branding company should work in this way.

  •    Research
  •    Strategy defining of the brand
  •    Visual identity and the logo designing
  •    Deciding on the marketing strategy and the advertisement planning
  •    Adjustment and the refinement of the above-mentioned points

How to decide the time taken for the re-branding?

If your brand has not acknowledged the changes till now, it not bad to show some sensitivity towards the changes.

Large modifications can lead to confusions in the customer’s mind that eventually results in the sense of confusion in the customer’s mind.  

So re-branding has to be done taking a great care using the best approach.

1. Research for the new brand you are moving onto

First, you need to find out how your new brand would fit and adapt to the market.

Make a plan, do the research no matter if it takes a day, a week or a month.

Research well and then execute it. Just you would have to make sure that you can take the time for research but execute it as soon as possible.

2. Branding process or the brand strategy

A brand strategy would be needed in order to find the approach to reach the customers in a better way.

The branding process will help you in executing your branding strategy. In other words, the brand strategy is part of the branding process.

Re-branding just doesn’t mean to adapt to the new market. You would also have to take care of the visuals of your company but making changes in the color or the design of the logo.

4. Advertisement plan execution

You have to find a cost-effective way of advertisement for your brand. Your advertisement plan should be effective and at the same time justify its cost.

You wouldn’t just want to spend money on ads for the sake of spending. You must be intentional with your execution strategy. 

5. Adjustments in the brand

You would have to change with the changing needs of the customers. Be flexible in your brand approach. Adapt to customer needs. Adapt to changing technology. These are ongoing processes not just a one time process. 

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