13 Powerful Heavy Equipment For Construction Business Owners

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

When starting a construction equipment business, having the right heavy equipment is going to help you get better jobs, clients, and even employees.

There are many different commercial equipment dealers to choose from to get what you need. And today, we are going to look at the top heavy equipment business tools that every construction business owner needs.

13 Powerful Heavy Equipment For Construction Business Owners


1. Excavators

An excavator is a piece of heavy construction equipment that uses a bucket to help excavate or dig out trenches, demolish, and help to grade landscaping.

These hydraulically or cable-powered machines are one of the most common heavy equipment found in many different settings as they are quite versatile when used correctly. They have many different uses and are a must-have for any construction equipment business.

2. Backhoes

A backhoe is similar to an excavator, only on a smaller scale. The backhoe gets its name from the way that it digs using a backward stroke instead of a traditional forward stroke like many shovel-type machines.

Backhoes can be found in many shapes and sizes and usually include a large bucket on the side with a bucket a boom on the rear. A backhoe is very versatile and is must-have heavy equipment for any construction company.

3. Bulldozers

For those looking to move or push large amounts of material around a construction site, a bulldozer is going to be the heavy machine to get the job done.

A bulldozer utilizes a continuous tracked tractor that is equipped with a metal plate or bucket that allows you to easily move soil, rubble, or any other materials. With its heavy-duty, rugged construction and power, bulldozer winch parts and accessories can often be used as a demolition aid as it can demolish buildings and easily move the debris to where you need it.

4. Graders

To help ease the process of grading landscaping or building sites, a grader can be used to save time and money.

A grader is a tractor-style heavy machine that uses a long blade to grade the surface or your job site. This is essential in the beginning stages of many construction jobs or even levelling out the landscape at the end of a job.

5. Wheel Tractor Scraper

A wheel tractor scraper is going to be a great piece of heavy equipment for those who need to do earthmoving.

This machine utilizes a hopper and an adjustable sharp front edge that cuts into the soil and fills the hopper. Once full, the scraper can easily transfer the graded material to where it needs to be dumped.

6. Trenchers

A trencher is a piece of heavy construction equipment that is used primarily to dig trenches at construction sites.

While there are many different types of trenches, they all perform the same basic function of digging a trench for drainable, pipes, and electrical cables.

7. Loaders

A loader is a piece of equipment that is very similar to a bulldozer but has the functionality of being able to pick up materials and load them into a truck or dumpster.

There are a few different types of loaders and they can even be mounted to a tractor for easy and versatile use.


8. Cranes

Any serious construction business is going to need to do some heavy lifting at some point in time. Most of these times, it’s going to require something that can lift a heavy object much higher than many heavy machines can reach.

That is where a crane comes in. A crane is a piece of heavy construction equipment that uses a hoist rope or wire rope or chains to lift and transport heavy objects.

9. Pavers

When building just about anything, you are going to need to finish it off with some type of sidewalk, walkway, or driving area.

A paver or asphalt finisher allows you to easily get your nice, organized concrete or asphalt pattern without having to employ a team of pavers or bricklayers to complete the job. An asphalt machine can easily turn a dirt road into a roadway in a fraction of the time.

10. Compactors

It is no secret that construction sites can produce a lot of waste. This can be trash, unused soil, or a mix of both.

To reduce the amount of space that this waste takes up, construction companies use compactors to help compact the waste into a more manageable size. They are often paired with a baler to help wrap the waste in an easy-to-transport package.

Compactors have many different uses and can be seen in all types of construction settings.

11. Dump trucks

Possibly one of the most useful pieces of commercial equipment that any construction company can have is a dump truck.

A dump truck is a large truck that is made of heavy-duty materials to allow you to fill up the large bed with just about any type of solid material. You can then transport it to anywhere that you need it, whether it be another location on your job site, or taking it all the way to the landfill.

A nice, high-quality dump truck is a necessity for any construction company as it can save time and money on many different aspects of your job.

12. Pile Driving Machine

If your construction company requires the use of foundation supports in the form of driving poles into the ground, then a pile driving machine needs to be on your list.

These hydraulic or steam or manually powered machines allow you to easily drive foundation poles far down into the ground to provide adequate support for the foundation of your structure. Pile driving machines can come in many shapes and sizes depending on the size of the pole you will be driving.

13. Skid Steer Loader

One of the handiest pieces of construction equipment to have on your list is a skid steer loader. A skid steer is a small, engine-powered tractor-like machine that has to lift arms that allow you to attach many different attachments.

You can add just about anything you can think of to a skid steer. From power-driven augers to large buckets for moving large amounts of soil, the skid steer is one of the most versatile pieces of machinery on this list.

Heavy Equipment Business Tools for Construction Works

Heavy Equipment Business Tools for Construction Works

Here are some of the most common heavy equipment business tools that will help your construction business:

  • Excavators
  • Backhoes
  • Bulldozer
  • Graders
  • Wheel Tractor Scraper
  • Trenchers
  • Loaders
  • Cranes
  • Pavers
  • Compactors
  • Dump trucks
  • Pile Driving Machine
  • Skid Steer Loader

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