Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Google Ads Strict Policies

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Google Ads have become a massive advantage for businesses wanting to promote themselves online. It offers a unique service that can provide a good amount of traffic and conversion for the website.

Google is the largest search engine, with billions of people using it to achieve their business targets. Advertising on this platform helps businesses attract people and can target their desired audience. It also eases the finding of the target audience from the billions of people visiting websites daily. 

Google Ads offers an excellent marketing option for promoting your business anywhere due to its uncanny advertising tactics. Digital experience agency New York helps you with easy Google Ad criteria that can increase your traction. Though Google Ads proves to be helpful, it certainly has some drawbacks.

5 strict Google Ads policies that you must know about today

1. Editing errors

5 Big Strict Google Ads Policies You Must Know TodayYour text should have a great writing style without any grammatical errors. Google tends to provide professional and legitimate ads to their users and, having bad grammar can give you red flags.

It has a strict spelling and grammar policy that requires advertisers to make sure your words are well edited. Google can be forgiving in grammar but not in spelling. The significant disapproval from it can be in the capitalization of your words.

Our Digital experience agency New York helps you formulate the best ad copies ensuring you get no red flags. 

2. Improper CTA

Call To Action is quite a popular segment used in advertisements. It tells the audience via brand-induced catchphrase to visit or buy them.

Google puts plenty of effort into its audience suitable advertisements. Generic CTA such as ‘Click Now’ or ‘Quickly’ will be discarded. Google rejects improper links or extensions with generic CTA.

Businesses are to use a unique and specific Call To Action for a recommending result in ad viewership. 

3. URL Mismatch

The URL of your ad is quite essential as that is the portal to your website. Now it wouldn’t be a good start for your advertisements if the URL isn’t working or the page is blank.

It can also be worse as Google doesn’t let ads with malformed URLs be represented on their site. If one clicks on it and doesn’t take them to the landing page it is supposed to be then, it’ll be blocked.

Also, your audience will have a bad experience with it. Thus, our digital experience agency New York will ensure your URLs are in place before shooting the ad.

4. Copyright Law

Copyright LawMost of the Google ads are short in words and have pictures to them. All these are to enhance your advertisements for drawing more audience attention.

If you used any catchphrase or image that is copyrighted to someone else, it won’t be published. Unless you have the respected owner’s license, it will be considered copyright infringement.

Though only the owner can make that claim and file a complaint, Google also has the right to not display. It is always better to use original images and unique content copies.  

5. Appropriate Content

The ad you post on Google ad should be verified for not having any disturbing or derogatory content. It will immediately generate red flags and will be withdrawn from the site.

Any inappropriate content which might be unsuitable for children or contains animal cruelty must be permanently removed. Defamatory comments on other brands can also be flagged and removed.

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