10 Amazing Ways Of Repurposing Old Bourbon Barrels!

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Written By Rachel Moore

What is the most appealing aspect of bourbon barrels? It is not only for storing alcohol or water.

You’ll be shocked by how many innovative things you can do with this round piece of the wooden container, other than giving us the most fantastic tasting bourbon. This will undoubtedly become your sanctuary if you enjoy rustic and vintage-looking decorative elements and furnishings. 

Here are ten unique methods to repurpose your used bourbon barrels, although the list could have been longer. The more inventive you are, the better because your imagination has no restriction.

1. Spectacular Decorative Table!

This is a fantastic way to repurpose a bourbon barrel! This repurposed barrel coffee table is a work of art!

The bourbon barrel, the base, and the top are all the same colour here. It is not simply a collection of bits put together; it is a full-fledged production. It appears to be solid and solid enough to support even heavier objects.

You may also open the interior from one side to use it as a cabinet and store books or other items that should not be placed on the table.

10 Amazing Ways Of Repurposing Old Bourbon Barrels!

2. Top Mirror Made From a Reclaimed Bourbon Whiskey Barrel!

Another example of how old whiskey barrels can be used in various applications is this great recycled bourbon barrel mirror.

Find a barrel from a well-known bourbon whiskey brand, cut it at the top, preserve the iron belt, and attach a spherical mirror to the inside. Then you should connect it to the wall with a hook on the back.

It is not difficult to do, especially if you already own a bourbon barrel and consider the cost. We believe you can do one in a single day.

3. Flower Planter in an Old Bourbon Barrel!

A bourbon barrel with beautiful flowers on top. An enthralling display! In fact, old used bourbon barrels may be used to freshen up any outdoor location for any type of gathering.

Make a lovely arrangement with tall, blooming flowers and place it on top of a wine barrel. Burlap or lace ribbons give even more charm, romance, and visual appeal.

It looks like something out of a fairy tale. In the evening, the lantern above it may generate a brilliant light to highlight the wine barrel. To make it more contrasted, use darker paint. Play around with different colours and flowers.

4. Time For a Few Drinks!

What a fantastic idea to use an old bourbon whiskey barrel! To keep the interior cold, just trim to fit and create a folding top. You may mount the cooler on a raised structure for further usefulness. 

This cooler is undoubtedly a far better alternative than a store-bought one because it adds touches of vintage charm and plenty of individuality. Everyone who attends the party will comment on it and how you put it together. So go purchase one or make one; the choice is yours.

5. Dog Bed From Used Bourbon Barrel!

You are not thinking about old used bourbon barrels when you think of a dog bed, are you? However, someone made a lovely and snug home for the dog out of an old whiskey barrel.

It is cut that way so the dog may enter the barrel securely and readily. It will be the ideal spot to nap with a large cushion or pillow inside.

6. Make a Sink Out of a Bourbon Barrel!

This is an actual work of art! The reclaimed bourbon barrel is 35 inches tall and is 26 inches broad in the middle.

A Beautiful Copper Sink with Pop-up Drain, Antique Waterfall Faucet, and Large Hidden Hinged doors are featured on this Rustic Vanity. The larger door aids in the storage of objects within and the installation and maintenance of the vanity’s vertical lines.

7. Bourbon Barrel with a Fire Pit!

The Reserve Wine Barrel Fire Pit Table is one of Vin de Flame’s several fire pit tables. Each fire pit table is nearly entirely crafted of repurposed bourbon barrel components, the large old-fashioned wooden barrels where wine ferments and ages. 

Vin de Flame takes old used bourbon barrels of this type and hammers, chops, and crafts them into something new. The end result is a one-of-a-kind, creative fire pit with a tabletop surrounding it.

10 Amazing Ways Of Repurposing Old Bourbon Barrels!

8. Make a Lovely Mini Garden With Used Bourbon Barrels!

If you don’t mind sacrificing the barrel’s integrity, you could make it into a lovely mini-garden. The goal is to construct three levels by cutting the bourbon whiskey barrel in half.

To shape these levels, you’ll need to employ wood boards, but it is an easy process. The garden can be placed at the front door, in the backyard, or even indoors or on the balcony.

9. Use Empty Bourbon Barrels to Create a Winter Landscape!

It’s simple to turn the used bourbon barrels into a winter landscape display! Using what nature gives, such as pine branches (keep as is or spray paint white or silver), holly berries and leaves, pinecones, and twigs, is an easy method to collect and use yard trash while creating a beautiful statement piece in a barrel.

For a lovely holiday-themed barrel that will last the entire season, decorate the barrel’s exterior with a red velvet ribbon, a string of twinkling lights, and some silver bells.

Individual pine trees of any variety may be housed in the whiskey barrel and adorned with lights and ornaments, great for bringing the festive spirit to the front porch.

10. Casket with Spring Flowers!

Bright hues and the arrival of milder temperatures and longer days are synonymous with springtime. Daffodils, pansies, hyacinths, and tulips may all be planted easily in a whiskey barrel at this time of year.

An old-fashioned water pump or a tin watering can to the bourbon barrel adds to the spring motif and emphasizes the display’s fun.

Another method to showcase the bourbon whiskey barrel planter is to turn it on its side and arrange the soil and flowers to appear to be “spilling” out of it.

Various whiskey producers and other great beverages used these barrels. These used bourbon barrels are now drained of their liquid intoxicants and form outstanding landscape pots that may compliment your rustic décor or make for the perfect handicrafts project.

How can we use bourbon barrels for storing and maturing whiskies and beers? Let’s find it out!

i). Used in the Maturation Of Other Spirits!

While US distillers must utilize new barrels to make numerous popular types, foreign distillers are not so restricted worldwide.

The Scotch industry uses bourbon barrels, and millions of people travel over the Atlantic every year. They are also used to produce tequilas, rum aged and cachaca aged down south.

ii). Aging of Beer!

For ancient barrels, the craft beer craze developed a whole new use: beer containers. Barrel-aged beers are generally dark, sweet, and powerful brewing, but those experimental brewers have put them into a barrel from low-alcohol to mouth-buzzing.

Now, let’s move on to some FAQs about these bourbon barrels!

10 Amazing Ways Of Repurposing Old Bourbon Barrels!

FAQs Related To Used Bourbon Barrels!

i). What Have You Been Using These Empty Bourbon Barrels For?

All these barrels were aged for rye bourbon and whiskey for numerous years. Some received a second request for tiny, artisan beer as maturing containers. They are now available in a third life drained from their skylike “spirits.” It is a “three-use” thing we like to see

ii). Are the Used Bourbon Barrels Water-Tight?

Some have broken the seams of the wood laths (called “staves”), but many of these used bourbon barrels have been air-dried and have shrunk a little. Some tanks can be rehydrated to contain liquids. I cannot guarantee that all barrels are water-tight.

iii). What Can Used Bourbon Barrels Be Repurposed As? 

They’ve got dozens of applications. The only limit is your ingenuity!

Some suggestions are as follows: Planting or urban vegetable gardens; unique furniture (table, chairs, bottle holders for wine, etc.), collection of rainwater, bar surface; spirits cabinet with slats for home accessories; BBQ smoking wood/charcoal briquets; cut extended cut and made into the cradle; decorations for your “vintage” themes wedding.

iv). Are Empty Bourbon Barrels Light-Weight or Heavy?

The weight depends on when they have dried. It consists of 1″ thick white wood, carved inside and held on the exterior by steel belts. It is 35″ high, 26″ mid-point diameter, and 21″ upwards and downwards. It has an internal capacity of 53 gallons.

v). Do the Empty Bourbon Barrels Still Contain Beer or Whiskey Inside?

No. All liquids were emptied. But they have a beautiful scent, making them a fantastic complement to the man caves, BBQ smokers, or maybe a sweet potpourri… how lovely!

So, these were some of the best out-of-the-box ideas for repurposing old bourbon barrels into something new and fascinating. Used bourbon barrels can be used to incorporate various things like a coffee table, classic barrel planter, wine barrel sink, and much more.

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