10 DIY Ideas to Use Bourbon Barrels For Home Decorations

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If you enjoy DIY work, then you may have already made crafts using wood pallets. You could have made a pellet bed or used reclaimed wood in another way.

But now, say you love bourbon, then you may have a bourbon barrel at home. You can buy a bourbon barrel, either full or just the barrel.

A bourbon barrel home decor can help you get your hands on some unique kinds of furniture. People are already making use of their used bourbon barrels to make their homes a much better place.

A bourbon barrel is meant to store, well, bourbon. What do you do with the barrel when you’ve used up all the bourbon? Your barrel can then be deconstructed in order to make everything from bourbon barrel furniture to candlesticks and other home decoration ideas. You can even make something that’s more practical, such as a trash can.

You don’t need to drink all the bourbon to use your barrel either, as you can buy just the barrels. But what do you do with your bourbon barrel when you’ve finally got it empty?

10 DIY Ideas to Use Bourbon Barrels For Home Decorations


1. Make a Rocking Chair

A bourbon barrel can easily be broken down and then reshaped into a rocking chair. Make use of the wooden planks in the barrel to create the back, as well as the seating for your new rocking chair.

The wood you get from the barrel is pliable such that when you put the pieces together, your chain becomes a rocking chair.

Just remember to add one plank of wood to the bottom of each corner of the chair. This should be done such that the front foot of the chair is connected to the back foot. Do this for both the left and the right sides and what you’ll be left with is a stylish rocking chair that you’ve repurposed from an old bourbon barrel.

2. Make A Table

If you’ve wanted a coffee table for your home, then you can use your bourbon barrel to make one yourself. First, estimate what you want the height of your table to be.

Once you are ready, simply measure out how much of the wood you need, and then cut the rest. A bourbon barrel, when sawed in half horizontally, can make for a great table. The barrel can then either be used as a coffee table or can also be placed in the garden.

If you are tactful, you can also get two tables out of your bourbon barrel in this way. If you want to add a unique touch to your garden, then consider making a table or two out of your bourbon barrel.

3. Use In Gardening

Another way to do bourbon barrel home decor is by turning your barrels into planters. Bourbon barrels already look unique and eye-catching.

When you start growing your plants out of them, this will add a fantastic touch to your home. Barrels adorned with flowers can be kept anywhere, either inside the house or outside. And all you have to do is cut your barrels to size.

You can either make use of your barrel as-is for barrel decor in gardening. Or you can cut your barrel down to make multiple containers.

If you’ve been looking for interesting barrel decor ideas in order to add a touch of your personality to your home, then this could be it. Not only is gardening now more popular among people, but they are also looking for interesting planter options.

And this is where bourbon barrels come in. If you have multiple bourbon barrels that you want to work with, then turning them into planters could help you find a use for your barrels.

4. Trash Bins

Another way you can make use of your old bourbon barrels is by turning them into trash bins. You’ll need to repurpose the top of the barrel such that there is a small hole there from where you can add your trash. This way, you’ll be able to change the look of your trash area, so it won’t be an eyesore.

Remember that a bourbon barrel is large, so you can use it to create your outdoor trash barrel. However, bourbon barrels can’t be used to store indoor trash, that is, unless you DIY it. You can utilize the wood in the bourbon barrel to create a smaller trash bin that you can use within the home.

5. Pet Bed

Do you want to make a bed for your furbaby? If you have a dog or a cat, then you can make a bed for them using your bourbon barrel.

Simply take your barrel to your workstation, and cut it down to size until it is in the shape of a bed. You can choose to have round edges, or you can also style the edges any way you like. Then, add warm blankets and pillows to the new pet bed, and watch as your pet peacefully and adorably sleeps in it.

Pet Bed

6. Wall Decor

Bourbon barrels can also be used to decorate the walls of your home. But by cutting the barrel horizontally, you can fashion wall hangings out of the barrel. Add flowers, leaves, and other decorative items to the piece of the barrel.

When you add a homemade wreathe fashioned out of a bourbon barrel to the front door of your home, this can make your home look more inviting.

Invest in some artificial flowers, leaves, and other decorative items, so you can decorate your bourbon barrel piece with them. Add interesting touches of colour throughout your home with this idea.

7. Bourbon Barrel Lights

Do you want to add interesting lighting to your home? You can do this with a bourbon barrel.

Simply hang the barrel high up in the single and fashion your light such that it is inside the barrel. You should be able to connect the light to a source of electricity from behind the barrel. This way, you can decorate your home with barrels.

You can also cut the barrel down into smaller pieces to use as wooden accents near the lights in your home. This can add a unique artistic touch to your home.

8. Liquor Cabinet

You can also fashion your bourbon barrel into a cabinet for holding liquor, bringing the barrels life full circle. For this, you’ll need to add shelves to the barrel so that you can store your liquor there.

Add wine racks as well if you want to store wine. Then, ensure that one side of the barrel can be opened. You’ll need to turn this into a door. This is another great wood-barrel home decoration idea.

9. Candleholder

Do you have a lot of candles at home but no idea where to keep your candles? You can repurpose the wood from your bourbon barrel and add stands to the wood in order to turn it into a candleholder.

This idea is especially a good idea if you enjoy lighting multiple candles at the same time. This is also one of the easiest DIY projects on this list.

10. Serving Tray

Another barrel decor idea is to turn the wood from the barrel into a serving tray. The barrel hoop can be perfect for being converted into a serving tray. You can add intricate designs to your tray as well.

DIY Bourbon Decor Ideas For Home Decorations

DIY Bourbon Decor Ideas For Home Decorations

These are some ways you can make use of your bourbon barrels to decorate your home:

  • Make a rocking chair.
  • Make a table.
  • Use in gardening.
  • Trash bins.
  • Pet bed.
  • Wall decor.
  • Bourbon barrel lights.
  • Liquor cabinet.
  • Candleholder.
  • Serving tray.

Take inspiration from this guide to use your own bourbon barrels today.

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