How Does Google Adwords Work to Make Your Business Better?

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Google Adwords (now more commonly known simply as Google Ads) is a service provided by Google which allows businesses to pay for “clicks” in order to increase the online presence of their business. Because Google is the largest search engine in the world, paying for ads on Google can be extremely beneficial to the success of your business. 

Peaks Digital Marketing works to get your business ranking higher on the Google search results page by using detailed Search Engine Marketing tactics and monitoring your site’s visibility online.

Continue reading to see the ways in which you can use Google Adwords to grow your business and understand the ways in which it can increase your visibility, especially when being used in conjunction with other online marketing techniques. 

What is the Difference Between Google Adwords and Organic Search Results?

It is first important to understand that when you perform a Google search, there are two different kinds of search results that appear: Google Ads and what are known as organic search results.

You can tell the difference between the two in a number of ways. First, because they are paid advertisements, Google Ads appear at the very top of your search results page. You’ll see that they are labeled with the word “Ad” in addition to being the first in your list of search results.

Thus, it can be seen that Google works to promote their paid ads while still providing transparency to their users by telling them which of their search results are ads and which are organic search results.

Organic search results is a term which refers to any search results which have not been paid for, but rather appear naturally after you enter search terms into Google. Organic search results can appear in various positions on the Google search results page depending on how well they are performing.

Because organic results are made up of results that haven’t specifically paid Google to rank at the top of the search results page, you must assume that they are ranking where they are due to other factors. These factors are related to something called Search Engine Optimization. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics are what impact the position of organic search results. SEO best practices focus on increasing your site’s natural ranking on a Google search results page.

Things such as keyword placement on your webpage, the relevancy of your page to a specific Google search, the quality of your page overall, and the average amount of time that people have spent on your specific page all factor into how high you will rank in a Google search.

Essentially, it can be seen that there are many factors that go into a high-ranking page on Google, and Adwords eliminates many of those factors, simply allowing businesses to pay for visibility.

How Effective Are Google Adwords?

How Does Google Adwords Work to Make Your Business Better?Google Adwords is an extremely effective way to increase your website’s visibility. Because you are paying Google, they rank your page at the top of the search results, giving you immediate visibility.

In fact, according to Google, a full 89 percent of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused.

This means that your results are still ranking and getting clicks, even if people are not actively using Google Adwords. Thus, Google Adwords actually plays into organic search results as well. 

How Much Do Google Adwords Cost?

Google Ads can vary greatly in price. In the United States, the average Google Ads cost per click (aka, the average amount of money it costs you every time someone clicks on one of your paid links while searching) is between $1 and $2 on the search network.

However, this varies greatly depending on your market and your ultimate goal. Your Google Ads budget might be quite small, whereas large companies may be putting thousands of dollars into Google Ads each month. Thus, because it varies so much, the real question ends up being not “How much do Google Ads cost” but rather “Are Google Ads worth the cost?”

Is Google Adwords Worth the Cost?

Google Ads can be very beneficial for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) purposes. SEM refers to the process of increasing a website’s visibility using online marketing strategies, including paid ones, such as the use of Google Ads.

However, it is important to remember that while SEM can be extremely useful in increasing your website’s online presence, the true secret to increasing your company’s online visibility is through the combined use of SEM practice and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in conjunction with website development. 

Indeed, a lot of factors can play into effective SEM, and your website, blog, article, etc. will rank much higher if you utilize SEO tactics in conjunction with paid advertisements such as Google Ads. This means that you must ensure that your presentation (i.e., your webpage) is optimized for both Google’s algorithm and human experience.

You need to ensure that your web page itself is visually appealing and also that you are taking advantage of organic techniques such as making sure that you are utilizing popular keywords in your content.

In addition, it is important that you make sure your text is readable to the general public and that it is also interesting and relevant. In other words, you need to make sure that you are catering to both online algorithms and human experience. 

The issue is that utilizing both SEO and SEM best practices can take up a lot of time and money, and requires experience and expertise to be done correctly. That’s why it is important to consider potentially hiring an outside marketing agency, such as Peaks Digital Marketing to take care of your online presence with a combined, expert approach. 


So, the question remains: Is Google Adwords worth it? The answer is that they absolutely can be.

They can increase the traffic to your site in very little time and with very little effort on your end. They can certainly become expensive over time, however, which is why Peaks Digital Marketing recommends a blend of both SEO and SEM best practices when it comes to increasing your online visibility.

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