Why Is It Important to Monitor the Quality of Your Business Calls?

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

There are times when you might push a call through to an official line, and you hear a programmed voice saying, ‘this call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance,’ and you may wonder why it is that your conversation is being recorded. This is what is called call quality monitoring.

In this article, you’ll be learning why it is necessary to monitor the quality of your business calls. But before diving into that, first a quick look at what call quality and monitoring are. 

What is Call Quality? 

Call quality refers to the effectiveness and efficiency of the call between customer care representatives and customers. A call or conversation is rated highly if it is polite and professional, timely, bring clarity, and provides a solution to the customer’s problems or concerns. 

Now, it’s time to look at why it is important to monitor the quality of your business calls.

Call Quality Assurance

5 Ways to Improve Call Quality and Measuring Today

This is the process of monitoring and analyzing the quality of your calls. It checks out for customer satisfaction, how well solutions are proffered, and ensures that the customer is treated with respect and has a positive feeling after the conversation. 

When paired with tools like predictive dialing, which automatically calls numbers from a group of telephone numbers, you can maximize the number of quality calls made with customers. 

The effectiveness of a call center is measured by Key Performance Indicator (KPI) values. KPIs are a set of values chosen by individual businesses to determine how effective the business is in achieving its goals.

Why Call Quality Monitoring?

Call quality monitoring helps improve your business. Monitoring the quality of your business calls means increasing the quality of your business. You could hire a third-party team like Call Cowboy to monitor and run your business calls if you feel you do not have the time or expertise to do it on your own.

Here are some reasons why it is essential to monitor the quality of your business calls.

i). Improved Quality Service

With the right KPIs, you can experience better performance in your business because they can improve quantitative and qualitative growth in your business.  

The number of answered calls, accessibility of customers to the business, number of sales, first call resolution, abandoned call rates, etc., would all experience significant improvement. This would, in turn, lead to higher service quality and ultimately boost your business. 

ii). Improved Customer Experience

Everyone would love to patronize a business that is easily accessible and communicated with. They can rest easy knowing that if there are any problems with the goods purchased or services rendered, they will quickly be resolved.

The call center of your business is the face of your business. It bridges the communication gap between service providers and customers.

Additionally, good communication enhances the relationship between customer and service provider. You would want to ensure that your customer leaves the call with a positive feeling towards your company and confident that their problem is solved or under control. 

When you monitor your business call quality, it helps you to improve on any lag. This, in turn, leads to very high customer satisfaction. Don’t be surprised if you start experiencing a larger turnout of customers after you start monitoring the quality of your business calls.

iii). Reduced Employee Turnover

A lot of businesses struggle with a high rate of employee turnover. It is usually a serious problem for call centers. Call quality monitoring encourages improved employee performance and gives them a sense of satisfaction with their assignment when they succeed. 

Also, with call quality monitoring, the deficits of any agents or staff are identified. This helps the management to train and correct the personnel to improve the business’ call services. Training sessions with employees would engage them and help boost morale

iv). Track Progress

Growth is definitely gradual, but it should come with consistent, overall improvement over time. However, growth can only be measured when there is a track record to compare it to.

When you monitor the quality of your business calls, you can identify areas where you have improved over time, and assess the areas where there is still a need for adjustments. 

v). Facilitate Goals Setting Process and Achievement

Monitoring the quality of your business calls helps you to identify areas that are affecting your business and how you can improve on them. This tracks progress and leads you to achieve the goals you have set for your business.

How to Improve Call Quality Monitoring?

5 Ways to Improve Call Quality and Measuring TodayNow that you understand the importance of monitoring the quality of your business calls, the next thing you might ask is how to improve call quality monitoring for your business.

Not to worry—this post also got that covered. Here are a few ways to improve your call quality monitoring:

i). Utilize Call Recording Tools

Call recording helps to track the duration of calls, call metrics, and the conversation between customer care agents with customers. This will help you to analyze the calls and determine which areas need improvement. 

ii). Analyze Customer Feedback

Call monitoring and recording are the best ways to get some of the most accurate, honest, and best feedback from your customers without any extra costs.

This is why you always need to analyze customer feedback to know their experiences about the call quality in your business. You can also encourage your customers to give reviews, send in emails, or rate the quality of the calls. 

iii). Track the Right Metrics and KPIs

Only track the metrics and assess the areas that can help determine call quality. Monitoring and evaluating unnecessary data might leave you drained without really achieving the goal of monitoring call quality for your business.

iv). Maintain Consistency

Consistency is key to maintaining and improving the quality of your business calls. This can be achieved by forming a team on the same level of experience and knowledge so that customers are always satisfied irrespective of whoever picks up the phone.  

v). Train Employees

Constant education and training of employees on better customer service is key to improving the quality of your business calls.

Employees should be trained from time to time to improve their interactions with customers and use new software and tools to ensure better call quality. This would boost their morale and give them better job satisfaction. It will also help you to get feedback from your employees as regards their work.


When call quality monitoring is done appropriately in a business setting, it leads to many benefits for the organization or business: customers are happy and satisfied; employees are encouraged; the company accomplishes its goals and objectives.

The importance of monitoring the quality of your business calls therefore cannot be overemphasized, and it is something every business owner should look into. 

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