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How to Make Gift Buying Easy: The Ultimate Guide

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Written By Vikram Rana

Buying gifts for your loved ones can sometimes be stressful. The holidays are a busy time, but they don’t have to be strenuous or anxious, either.

These gift buying tips from our experts will help you choose gifts that your loved ones will love, and you may find the process fun as well.

1. Make buying gifts easy: Make a plan and stay tuned to the slopes

Some studies have shown that the person who makes the gift judges the gift much more than the person who receives it.

Let’s be honest, we all like to be given gifts regardless of who we are, so don’t be nervous about it!

That said, meaningful gifts are a sign that you care about the relationship with the person receiving the gift. In short, we can all become experts if we focus on a few gift ideas.

First, make a plan in advance. Birthdays, anniversaries and festive celebrations are always at the same time of year, every year.

Thinking throughout the year of the people you care about will make you more likely to find a gift for that person at one time or another.

Buy it and save it for when you have a chance to give it away.

Second: listen!

Listen when your best friend tells you that she loves sea turtles, when your wife tells you that one day she will buy a beautiful Hermes neck scarf, or when your boss explains that he is a big fan of collectible cars.

These are all clues to the insider’s ears of a smart shopper.

When the birthday/anniversary/holiday celebration arrives, you will already have a well-prepared list for each person.

Lastly, always have on hand a collection of items such as a bottle of wine, gift cards, and especially candy for unexpected last-minute gifts.

2. Make buying gifts personal: You can consider yourself as a starting point

Make Buying Gifts Easy: 9 Unique Gift Ideas for 2020Do yourself a favor and forget about what you already know about going shopping and buying gifts.

Be guided by something simpler: yourself!

We are in the age of ‘me, me and nothing but me’, so today it makes more sense than ever for this concept to infiltrate your gift-giving practices.

I am fully convinced that it is a just cause. And I explain why.

Everyone has a unique personality, based on their own passions and repertoires.

Sit back, relax, and think about what kinds of things you could do over and over again.

What do you love to buy or what is it that you could not live without? Always start there.

Are you a practical person? So don’t try to make fancy cool gifts. Make a practical gift, something you can swear you know will be helpful to that person too.

Did you just gobble down the best cheesecake of your life? Buy one for all the names on your list! Do you get the idea?

And yes, this also applies to children. If you love to cook, buy small children’s culinary supplies.

Are you the sentimental type? Give them something that, when you were their age, you thought it was the best thing in the world.

Share your exclusivity with those you love and you will be rewarded with more than satisfactory festivities. Mind you, be sure to give away something interchangeable, unless it is edible.

You can’t always make the perfect gift, but you can have a good time sharing!

3. Make buying gifts memorable: Give away a themed gift box

The best gift will be the one that explains to the recipient that you have thought of it, and that will make it a memorable gift.

When selecting a memorable gift, you will have to consider several aspects: One, does the person have any details, a favorite television program, or a hobby?

Relating a gift to something that is relevant and often important in that person’s life is a great way to ensure that you are giving that person something they will really love.

A gift box is a perfect way to impress someone. You can bring them a box of any type, with items that represent the person’s favorite things.

Do you have a sweet sister? Organize a themed box dedicated to hot cocoa, a candy bag, a fun mug, and add her favorite candy, such as a Hershey chocolate bar. Tie a bow around the box and you already have a great gift.

And your mother-in-law? You are sure to like a spa-themed box! A few items to pamper her, plus a nice gift.

A personalized gift box, made with that particular person in mind, is more unique than a card purchased at a store cash register, more meaningful than a cookie box, and more special than a gift card.

A little effort never hurts, and your loved ones will appreciate the time you’ve spent making them feel special!

4. Make buying gifts fun: Plan your shopping day

Plan your shopping day as if it were a guided tour, with places you want to visit and things you want to do between purchases.

Decide where you are going to stop for lunch, and don’t forget to find time to pamper yourself a little bit between one thing and another.

Beyond the hustle and bustle of city shops, I’ve always managed to surprise the person for whom the gift is intended with something unique, hidden among the gift shops of a museum or art gallery.

These are hidden gems, eclectic gifts to explore, relaxed, contemporary things, well-curated shopping destinations. Don’t forget to give yourself an extra hour so you can take a look at the latest exhibition!

The next stop might be a nice, quaint bookstore near your home. Use the time you have to earn yourself a good rest (with a coffee or a hot chocolate in your hands) and take a look at the latest news.

I like to choose something new to read, while I can also buy a selection of titles for my nephews that are fun, but educational at the same time.

Book a last-minute manicure or massage session, because you deserve the break and because most spas have fantastic gift shops, full of high-quality beauty products that will inspire you in case you have not found anything for your sister or your best friend.

And when everything is said and done, you have fun and you go home with bags full of gifts, then you can’t wait for the day to come so you can give all those gifts to your loved ones.

5. Make buying gifts count: Buy from entrepreneurs

Make Buying Gifts Easy: 9 Unique Gift Ideas for 2020When you buy in a small company or business, there is a real person who marks a dance of happiness.

And this is the reason why my definitive advice is to buy from entrepreneurs.

Are you looking for something unique and deep? Do you want it to have a personal touch?

If so, what better than to give the person you love something that was made especially for him or her, and that was made in your own community?

It is what is called a win-win.

The world is becoming dominated by chain stores. Break the mold, and support small businesses!

6. Make buying gifts meaningful: Convey an emotion

Whether it is the feeling of being loved, being present in another person’s thoughts, a feeling of whim, fun, or pure luxury, the gift you choose should convey some kind of emotion.

Add something personalized or include a handwritten note for a personal touch and more depth.

Consider the impact your gifts have on artisans and the planet. Our gift boxes are designed to impress, but at the same time are recyclable or reusable, and we encourage the buyer to reuse or save the box.

Items inside are paired to create a coherent, visually appealing, well-thought-out gesture, rather than simply making throwaway products.

7. Make buying gifts complete: Remember the Rule of Three

Here are our top three tips on how to become a better gift buyer:

a. Think deeply about the person to whom you are going to give the gift.

What does she usually give to others? What have they published, what have they been talking about lately on social networks, etc.?

Paying attention to what that person is like and what they like can give you ideas for a gift that they really love.

b. There is a thing called the magic number!

Often, many people give away three items, and it is easy to understand why. Your gift will have a clear “theme” and will feel as balanced as it is more robust, even if you don’t spend any fortune.

Focus on identifying items that are a mix of different prices and complement each other.

c. Last but not least, make it beautiful.

The wrap is as important as the gift itself.

Top gift buyers pay attention to detail, a satin bow, or perhaps a touch of evergreen will take your gift to another level.

8. Go deep: Forget about the price

Make Buying Gifts Easy: 9 Unique Gift Ideas for 2020Gift-giving shouldn’t be stressful. Rather, it should be a fun experience for you.

Three of the personal reasons people get stressed are: 

  • indecision,
  • acceptance, and 
  • money.

Luckily, these three reasons are easy to beat:

  • Start shopping for gifts early and don’t wait until the last minute. It is better to start early, since you can brainstorm and, from there, make a list a few months before.
  • Thinking is all that matters when it comes to gift-giving. It does not matter if the gift is worth $ 1,000 or has almost no economic value. The gift recipient will love it regardless of the price.
  • As they say, “money does not buy happiness.” This is especially true when it comes to gifts. Decide on something that has meaning and create lasting memories. These types of gifts usually cost next to nothing!

9. Make buying gifts encouraging: Be caring and friendly

The best way to find the perfect gift for someone is to be a little attentive, look for things that the person in question has always wanted, or simply small things that can make our daily life easier.

Although, perhaps at this time it is not possible for you to give someone the gift of their dreams, do not let that idea scare you and remember that there are many other small things in life that make a difference.

Think of something you love, and how your gift can remind you, or encourage that person to step forward to get what they want.

For example, give someone who loves to travel a special box to help them raise funds, calling it “Financing Your Adventure,” or a giant map that can mark all the countries they plan to go to.

These gifts will not only inspire the person you are giving the gift to, but the gift will also remind you of each time they think about it.

I think that the idea of ​​giving is not a mere act of giving and then receiving a gift, but rather it is about making someone feel loved.

It is a way to make that person smile and to tell them that they are someone special. Not what you would gunwales but how it gunwales; because what really matters is the idea behind the gift.

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