Evaluate new startup ideas

How to evaluate new startup ideas in 2019

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Business research

7 Ways business research benefits your e-commerce platform

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new startup

These 5 Things Show If Your New Startup Will Succeed or Fail

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No time to blog: A quick summary of my life in 6 months

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Do not quit

Why You Have To Keep Showing Up And Never Quit

Reading Time: 2 minutes Here’s the story of Tom Mapother. Tom Mapother was not a good student in high school. He had some learning... Read more »
Shark Tank

Business Startup Lessons: What I learned from watching the television program Shark Tank

Reading Time: 9 minutes Shark Tank is the best  and (probably) only true television show that trains entrepreneurs. Adrian Stone, an Angel Investor and successful entrepreneur... Read more »
How to Become a Millionaire

Two Biggest Obstacles to Becoming A Millionaire

Reading Time: 5 minutes Chad Holmes is just a young lad who knows really little, honestly. “All I know, is that I know nothing”…... Read more »
Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

The Best Kept Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Reading Time: 2 minutes I learned some of the most valuable business and life lessons in my early adulthood, while working day and night... Read more »
How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Mastery

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Mastery

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take little steps

How to take little steps every day as an entrepreneur

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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

How My Interviewer Became My First Business Mentor (He Later Became My Best Friend)

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Fortune 500 Company

How to Become A Fortune 500 Company CEO

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Time Hack

Time Hack for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs. Simple To-do Lists Are Powerful.

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How to Get a Business Mentor

Actionable Advice on Getting a Business Mentor

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Just do it

Just do it. You Never Can Tell What Will Happen

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just do it. That’s Nike’s slogan. And It works. This article is not about Nike or their slogan. It’s about... Read more »