How to Make Money with Google AdSense. Get approved in five days.

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You can make money with Google AdSense on your website. AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google Inc.

Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and video advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google and they generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

Anyone with a website can make some extra cash (or even a mainstream of income) using Google AdSense provided you are ready to put in enough time and genuine interest in building your website (online business).

It is highly recommended that you use your own domain name and web hosting space for your Google AdSense website so that you can have absolute control over your website operations.

For a reliable WordPress web host, you can check out my recommended business tools page and SiteGround review to guide you in your decision making.

In this article, I will assume that you have basic computer skills and good knowledge of the internet.

How to Make Money with Google AdSense (My 5 Proven Ways)

In recent times, most people believe that making money with Google AdSense is a waste of time and effort. This is not true. However, the journey to AdSense success is for the strong-hearted.

Be persistent and consistent

You won’t get rich soon with AdSense. It will take time and much effort. The initial growth stage is usually the hardest part. And you must show a high amount of interest to work on your site.

Once you reach a point where you are generating a constant monthly income (say $1000), then you will be able to determine your most popular and effective method.

Then, you can focus on that. With strong persistence and dedication, you will succeed with AdSense.

Both quality and quantity is important

Always remember that when writing for your website, both quality and quantity is important. Without quantity, it will be very difficult to generate the level of income that you seek. The higher your page views in a 30 day month, the more money you make with AdSense.

Produce great content for an under-served niche

Start by producing great content in different underserved niche and platforms. You want niche because there is little competition and lots of demand for great content.

You need to have a good amount of knowledge in the relevant niche you are serving. And monetize in every possible way to boost your AdSense income.

Don’t worry; you can gain all the knowledge you need online. It is not as difficult as it seems.

Don’t click your own ads

Don’t be too greedy to click your own ads. You can’t cheat Google (don’t even think about it). Google is always a million ways ahead of you. This is the truth.

Optimize Google AdSense 4 ad sizes/positions

These 4 ad sizes/positions are: top right of content area (content well), 300×250 square or bigger, plus leader board and any other large ad position you can accommodate.

Google AdSense Approval: 7 Proven Checklist That Got My 3 Months Old Site Approved in 5 days

My application for Google AdSense was approved just five days after I submitted my application.

Although, I wasn’t approved at first because of a particular plugin that was active on my site, the application process debunked a lot of myths relating to Google AdSense application.

The most popular AdSense myth out there is the age of your site. My site was barely 3 months when I submitted my AdSense application.

My Alexa ranking was very high (which is bad) and it still didn’t matter in my application. I just obeyed AdSense terms and conditions and you are good to go.

Another myth that I proved wrong has got to do with affiliate links on your site. Before I submitted my application to Google AdSense, I had an affiliate link on my site. But I submitted anyways because it wasn’t stated in AdSense policies.

Instead of following the rumours, I would advise that you fully understand AdSense policies well and then go ahead with your application.

Whatever AdSense myths out there, these are my 7 proven checklist that got my 3 months old site the much coveted Google AdSense.

Checklist #1: Create the ACP Pages

ACP pages? This is my acronym for the three most important pages Google want to see on your site: About me, Contact me and Privacy policy page. If you don’t have these three pages on your site, you can kiss Google AdSense goodbye.

The ACP pages can’t be separated. You can check my about me page, contact me page and privacy policy page for samples. To generate your custom privacy policy page, you can use this free online tool.

 Checklist #2: Define your Blogging Niche

I write on everything relating to business ideas and career growth. I write with clarity of purpose. I was able to convince Google with my articles. What do you write about? Are you consistent? If you can convince Google, then you are good to go.

 Checklist #3: Post Only Original Contents

Be original. We both know that writing is stressful but it is worth your time. Plagiarism is a crime. Do not steal contents from other blogs. Always write your own contents.

Be creative and write very useful LONG articles (over 1500 words) not short ones (less than 500 words) that is relevant to your niche. As a rule of thumb, you should have at least 5 long articles and 2 short ones before submitting your Google AdSense.

Do not forget to add original images to your articles. You can always get free images from Unsplash and Pixabay.

 Checklist #4: Generate and Submit Your Sitemap to Google

This is on the technical side. I was able to get around this the simple way after fiddling through codes and other technical stuff. I simply signup to Attracta. Attracta is an SEO company.

One thing I love about Attracta is that they offer freemium services. With Attracta, you can create and submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing for free. You don’t need any technical skills for this.

All you need do is signup for free, insert your website and follow the on-screen instructions.

 Checklist #5: Get Your Site Verified by Google Webmaster

This is very easy to do. Just follow the instructions on the Google Webmaster page to verify your site. Google is a very “jealous lover”. Always make Google happy.

 Checklist #6: Disable “Harmful” Plugins

“Harmful” plugins? Yes! Some plugins can make Google turn you down. In my own case, it was SumoMe. There is this particular SumoMe application that features other websites on your site. This can make Google turn down your application as they did to me.

I am sure there are other plugins out there that are against Google’s AdSense policy. Check your plugins and disable those “harmful” plugins ASAP.

 Checklist #7: Be Optimistic

Believe in yourself even when people don’t believe in you. My friend didn’t give me a chance. He was sure that I can’t get approved by Google at my first trial. I told him to his face that I will do it and he will be there to witness it.

I totally believe in myself. I worked hard and also prayed hard to God. He did made fun of me when I told him that I prayed to God. It eventually paid off.

Lest I forget, I didn’t get the “butt salute”. Instead I got milk and malt drink. Sorry pal, we are cool right? Don’t worry, I love you none the less. Cheers!

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If you have any questions relating to Google AdSense, you can drop your comments below. I want to know more about you and your business. Let’s work out a solution together. To your success!

 P.S. Don’t hesitate to contact me to write copy that sells for you.



  1. Hi Adeyemi Adetilewa,

    Thanks for this article. I have once submitted my blog to AdSense incessantly but I got no result, so I gave up. A friend had to give me an AdSense from UK which I have been using. But I have not really been cool with it, as I desire my own. I have done a lot of reading and I’m preparing to pull down the UK AdSense from the blog and reapply to google. I only need someone to have a look in and tell me if the blog stands a chance.

    I will appreciate it if you can look at the blog –
    It is a relationships blog, and we have a lot of original content. Kindly revert to me via email [email protected]

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hello Olumide,

    Thanks so much for your response. You have a good site. I know exactly how you feel concerning the “borrowed” Adsense account. I observed that you currently don’t have any ads on your site. Are your articles originally yours? No plagiarism whatsoever?

    Please, kindly go through the checklist again and make sure your site is in order. I will be expecting your feedback. To your success.

  3. Thanks for sharing Adeyemi.

    I scrapped my first news blog and became less interested to publish new blog post there after Google rejected my application. I was so annoyed that I gave up.

    However, I have gone on to build a new blog, now a business blog where I have better passion. I’m looking forward to applying again next year when my blog will be at least 6 months old.

    But wait, how many articles must I publish before I applying? Help me check my blog to know if I’m on point. I seriously want to start making money from AdSense (autopilot) while I build other passion.

    – Emenike Emmanuel

  4. The truth is that it’s getting more and more difficult to earn a good passive income via Google AdSense. To do this, you’ve to be very creative in your approach to marketing. About the articles, it more about the quality that the quantity of your articles.

    There is no hard or fast rule about this. Just publish about 10 article of 1500 words or more and send your application over to Google. The keyword here is “NO HARD or FAST RULE”. Google’s AdSense policy is changing every time.

    All the best in your pursuits Emmanuel.

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