How to take little steps every day as an entrepreneur

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa
I’ve been writing a whole lot about what it means to take little steps every day. They all add up. Just do it, even when you don’t feel like it.
Your ideas are shit until you execute them. In other words, go do shit and stop being full of shits. So, instead of saying “I will do…” change that to “I did …”.
When Gary Vaynerchuk says that ideas are shit, he wasn’t bluffing or trying to sound smart. He meant that in its full entirety.
As a founder, writer and a consultant, I often have several ideas every day that I begin to suffer from ideas overdose. Despite the fact that I write these ideas down every time, it is often hard for me to revisit them and act on them.
I then begin to notice a trend: generate ideas and write them down. And this repeats itself every day. Interestingly, when I have these ideas, I’m super convinced that I can execute them. But after some days, I begin to suffer from execution paralysis.
Okay. I must admit that not all ideas are executable. Even at that, you can still do something about your ideas. Validate them. That’s better than doing nothing.
Something I’ve learnt over time is that it’s always better to take one step at a time towards your goals than not taking any steps at all. You can read that sentence again but slowly.
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It’s easy to be distracted nowadays. It’s even easier to be overwhelmed by the information all around you. But, you still possess the greatest power out there –the power of choice. Nothing and no one can take that power from you except you give it up willingly.

Using my power of choice, here are some of the things I do every day to take little steps to achieve my goals as an entrepreneur.

Prioritize your choice

As easy as this seems. it’s one of the hardest things for me to do. My typical day looks like this:
Make decisions as a co-founder. Manage the day to day running of our business. Generate practical ideas to write on. Write about 1000 words minimum daily. Manage social media accounts. Meet deadlines.
Each of these tasks  can be further broken down into sub categories and sub categories. Just thinking about these tasks every day can be overwhelming.
So, instead of being overwhelmed by over-thinking about all these, I start with the most urgent task at the moment and take it from there.
This way, I’m able to get more done every day even if it means not completing my daily tasks. The most important thing is to make sure that whatever I do is very important for that day and it must be done.
This has really made a huge difference in my productivity every day. So, instead of complaining of not getting much done at the end of the day, I tend to focus on the importance of the tasks done for that day. This leaves me satisfied with myself at the end of the day.
It’s not as easy as it seems. Just get started and see how well it works for you.

Execute imperfectly

Nobody is the only body that cares about your ideas when you don’t execute them. Your ideas are shit and will remain as shit. And unless you execute you them, they will stay as shit. This is because no body likes to be associated with shit.
No one expects you to be perfect. I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. And it’s fine because that’s human nature. It’s our imperfect state that makes us unique. Just get things done just as you are.
The society — especially the school system — might have conditioned you not to fail. That’s a wrong system. That’s a wrong thinking. I’ve learnt to fail my way to success. And now, I’m not afraid of failing anymore because that’s the worst that can happen. Or is there anything worse than failure?
The fear of failing has a way of holding you down from going forward. You might be thinking that you don’t want to ruin that opportunity with your flaws. And then you hold on it until you forget about it and move on to something else. Doing this is worst than failure itself.
Get out there and execute imperfectly. Fail and learn from your failures. Laugh at yourself but don’t forget the lessons. Taking little imperfect steps every day is the right way to go as an entrepreneur.
The journey is a process. Go through it imperfectly and learn. Put yourself out there every day. Don’t be afraid. Just do it even if you are not doing it well. Just do it with your flaws.

Believe in yourself

One thing that is working for me every day is believing in myself. I believe in myself even when I’m failing. I’m my greatest fan. My friends always say that I like making myself feel good. If I don’t make myself feel good, who will?
I have my down moments. But, I don’t stop believing in myself. And you should start doing the same. This is very crucial to your success as an entrepreneur. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself — not for once.
When you take these little steps every day, you’ll definitely be the best you can be no matter what comes your way.

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