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10 Best Woocommerce Plugins For eCommerce Stores

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

WordPress plugins are essential to the operation of any eCommerce website because they enhance the store’s features, functions, and overall appearance.

Woocommerce plugins are an unquestionable requirement for an eCommerce store built on WordPress. You can enlarge the functionality of your store by adding a wide variety of features with the assistance of these eCommerce plugins. 

If you use the best Woocommerce plugins on your eCommerce stores, you’ll be able to give your users a better experience than they would have otherwise had. If you want to make your store more valuable and productive, you should make the installation of extensions and Woocommerce plugins on your website the primary focus of your efforts.

Why are Woocommerce Plugins Great for eCommerce Stores?

Why are Woocommerce Plugins Great for eCommerce Stores?

WordPress plugins let you utilize many features and functionalities of your website that are unavailable within its native format.

They let you use features like blog commenting, surveys, banners, etc., to get a better customer service experience on your site. You’ll be able to use your site’s additional functionality with the help of plugins.

Most importantly, Woocommerce plugins are essential to every WordPress eCommerce site because they enhance its performance and usability by allowing store owners to sell better and more efficiently.

How to Pick the Right Woocommerce Plugins for an eCommerce Store?

When it comes to choosing Woocommerce plugins, there are many things that you will have to take into consideration if you want the ultimate results. These factors include the following:

  • Price: You should not let the price of the plugin rule you. You must realize that you are paying for certain functionality supplied by many plugins in the market. If you have a money restriction, you should opt for plugins with lower prices.
  • Responsiveness: Response time is one of the most important aspects when choosing an eCommerce plugin. You would want a highly responsive plugin because it has better browser compatibility and will also give you an ideal customer experience.
  • Ease of Use: The user experience is the most important aspect of any eCommerce site. You’ll have to make your store a better place for your users with the help of plugins. But you will only be able to do so if you understand its features and ease of use.
  • Aesthetics: The plugin you choose should also have a good design and a better appearance. You will have to consider the plugin’s look and feel because it greatly impacts your site’s appeal.
  • Security: Security is one of the most important aspects of your eCommerce store because it deals with sensitive information like credit card numbers, addresses, and other customer information. You’ll have to choose a plugin with security features like SSL certification and database encryption to protect this information from hackers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The search engine optimization of your eCommerce site is also an essential factor that you should consider at all times. You’ll have to make sure that any plugin that you choose produces a positive impact on your SEO.
  • Features: You should also consider the features of the plugin that you are going to choose. You’ll need a plugin that meets all your business requirements, contains all the features you will regularly use, and is compatible with your eCommerce site.
  • Customer Support: You should use plugins that offer better customer support because it is a very important factor. You’ll have to choose a plugin with an excellent customer care and support system because it will make your overall experience far more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Best WooCommerce Plugins for eCommerce Stores

10 Best WooCommerce Plugins for eCommerce Stores

Here are some of the best Woocommerce plugins for WordPress eCommerce websites:

1. Booster For WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce is a premium plugin designed to increase the site’s conversion rate by improving its search engine optimization factors.

Booster for WooCommerce is a cross-sell and up-sell plugin that helps you generate more sales and profits by displaying information on your product pages. It improves customer experience by providing a companion layer of functionality on top of your eCommerce platform.

Plugin features:

  • It allows you to enable/disable the cross-sell and up-selling features on your pages.
  • You’ll be able to filter out which products are displayed using this plugin.
  • You can also select which product categories to display in your store.
  • It is easy to use, and its setup process is straightforward too.

2. Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce is an SEO-friendly plugin that helps your store generate XML, CSV, and JSON product feeds for your site and displays them in your preferred location.

Product Feed Manager helps you entirely use product feeds and get more traffic to your eCommerce site. It lets you integrate with Google Product Search, eBay, Amazon, Shopzilla, and AOL.

Plugin features:

  • Category mapping.
  • Exclusive filter options (category, tag, custom).
  • Around 14 supported merchant shops.
  • Schedule feed generation.
  • WPML support.

3. WooCommerce Quick View Pro

WooCommerce Quick View Pro is a premium plugin that allows you to create a gallery of product images directly on the front end of your website, similar to how Magento displays its product catalogue.

You’ll be able to use a gallery of products while publishing them on your site. Magento support and maintenance services can play a major role in managing the plugin. 

Plugin features:

  • Compatibility with any product.
  • Customizable Lightbox for images and gallery.
  • Navigation to the next and previous product.
  • Animated quick view modal.

4. Optinly – WordPress Popup Plugin

Optinly is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to display targeted popups to your website visitors and turn them into subscribers.

Optinly is a complete email marketing solution that includes A/B testing, personalization, and retargeting features. This plugin provides the flexibility of customizing the popup according to your requirements.

A plugin like Optinly can be managed through external WordPress support and maintenance companies to make the site smooth running.

Plugin features:

  • 10+ WooCommerce growth goals and relevant popup templates.
  • Multiple popup forms exist to choose from (fullscreen overlays, notification popups, floating bars, sidebars, etc.).
  • She advanced popup triggering options like exit triggers, page-based triggers, time-based triggers, etc.
  • Target visitors based on gadgets (mobiles, desktops, laptops) and interactions.

5. WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is a recently launched premium plugin for eCommerce stores that allows you to put in a wish list feature to your store.

This feature helps increase your website’s conversion rate by enabling users to save items on a wish list and purchase them later, even when they are not logged into their account.

Plugin features:

  • keeping the “Add To Wishlist” button near the product.
  • Menu icons with a Wishlist icon added to the site.
  • Organized list page with direct add-to-cart option.
  • Option to share products on social sites.

6. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin lets you create multiple rates for a single country and charge the shipping fee to your customers. It helps store owners create prices for each product and display them on the product page.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin allows you to make exceptions for different types of products that are not required to use this plugin.

Plugin features:

  • Advanced shipping rules.
  • Shipping classes.
  • Unique shipping methods and method names.
  • We are importing and exporting shipping methods.
  • Forced usage of shipping methods.

7. Plugin Hives WooCommerce Shipping Services

PluginHive’s WooCommerce Shipping Services plugin is a tool that allows your store owners to use services like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. The plugin makes it possible to choose the service provider of your choice on a per-product basis.

PluginHive’s WooCommerce Shipping Services plugin is compatible with multiple countries, and the list of supported countries includes the USA, UK, Canada, Australia (CDN), Russia – CIS, India (CDN), and Brazil.

Plugin features:

  • Ability to add shipping services for each country separately.
  • Various shipping options for each service provider.
  • I am adding rates for each shipping method.
  • Shopping cart integration with various payment gateways like Authorize.net, PayPal, etc.

8. WPML – WordPress Multilingual Plugin

WPML is a WordPress Multilingual Plugin that allows users to translate their website content into any language.

It allows you to solve different parts of the website, like blog posts, pages, product descriptions, or anything else you want. It’s a fantastic tool that facilitates the easy translation of your site and increases its reach across multiple languages.

Plugin features:

  • Switch between multiple languages.
  • Most WooCommerce attributes are auto-translated.
  • Ability to translate custom fields.
  • Translate content on page-builders, blocks, and widgets.

9. HumCommerce

HumCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows your store to have a chat feature. This plugin will enable you to add live chat to your eCommerce site and proactively engage with your customers via text or video.

HumCommerce is an essential tool for customer support as it allows you to interact directly with people who have questions or need help while visiting your website.

Plugin features:

  • Supporting various languages and countries (US/UK/CA/AU).
  • Compatible with WooCommerce cart, login, and registration.
  • Live Chat in the widget area and footer section.
  • Auto-detects a user’s WebRTC device (Webcam).
  • One-on-one interaction between the customers and agents.

10. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce plugin is a powerful and widely used plugin for creating coupons and discounts on your WooCommerce website. It supports various discount types, including standard, percentage, fixed, and quantity discounts.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce plugin allows you to create customized coupons that you can send directly to your customer using email or the Woocommerce shipping features.

Plugin features:

  • Supports all types of discounts such as coupon codes, cashback offers, etc.
  • Compatible with all WooCommerce plugins like Wishlist Pro, Product Feeds Pro & Smart Coupons.
  • Customizable coupon rates can be customized per product category or customer group.

What are the best Woocommerce plugins for a WordPress eCommerce website?

What are the best Woocommerce plugins for a WordPress eCommerce website?

WooCommerce is a feature-rich and flexible solution for increasing the sales of your eCommerce store. It is used by millions of online businesses across the globe.

Woocommerce is open-source, user-friendly, and compatible with all major eCommerce platforms. Along with this, numerous plugins can make your experience even better:

  • Booster For WooCommerce.
  • Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce Quick View Pro.
  • Optinly – WordPress Popup Plugin.
  • WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin.
  • WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping.
  • Plugin Hives WooCommerce Shipping Services.
  • WPML – WordPress Multilingual Plugin.
  • HumCommerce.
  • Smart Coupons for WooCommerce.

You can use Woocommerce plugins to make your store better than any other store. From affiliate marketing plugins to Google analytic tracking plugins and various multi-currency plugins, there will be a plugin for it.

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