Powered Template: Speeding Up Professional Web Design

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Written By Yasmita Kumar

Today, as businesses continue to migrate to more online-oriented operations to cater to increasingly digital audiences, it is more important than ever to have a functional and engaging website to win conversions.

Whilst some businesses remain fearful of allocating resources towards building an online presence, platforms like Powered Template offer a strong solution for creating a website for less.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, more customers than ever are becoming accustomed to working from home and making more purchases online as a result. This has meant that many brick-and-mortar businesses are having to consider transitioning more into online environments. 

However, digital transformation has impacted many industries as businesses seek to win more customers online than ever before, and the landscape has become increasingly competitive throughout a range of sectors.

Despite more businesses looking to make waves online, others have been fearful of taking such a big step – citing a lack of resources required to embrace online operations.

Powered Template: Speeding Up Professional Web Design

As we can see from the data above regarding why small businesses don’t have a website, more than a quarter of respondents claimed that they didn’t have sufficient staff and that they didn’t have the money required to build one. Furthermore, almost 25 per cent of respondents said that they didn’t know how to create or run a website.

As search engine optimization becomes harder for struggling startups, it is imperative that a site is optimized for high levels of traffic, consumer usability and, of course, ranking potential.

In a post-pandemic e-commerce sector, where competition has tripled since 2020 alone, site design and maintaining a website is a small business’ secret weapon when battling against competitors. The key here is to make sure a website has a clear and usable navigation system and is designed with the user in mind. 

However, while many entrepreneurs appear tech savvy, only a few can build a website that is fit to host global traffic and an experience-demanding consumer. This is where the Powered Template comes into action.

Although many small businesses fear that they are incapable of building and maintaining a website, platforms like Powered Template have made highly functional website templates easily accessible to suit a wide range of business purposes.

With this in mind, let’s take a deeper look into the ease with which businesses can build eye-catching websites via Powered Template’s suite of professionally designed templates: 

Finding the Ideal Website Design

Powered Template has a strong suite of website templates that are 100 per cent customisable and fully compatible with a wide variety of industries.

Finding the Ideal Website Design

Designs fall into a range of categories like minimal, landing page templates, portfolio templates, commerce, business and services, or simply ‘site templates.’

We can also see that selections can be made based on the template’s compatibility – whether it works alongside HTML/CSS, WordPress, JQuery, or Bootstrap.

Finding the Ideal Website Design

Let’s take a deeper look into one of the templates available through Powered Template. Here, we can see an example of a digital agency website theme.

This theme was immediately eye-catching because of the informative thumbnail showcased on the platform’s menu, but one of the most alluring factors was the handy star rating system that’s visible both on the menu and when clicking on the template, which shows that users have given it an average of five stars.

When clicking on the template, we can immediately see its compatibility with development software. In this case, our example template is compatible with HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, and JQuery. We can also see that the file will be downloaded in a ZIP format, and was created in November 2021.

Finding the Ideal Website Design

Another impressive feature of Powered Template is that the platform offers a fully interactive demo site for users to see exactly how their design will look should they choose to use it. Formats can also be converted from desktop browsers to smartphones and tablets for comprehensive clarity. 

Purchasing Your Web Template

Once you’ve decided to purchase a web template with Powered Template, there are many subscriptions and on-demand options available to help make your downloading process as seamless as possible.

Although Powered Template features a vibrant selection of free content available for users to download without any charge, simply requiring attribution in return, at present, the platform’s selection of web templates is entirely premium quality.

However, they also fall under Powered Template’s single download criteria – meaning that users would pay for their website template in the same way that they would pay for a single PowerPoint slide download.

Purchasing Your Web Template

Powered Template’s highly flexible pricing structure means that users can choose to buy a subscription on a monthly or yearly basis or to opt for a full-on-demand service that empowers them to make downloads as and when they want.

To buy a subscription for Powered Template, monthly prices begin at $19, but purchasing a yearly subscription will offer greater value for money at $99 whilst providing access to as many as 200 downloads per month – enabling users to create and populate their websites with high-quality content.

Alternatively, the platform also offers a smart On Demand service, whereby users can purchase 10, 20, 50, or 150 downloads which can be redeemed at any stage over the course of 12 months.

For businesses that are concerned about the resources and costs associated with building an online presence, Powered Template empowers users to build pages online via expertly designed templates which can be fully edited and customised. 

Download The Designs

After you’ve started to download your powered template, you will be presented with one of the two options. The first option will give you the opportunity for a free download – in the instance that attribution is found at least somewhere within the initial content.

The other option, however, is a premium download, which aims to provide users with the best template experience.

Download The Designs

While some designs are purely exclusive to Powered Template’s premium subscribers, the free alternative is a great way to test out many of its impressive site-based features.

However, for business owners looking to improve the functional showcasing of large amounts of information and big data, consumer and employee engagement is more likely to see a boost when embracing a premium membership.

Site Design Of the Future 

As we move into the future of site design, Powered Templates continue to prepare startups for online victory in a competitive e-commerce sector. 

A fully functioning website boosts engagement, conversions and consumer loyalty in the fight to jump up the organic search string. Using Powered Templates, small businesses receive a quick, on-demand service that is customized to their needs, goals and specific industry.

Personalisation is key in a post-pandemic online world. With more consumers than ever before demanding a unique experience on a website, the site design of the future will be adaptable to a widescale, diverse demographic.

In fact, over half of all online consumers now opt to interact with a site that is optimised for a personalised experience, making adaptable site design imperative for small business owners. Introducing a template-based system into your marketing strategy makes for a high-functioning experience that ticks both design and usability boxes in the race to improve search engine optimization.

Everybody should have the freedom to operate online, and a fully functioning website template is merely a download away from using a Powered Template.

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