7 Amazing Things That Make WooCommerce Compelling

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Written By Jibran Ahmed Sheikh

As of mid-2020, the current WooCommerce market share is 27 percent all over the world. 

This number is rapidly increasing with each passing day. That means WooCommerce is booming, and there are endless opportunities to be availed.

But hold on, don’t sit back and relax. The market is highly competitive at this stage when a pandemic has utterly destroyed many industries. Because of this competition, it is unequivocally essential to be distinctive in the marketplace. 

Before you make this huge lifetime investment you must ponder how beneficial an eCommerce will be for your online business. For now, it might be a small business but in the future, it will grow and generate revenues.

Therefore one must choose an e-commerce platform that is proficient enough to fulfill your business needs in the future as well. 

Arguably, WooCommerce is the most used plugin of WordPress. This idea of comparing WooCommerce with other eCommerce platforms like Shopify is quite surprising.  Shopify is growing steadily, but WooCommerce always stands on the pinnacle.

Several features make WooCommerce a compelling e-commerce platform. To widen the horizons of your understanding, seven of them are enlisted below.

1. WordPress

WordPress is an Open-source CMS platform. It is popular among users for its flexibility and customizability.  Since WooCommerce has laid its foundations on WordPress, it inherits a lot of remarkable features from it. 

Product demonstration through video is the best option out of the many.  Customers prefer product demonstration through video more than through words.

For instance, easy video management features are lacking in plenty of e-commerce platforms. From multiple sources, including YouTube, Flicker, Vimeo, SlideShare, Twitter videos can be embedded. The URL of the video can be added to the product description box, and it will automatically appear inside the post.

The flexibility feature of WordPress makes it less intimidating for the newbies to use as it is highly customizable and it is an ideal platform for an online store. WordPress offers an unlimited number of themes and templates. You can use them to design your online store as you like.

Creating a website isn’t a piece of cake if you have not done it before. It offers you unparalleled support and even provides direct assistance to its users. Straight out of the box, it protects everything and provides peace of mind.

Thousands of themes are available to choose from. After selecting the theme, alterations can be made to give it a personal touch.  This outstanding feature of WordPress makes it an ideal platform for the merchants. 

With a unique set of features, this cost-effective platform won’t break your budget and surely will be the best choice.

2. Availability of Shortcodes

In a nutshell, WordPress Shortcodes are bits of code that enables you to add new functionalities easily to your website. 

WooCommerce comes with several shortcodes. These shortcodes are used to add up eCommerce related content and products on posts or pages.

These shortcodes of WooCommerce are used to insert user account data, edit user accounts, order tracking information, the show featured or recent products, or show products individually.

Just imagine how beneficial this optimal feature is to create landing pages for social media campaigns.

3. Ease of Use

If you look through the lens of a beginner, WooCommerce is the only beginner-friendly e-commerce platform. WooCommerce is a firm pedestal to start your business. This means starting with a steady pace, cutting the extra expenditures, and taking benefit of advanced features. 

Even if you are a beginner, you will find it very easy to install and run WordPress and WooCommerce without any hassle.  This ease of use facilitates sellers to customize and run their online store without any trouble. 

To keep track of performance, the advance features allow merchants to get detailed reports on sale, refunds, and coupons quickly. You can get the status of your e-commerce store performance through the WordPress dashboard.

Nearly everything on this e-commerce platform is as easy as making a social media account.

4. Extensibility

WooCommerce for Ecommerce: 7 Super Features to Know NowThis highly extensible e-commerce platform is the key factor behind its immense popularity. It is nearly impossible to get hold of the number of plugins available.

However, recent research showed there are 1,300 WooCommerce themes on Themeforest and 1,032 WooCommerce themes available on the WordPress theme directory. 

Some of the best WooCommerce themes are;

  • Astra
  • Shoppe
  • Digital Pro
  • Shoptimizer
  • Extra by Elegant Themes
  • Hotel

Above mentioned a few of the best themes, you can visit the themes directory to explore more. And there are more than 980 plugins available, and 331 official WooCommerce plugins are sold on WooCommerce.com.

And there are 1,300 WooCommerce themes on Themeforest and 1,032 WooCommerce themes available on the WordPress theme directory.

These plugins help in extending the functionality of WooCommerce. You can also make payments through your favorite payment gateway since there are multiple numbers of payment processing services available on WooCommerce.

The choice is limitless, but here some of the most popular plugins are gathered up:

  • WooCommerce Product Table– to list up and organize products ideal for order forms, wholesale, and restaurant.
  • Table Rate Shipping– to add up advanced shipping features like weight-based shipping.
  • Live Chat- to assist customers and convert them into potential customers before they abandon the cart.
  • WooCommerce Private Store– to protect or hide parts or all of a WooCommerce store.
  • WooCommerce Social Media Marketing-promotes stores on social media platforms and fulfill social media marketing requirements.
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices-allows store owners to easily generate automated PDF invoices.

5. Superior Flexibility

In terms of design or functionality, the available e-commerce platforms are not as flexible as they should be. This is the most common issue merchants face while creating their online stores.

Most of the e-commerce platforms are proprietary and limit merchants to do alterations according to their business needs. While on the other hand, some e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce offer full flexibility.

On WooCommerce, merchants are given full control of the functionalities and features too. From styling to layout to responsiveness, nearly anything and everything can be fully controlled easily without any prior experience.

This ultimate superior flexibility makes WooCommerce a great option for merchants who are not tech-geeks. Even without knowing how to code, merchants can control their e-commerce store on their own without any problem.

6. Content Marketing

To turn your visitors into loyal customers, content marketing is the most powerful tool to use. It is a meek practice of creating and publishing unique and useful content. The purpose of this valuable practice is to build and strengthen relationships with the folks.

For building a successful, long-running business, online sellers use the content marketing tool. This is undoubtedly a long-term investment to make.

WooCommerce is built around the most popular publishing platform, i.e. WordPress, therefore this marketing strategy can be easily integrated. Ultimately you can build an online store with a built-in blog.

7. Thriving Community

WooCommerce for Ecommerce: 7 Super Features to Know NowSince the WordPress community is extended all across the globe, WooCommerce facilitates worldwide merchants. Most likely, thousands of this e-commerce platform users share their experiences and queries.

This shared experience benefits merchants to improve and progress efficiently. As an example, search for ‘WooCommerce Payment Gateway’ on Google. The former returns with countless links along with tutorials. Even the smallest issues faced by merchants are addressed.

Even if you have not started to make any money yet on this platform, there is an adequate number of tutorials available for assistance.

Accessible information can be proved valuable for users in different ways. The extensive WordPress family helps each other to grow and do a thriving business effortlessly.

Conclusion: Amazing WooCommerce features for Ecommerce

Creating an online store on any e-commerce platform is undoubtedly tricky. The seven features discussed above make WooCommerce the most friendly and compelling platform.

With a massive ecosystem of WooCommerce plugins, hosting, and themes to choose from, choosing WooCommerce provides a direct advantage for any e-commerce website if compared to other such platforms.

If compared to Shopify, WooCommerce with optimal user-friendly features wins the race.

Keeping in view these seven compelling features and the statistics of 2020, WooCommerce is here to stay for a decade. So you better choose wisely.

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