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How to Choose the Best Crypto Wallet For Your Digital Assets in 2021

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Cryptocurrencies have been around for years and continue to gain wider acceptance.

Most companies, like PayPal and Xbox Microsoft, accept payment in the form of digital assets. Traders can withdraw cryptocurrencies from crypto platforms and store them in a crypto wallet.

In addition to the choice of wallet, you also need to choose a secure exchange so that you can more easily manage your crypto investment portfolio. Let’s dig into everything you need to know about crypto wallets.

What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto or blockchain wallet is referred to as a digital wallet that lets investors store and manage their cryptocurrencies. It also allows transactions of cryptocurrencies and converts them to local currency. In simple terms, they keep your passwords and provide access to your cryptocurrency.

Unlike regular wallets, crypto wallets don’t store your assets. Your holdings are accessible through a private key.  This means that the private keys prove you are the owner and therefore allow you to make a transaction. So, if you lose your private key, you can’t access the money.

How does a crypto wallet work?

Choosing the Best Crypto Wallet For Digital Assets [2021]

Crypto wallet features a private key and public key or wallet address. A public key can be compared with a bank account number. Traders can share it with institutions or individuals to transfer or withdraw money from your account with your approval.

On the other hand, private keys are like your PIN or account password. Therefore, you can’t share it with anyone because they will have access to your account.

In addition, digital assets are not held in your wallet. Instead, the wallet holds the information about your ownership stake, public and private keys. These keys allow you to send or receive crypto when the private keys are encrypted.

Types of crypto wallets

The main types of crypto wallets are:

1. Hot wallets

Hot wallets are linked to the internet. They are more flexible because they allow users to access funds on the go. But they tend to be vulnerable. Hot wallets feature software wallets.

2. Cold wallets

Cold wallets are in physical form so they are not connected to the internet. This offers more security compared to hot wallets. Cold wallets feature hardware wallets and paper wallets.

In summary, large crypto holders are recommended to use these two kinds of wallets.  You can put more crypto in the cold purse and the rest in the hot wallet.

How do you cash out your crypto wallet?

Users can either cash out to another wallet in crypto or exchange peer-to-peer for fiat currency. Peer to peer means that you are changing your crypto assets to fiat currency (like the U.S. dollar).

The steps to cash out on different exchanges are different. How to reduce the fee charged for withdrawing depends on what platform you use.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest platforms out there, then Gate.io might be the best choice.

Gate.io wallet

Before you select a wallet provider, there are several factors to consider in order to keep your money safe. Gate.io is a trusted and reliable wallet provider. It offers wallets free of charge to any account holder.

Why choose Gate.io

  •   Secure: Security is the most important feature of any trading platform, seeing that one can lose their assets. Gate.io uses two-factor authentication designed to prevent traders from losing their account access to unauthorized personnel.
  •   Two types of wallets: Gate.io offers both types of crypto wallets. Users can have an ideal combination of cold and hot wallets on one platform.
  •   Easy to cash out: The process is simple and straightforward.
  •   Multiple assets: Operates globally over 6 million registered customers, and offering an ever-expanding range of coins (over 800 currencies and 1700 market pairs to be traded) 

How to register on Gate.io

How to register on Gate.io

Trading on Gate.io is very easy following these simple steps.

  • Deposit USD or crypto assets.
  • Choose a trading method, e.g. spot trading.
  • Select a pair, e.g. BTC/ETH.
  • Choose your preferred trading technique e.g. limit order or Grid trading.
  • Verify the price.
  • Enter the amount you want to spend.
  • Click buy. Congratulations on completing your first trade on Gate.io.

Final note

When you want cryptocurrency either by buying or receiving in currency exchange, you need a wallet. This is similar to using regular wallets to store physical money and credit cards.

Lastly, the safety measures that you take can make a big difference in keeping your assets safe. Here are few things to remember:

  •   Create strong passwords and update them regularly.
  •   Never share your private key.
  •   Use a wallet program that has two-factor authentication.
  •   Update your wallet frequently.

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