5 Tips and Tricks to Ace Your First Escape Room Game

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Written By Charlotte Lin

Are you a novice planning on having a good experience at your first escape room game? Are you competitive and want to emerge victorious from your first game?

Escape rooms can be entertaining and challenging at the same time. The unique ideology of these escape rooms is sufficiently enticing to draw players into their bemusing ambience. 

These baffling escape rooms are stacked up with enigma to trick your mind. Escape rooms are cherished by players as they are suitable for any age group as well as occasions.

Participants are fascinated by the massive amount of fun and tranquillizing adventure. These perplexing dungeons are specially curated for you to triumph in an extraordinary way. 

The contestants are intrigued by the magnificent thought process behind the mysterious illusions of these rooms. A feeling of amusement causes individuals to completely submerge in the paradox of escape games.

But, we can’t ignore the fact that barely half of the people who play these games are successfully able to comprehend their way out of it. One must have an appreciable puzzle illuminating abilities and impressive logical reasoning.

Record-Breaking Escape Room Experience: 5 Easy Tips

How do you prepare for the first escape room?

If you think you can challenge the quirky tricks of escape rooms, challenge your mental horizons today at your favourite escape room centre! 

If you desire to perform your absolute best on this escape room endeavour and bringing home the bacon is your ultimate goal then devising a fool-proof strategy is vital. Don’t stress! We have summarized the aptest tips and tricks to beat these spellbinding puzzles of escape rooms.

Here are five essential tips and tricks for a record-breaking escape room game experience for beginners.

Tip 1: Make an ideal team

Escape games are all about teamwork and coordination. Who you pick to be in your A-team, makes quite a difference in how well you play the game.

A great strategy would be to choose your best friends or your close colleagues at work. They are the people who fall into your age group and conversations with them are much simpler and hassle-free.  

Choosing people who have hands-on knowledge of various topics is also a powerful move. This would help you to crack the codes from different niches in no time. Utilizing your brainpower along with your friends would be incredibly helpful. Too many cooks spoil the broth! 

Therefore, avoid going for the maximum team size. Opting for a lesser number of people makes the whole ordeal less fussy and crowded. You definitely don’t want to listen to the tittle-tattle of your fellow players when you are in the middle of a brain-wrecking puzzle. 

Tip 2: Plan and separate  

One thing common in every escape game is the time limit. The time limit is usually 60 minutes at the dot and the clock is ticking away.

In order to utilize the little time, you have, select one person who is capable of leading everyone effectively. Huddle together and spend at least 2 to 3 minutes planning on who will search which part of the room.

A good leader will know how precious time is, so let everyone know that if you don’t finish it on time, you will be locked in the room forever! (not literally, hopefully!) Give your attention to your leader and let one person speak at a time. 

As soon as you are done with that, separate and search every nook and corner for possible clues. Divide and Conquer! This will help you in solving the mysteries before time while simultaneously enjoying the game.

However, if you cannot find anything in the area, don’t dwell in the same place. Move on! Make sure each one of you searches for a different place and doesn’t focus on one spot alone. This will create products and you won’t find yourself stuck. Just keep going! 

Record-Breaking Escape Room Experience: 5 Easy Tips

Tip 3: Speak up Communication is key.

When you acquire a potential clue or puzzle, shout out to everyone for a group meeting. Clues found in escape rooms are usually associated with the others, so tell them what you found and ask if they found anything related to it. If you found a puzzle that you are finding hard to decipher, let them know so that they can take over. 

Escape rooms not only encourage your teammates to have a voice but also increase trust and efficiency while working together.  At the same time, you also have to learn how to lend an ear.

Listen to what your teammates have to say and try to piece the available information together. No idea or thought is too small; tell them out loud and solve the puzzles together.  In the end, if you do not find a solution, disperse, and search again! Don’t give up! 

Tip 4: Compile clues  

Every clue or solved puzzle needs to be organized and managed. Stay focused and always be aware of your surroundings. It is necessary to look for clues in every potential corner because they can be hidden anywhere. Work together with umpteen attentiveness and if you manage to find a clue, always save it. 

For example, if you find a key that fits in a lock, keep it in there. This will prevent it from getting mixed with other keys. Ask your teammates to organize every puzzle into two categories; solved and unsolved. 

This will also avoid confusion and you will get more clarity as to what you should do next. And you are most likely to not find yourself around clues scattered everywhere. Every hint you find could be the key to the door that leads you to victory.

However, you should be able to recognize what isn’t a clue. Messing with power sockets and ceiling tiles will only lead you to dead ends or electric shocks!  

Tip 5: Ask for hints 

A game of escape is almost like the journey of life. There are always moments when you will feel stuck and nothing will seem to progress.

There will be a time during the game when you feel like Sherlock in you is fading away. That is when your game guide comes in handy! Every escape room game has a game guide, who is usually a member of the staff who monitors your team through a camera and microphone. 

These people are experts on the game and are always on your side. Do not hesitate to ask them for a hint and listen carefully. Try to understand where the game guide is directing you and your teammates.

If you intelligently analyze the guide’s hints, you’d undoubtedly find a silver lining. What they say could even help you win or unlock a new portion of the room, so stay alert!

Ace your first escape room games

Final Thought: Ace your first escape room games

In the end, whether you win or lose, it all breaks down to the time you spent in enjoyment. Winning is not everything but making the effort to win is.

It wouldn’t make any difference when you venture outside on the grounds, because you would have experienced a mindblowing adventure to its fullest alongside your group. Escape rooms keep you on your feet and undoubtedly, sometimes the experience can feel chaotic.

Alongside this puzzling aura, you’ll always be facilitated by the devoted and welcoming staff of escape rooms. They will guide you through any difficulties and assure you of the utmost solace.

Escape rooms are perfect for a family Get-Together, birthday celebration, or even team-building experiences. Their unique strategy focuses on effective communication skills. Thus, people are able to enjoy these dubious circumstances with anyone. 

You will find yourself running around like little chicks in search of food for thought. But that’s the best part! The adrenaline rush, the gentle panic, and the eagerness to solve the mystery with your best buds by your side is an experience you will not forget!

You will remember the adventure more than the prize you were aiming for. Try out an escape room for a time well spent!

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