The 10 best business ideas you keep glazing over

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Written By John Packham

Sometimes the hardest part about starting a business is actually coming up with the one out of the best business ideas you want to focus on.

Many entrepreneurs, or wannabe entrepreneurs, have great ideas but fail to execute on them in a way that brings them success. Many more entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs can’t come up with an idea they think is worthy of their time.

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Sometimes people get so caught up in one idea of the romantic notion of a business idea that they lose sight of other possibilities in their lives.

We’ve all heard the old saying:

“life is what happens when you are busy making plans.”

This is true in business too.

Many opportunities will pass people by while they are head-down and in the thick of trying to choose a business.

What if, instead of trying to launch the next Google, people looked closer to home to solve real problems?

10 best business ideas you keep glazing over

Here are ten of the best business ideas you keep glazing over because you are too busy looking for the pie in sky business ideas that the internet has told you to look for.

1. Doggy daycare

People love their dogs. People love their dogs more than other people sometimes.

Those dog lovers want their dogs to be looked after and cared for in a way that lets the owners go off to work and not have to worry about their furry friends.

With some indoor and outdoor space, and a little bit of startup cash, you can launch a doggy daycare in your hometown or city.

This is one of those businesses that can work in rural or urban settings because every dog owner wants their pet to be safe and socialize with other dogs.

2. Online magazine

If you like to read online content and like to send funny stories to your friends, you might consider starting an online magazine.

This is a great business idea for curating content – which is different than creating content.

Curating content means you gather content that already exists and organize it in a way that people find interesting. Many magazines do this or use variations of content to share with their audiences.

Online magazines are easy to start, and many people flock to them while enjoying their morning coffee.

3. Coffee shop

Sure, it’s been done to death, but people can’t get enough of their coffee. Throw in some tasty baked goods and an intimate seating area and you have yourself a pop-up coffee shop that will bring people to your door.

If you are avoiding a business idea because it’s been done a million times, take a second look: you could offer different kinds of coffee, specialty coffee or dessert coffees.

4. App consultant

You don’t actually need to know much about building apps to become a consultant. What you need is an eye for detail and solving problems.

Get yourself a web app or app developer and you can work together to build apps for small or local businesses in your area.

Don’t rule anyone out: every business has the need for an app.

One tip is to approach local flower shops. Sure, they are on the giant world wide web with floral networks, but a local flower shop might like to get a leg up on the competition by offering a gift app or a way to shop for local designs.

5. Tutoring service

Kids are struggling more than ever in school and parents are at a loss when it comes to helping them.

If you are good in certain subjects you could start a tutoring business.

Want to go bigger than just one-on-one?

Consider opening an after-school tutoring business that acts as both child care and tutoring lessons. Kids might hate extended school, but parents will love the convenience and added value.

6. Painting business

Sometimes the simplest idea is the best. Many entrepreneurs are looking for the next big thing while their neighbor strains themselves to get on a ladder to paint their ceiling.

There are business opportunities all around us. We just need to be open to looking for them. Some painters charge up to $500 a floor or $200 per room.

It’s lucrative. You get to be your own boss, and you’ll get lots of physical activity.

7. Cupcakes and cakes

Never underestimate the public’s obsession with cakes and cupcakes. If there’s room for one cupcake shop in town, you better believe there is room for two. Competition is great for everyone, including the public. If baking is your passion, strap on the apron and get to work.

8. Corporate catering

Nearly every restaurant in town offers a catering service, but are they reaching out to the corporate offices?

Who is bringing lunch to the mayor on a regular basis?

Who is serving the law firms and the consulting agencies?

If you think that another catering service is probably serving them, think again. Many opportunities go unnoticed, even by existing businesses, so don’t assume anything.

Always be willing to offer a service, even if others are doing the same thing. You might do it better, faster, and more affordably than them. Plus, who doesn’t love options when it comes to catering at work?

9. Senior living

With the aging population not getting any younger, the need for high quality senior living facilities is only growing. If you have good operational skills and can run a large team, consider helping your community by building a senior living facility.

Sure, it’s a lot of money to get started, but you can rent rooms before they are built to help you curb the cost of starting up.

10. Training company

Got mad skills in communication or leadership? Why not start a company offering your expertise to people looking to have mad skills too?

Training companies are popping up all over the world at alarming rates, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering the field for yourself. You have different skills than other people, and you have a lot of talent to share. If you think there are people who could benefit from what you know, give it a whirl.

You never know where it could end up taking you and your business.

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