The Pros and Cons of Online Essay Writing Jobs

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Many people are now moving into freelancing or working from home. Some companies are making their jobs more flexible for their workers by allowing them to work from anywhere. 

Employees can also use their spare time to earn extra income. One of the ways to increase earning is by accepting essay writing jobs. 

Essay writing jobs involve writing about different topics in any education field. Most essays are argumentative and your job as an essay writer is to either support or refute the given argument.

Essay writing jobs require extensive research to get the required knowledge about the subjects. An essay writer must be willing to consult different sources so as to have enough information to support or refute the argument.

A great essay will contain three parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion. The topic will be discussed using simple words that are easy to read and understand. Generally, short sentences are preferred for long ones.

If you are planning to go into online essay writing, it is the right decision. You can get paid to write essays online and also build a profitable career in the online essay writing industry. There are many reputable sites on the internet.

However, just like in any business, there are advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind the following pros and cons while doing online essay writing jobs.

Pros of online essay writing jobs

The Pros and Cons of Online Essay Writing Jobs

1. You are the boss

Yes, and yes, the job gives you enough time to choose the time to work. You are not under any annoying boss. You are your boss!

You wake up when you want, select the job you want to work on, and do it according to your schedule. You don’t have anyone pestering you with calls and threats of taking money out of your paycheck. 

2. Your work anywhere

Online essay writing jobs allow you to work from anywhere as long as you have your laptop with you. You do not suffer limitations by ethnicity or place of residence.

If you can do a good job, you will have enough jobs to keep you busy for as long as you want. You can work from your home, office and even on vacation. That means making money on the go.

3. You work at your own time

Since people are different, not everyone works efficiently during a particular time of the day. While some are more productive in the morning, others prefer afternoon or night time. Professional academic services, like an essay writing company,, allow you to choose the time of the day of your choice.

Most websites give room for jobs to fit into their writers’ schedules. You may use your spare time to look after your kids or visit a next-door neighbor. 

4. You save gas money. 

Calculate how much you spend on gas driving to and from work each day, and you will discover close to $500 per month. That is a lot of money! Essay writing jobs help you cut down on the gas, and the extra saving can go into other things. 

5. Your skills improve

Most online essay writing websites select the best writers to join their team. If you are good at research, grammar and able to avoid plagiarism, you will get good job offers.

Once you are in, you learn from different kinds of work that come your way. In that process, you gain more experience, hone your skills and become a better essay writer. 

Cons of online essay writing jobs

1. Your income is flexible

For regular paid jobs, you get a fixed income every month. But the income that comes from doing online work is not permanent. The more you work, the more you earn and the higher your monthly income.

Added to that, some clients or sites delay payment until they check and confirm the quality of the work. You will have to wait for the process to be over before receiving payment. 

2. You meet difficult clients

Some writers talk about their experiences with demanding clients or sites. Some jobs are complicated and need extra care in handling them.

Any mistakes can lead to the cancellation of the contract or possible pay cut. These things can cause discouragement and issues between you and the client. 

3. You don’t have free time

Yes, the idea of having time is just theoretical. In the real sense, you may end up working round to clock to deliver a project on time.

This can affect your usual yearly vacation or time spent with kids and the elderly. Unless you learn how to manage your time, you will hardly have enough time to rest in-between projects. 

4. You get distracted a lot

Working in an office has an advantage that working from home does not have. While essay writing jobs are rewarding, you may not have the perfect environment to carry out every project.

You will need a lot of discipline to look after the kids, attend to house chores and retain your day job. If you are the type that likes visiting the refrigerator or watching TV, you will have a hard time completing an assignment. 

Working online has a lot of amazing benefits, from having enough time for your family to deciding your workflow.

However, there are times when you will have lots of deadlines and plenty of workloads that would overwhelm you in the long run.  

Online essay writers are reliable because they offer flexible options and are always ready to handle your project. Thus, the benefit of working online obviously outweighs the disadvantages.

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