13 Profitable Business Ideas You Never Would Have Thought About

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When it comes to choosing a business idea to pursue, the process can certainly be overwhelming. The options are ultimately endless, and some individuals may want to choose something a little more exciting than the traditional routes.

Picking a unique business type has many advantages and can actually be better for you in the long run. While they can take more work in the beginning, once established, you have the opportunity to generate a great income while enjoying yourself.

In this article, we are going to take a look at thirteen profitable business ideas you never would have thought about. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading!

1. Carnivals and Fairs

If you’ve been to a carnival or fair before, then you probably know how busy it can get. With long lines that can take up to an hour to get through, it makes sense that they are one of the most profitable businesses.

In fact, they can pull in hundreds and thousands of dollars, and the more you invest in new rides and attractions, the more potential there is to grow. 

To get started, there are a lot of different things to consider. From getting wholesale stuffed animals for prizes to hiring rides, employing staff, and organizing food trucks. It is a lot of work, but at the end of the day, it is certainly worth it.

2. Cat Café

cat cafeMade popular in Japan, Cat Café combines these wonderful furry pets with coffee, tea, and treats.

Over the past years, they have become extremely popular across the world, allowing individuals to relax, unwind, and play with the gorgeous kitties.

For such a business, the start-up costs are quite significant. Not only are you setting up a proper café, but you need to be able to have a safe area for the cats while caring for them.

Alongside this, the hygiene and safety standards also need to be taken very seriously.

3. Escape Room

For centuries, humans have loved solving puzzles and riddles. Escape rooms offer an interactive experience for groups and couples, unlike anything else. With themed room designs and unique problems, it is certainly a business that has much potential.

If you are interested, it can be wise to have a background in design first. Over time, you may need to develop new themes and ideas to continue drawing in guests.  

4. Party Character Hire

A unique business idea for students that don’t require high start-up cost is to consider lending out services as popular characters for children’s parties and events. It’s easy to get started, and once you’ve got your costume sorted, you can begin to advertise around your local community. 

If things start to go well, you can then think about employing some help so that you can hit multiple parties and generate a more significant profit. From fairy tale princesses to movie characters and clowns, it is perfect for those that love children. Some people even become professional mermaids!

6. Glamping

Glamping, also known as glamourous camping, is an activity that lets individuals explore the outdoors in absolute comfort. It is becoming an increasingly popular accommodation choice, and as a business, it can generate a major profit.

To get started, you need to be able to gain permission to set up on land and have to purchase your tents/supplies. Remember, the key is to think about luxury. Most dome kits come with floors, insulation, fan systems, and stoves, but it is up to you to decorate accordingly.

7. Rage Room

Certainly, one of the most interesting ideas on the list, rage rooms are a space that allows individuals to let out their emotions. Full of breakable objects, groups or sole individuals can go in and smash away till their heart is content. However, because this can be quite dangerous, there are many expenses you need to consider.

Things like liability insurance, storage, and replacing objects each day can all add up. However, with careful budgeting, it can bring in a great income.

8. Pet Hotel

When owners go away, the most popular place to put them is in a pet kennel. However, some individuals worry about this, as they fear it is not safe enough. So, what is the solution? Pet Hotels. Offering comfortable accommodation, with grooming, toys, treats, and outside time, these facilities are starting to take off.

While this type of business costs less than a human hotel, it still requires a significant start-up cost. Equipment, facilities, permits, and land costs are all things you’ll need to take into consideration. 

9. Treehouse Builder is a Profitable Business

tree house builderLove construction but want to specialize in something different?

An exciting and desired idea is to become a treehouse builder. Custom luxury treehouses can be worth a lot of money, with some costing over a million dollars!

If you’ve seen the show Treehouse Masters, then you know how beautiful they can be. However, you can start things off simple and build your way up to larger models. After all, it does take experience! 

10. Specialized Clean-up Committee 

Cleaning businesses are known to be extremely profitable, but it is possible to narrow them down to an interesting niche.

For example, certain companies focus solely on crime scene clean-ups, parties, or even hoarding situations. Having an area that you specialize in can make you stand out from competitors and allows you to charge more than regular home services.

11. Arcades is a Profitable Business

Like the sound or a carnival but want to stick to one location? Why not consider starting an arcade?

Claw machines, pinball, air hockey, and bowling. Arcades are one of the most profitable businesses out there and will maintain their popularity for years to come. 

Like most ides on this list, they take a lot to set up since you have to pay for all the machines individually. However, within months, you can easily make back what you spent. Alongside this, the more machines you invest in, the bigger your earning potential. 

12. Vintage Toy Store

Vintage toys are an incredible collector’s item, and while it can be challenging to set up a business of this nature, it can be one of the most rewarding.

You need to be able to find and locate these rare items in order to get started, so it can be worth setting up a small online business before moving on to a physical store. Other similar ideas could include priceless art, vintage decor, or even movie memorabilia. 

13. Summer Camp is a Profitable Business

Last, on the list, another great idea for those that love children is to consider opening a summer camp. With fun activities and opportunities for friendship-building, more and more parents are sending their children every year. This means you can generate a significant income.

However, one of the biggest disadvantages of this business is that they are only in operation during a specific period. That being said, it is possible to get around it. When not in use for children, you may decide to host corporate events such as team-building games, etc. 

And that is it! These are the thirteen profitable business ideas that you never would have thought about. While some of them certainly are a bit wild and wacky, sometimes, the best and most promising and profitable business ideas are! 

What do you think? Would you be interested in trying one of these profitable businesses out?

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