Top 7 Costly Beauty Salon Business Mistakes that Can Lead to A Big Time Loss

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Written By Paul Matthes

It is a constant reminder to ourselves that one should keep the best foot forward while starting a new business.

Without fearing the failure, one should make the best possible efforts in making a fresh start into the salon business.

It is pretty okay to make your share of mistakes while you land up in an uncharted terrain of beauty salon business, but committing some major ones can cost you big time. 

It is a booming industry that generated an annual revenue of $20 billion and is expected to make around $58.7 billion in 2019.

One would be overwhelmed with the number of beauty salon entrepreneurs in the UK itself, which is around 42,098 as per the report.

Don’t you think that a single mistake in this rapidly growing business will lead to massive non-potential outcomes?

Well, if you are planning to launch your first store in the state, market research is the first thing that you should be doing to know your competitors and the audience. 

Then after, you will get a direction to flow and market the salon service in the prospective area aggressively.

However, you need to take mindful steps at the beginning of the services and not make any unwise decision, which stops your business from flourishing.

When you make mistakes, you learn from them, too, but the common business mistakes listed below would save you a penny.

And each penny matters a lot for a new business, isn’t it? 

Keep reading to know the common mistakes that need to be avoided while starting up your own beauty salon business

Mistake 1: Not drafting a beauty salon business plan

A business plan is a road map that guides you for the next steps in the business.

It covers everything from the launching strategies to marketing strategies and is an important element of any business.

It allows you to keep track of records and steps taken for the business to move ahead in the game. 

The business plan covers everything under its umbrella, from the funding, resources, and the expected business expenditure. It also includes troubleshooting methods for the salon business.

Imagine not having this important document drafted for starting a salon business. Big Loss, indeed!

Mistake 2: Overlooking the beauty salon design and interiors

Top 7 Costly Beauty Salon Business Mistakes that Can Lead to A Big Time Loss

Customers want to relax from the daily humdrum by opting for a spa or massage service.

They look forward to an amicable environment where they can easily adjust themselves and enjoy the services.

If the beauty salon furniture, be it a salon couch or the reception desk, fails to impress them at the very first impression, they would probably drop the plan of getting the treatment done. 

Another important aspect that impresses them is the interiors of the salon. The interior should be luxurious and refreshing at the same time.

The walls should be nicely decorated, and the lights should create the perfect ambiance of the service.

Ensure that the beauty salon looks sophisticated, and the salon furniture color matches the wall decors. 

Mistake 3: Not knowing where to source for funding

We all know that without funding, you just can not start a new business. Hence, it is imperative for you to decide and know the funding amount and sources too.

Figure out whether you want to borrow it from the bank or want to go for team investors. Get a clear picture of the expenses and amount you need beforehand to start the venture.

Mistake 4: Not hiring an accountant

There would be thousands of things that you would be juggling for starting up the business. In this hustle, do you think you would be able to keep track of the expenses and the revenues?

Therefore hiring a professional accountant who manages the expenses is the need of the hour for any business.

They would be responsible for taking care of the taxes and any legal issues which may arise (possibly not) in the future. 

Mistake 5: Choosing the wrong location

Would you dare to start a salon in the location which already has big brands like Lakme and Loreal salons?

It would be the biggest mistake of all time to start the salon service in an area where your competitors already have grabbed the highest bunch of audience.

Additionally, there are certainly other factors that play a major role in attracting a good amount of traffic. 

Factors like enough parking space, maximum visibility, posh location with a good crowd, local markets nearby, etc. attract the customers the highest.

Therefore depending on the demographic study of your target audience, choose the location wisely that can produce more customers in the salon.

You will make a better footfall if you pay attention to grabbing the best location for opening a beauty salon. 

Mistake 6: Not buying high-tech and high-quality beauty salon equipment

Starting from the basics, even a salon trolley plays a significant role in giving flexibility to the working professionals.

If they are at ease, the services are given in a defined and appropriate manner.

When you choose a niche of services provision, it is important for you to make a difference in providing beauty treatment. 

For this, you would need to purchase the latest trending salon equipment, massage couches for spa, pedicure chairs and many more equipment and pieces of furniture that are responsible for giving the ultimate comfort to the audience. 

Hence from the funding that you have kept aside, consider this expenditure too in the list for buying the latest equipment that will take the salon at par. 

Mistake 7: Not hiring professional staff

Seldom ignored, but not hiring the right staff that can take good care of the customers is the mistake that one could ill-afford.

You need to ensure that the staff is qualified for the service, has a good experience, well-dressed, looks attractive and has a pleasing personality that impresses the customers.

Many times, looking at the staff, many customers willingly come for the treatment repeatedly.

A friendly one who pays attention to the client’s requirement is always preferred over the stubborn dresser in the salon.

These are the major mistakes that one should avoid starting the beauty salon.

You need to devote yourself to running the business successfully in the market.

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