30 interesting insurance facts that can save your business

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interesting insurance facts

Insurance is a known term for every one of us. It has made our life easy. But we never look into who came up with this idea. Over 350 years back, the great fire of London destroyed almost the whole city, but that incident led us to an era of insurance policy about fire and houses.

Where the need for insurance is constant, the policy differs in every country. People insure their body parts and what not. Here are few interesting insurance facts from around the globe.

Fun insurance facts

1. People who like football or don’t, know who David Beckham is, but little do they know about his foot insurance. You read it right, David Beckham’s feet are insured at $35 million EACH! Well, he is worth every dime.

2. But Singer Mariah Carey thinks. Otherwise, she thinks her legs are far more valuable than any of those footballers, Mr. Beckham included. Her legs are insured $1 billion. Maybe she is right; we are not here to judge.

3. Mariah Carey cared less about her voice than her legs, but Musician Bruce Springsteen is all about his voice. So he has insured his voice for $3.5 million.

4. A superstar from India has insured and copyrighted his voice.So, for anyone planning to mimic him; I just want you to stop right there. You do not want your big bucks going mate!

5. There was a case of murder reported, when a father poisoned his son on Halloween by giving him a poisoned candy for the sake of insurance money. I must be careful around my siblings now, JK!

6. In 2003, Pepsi ran a campaign with the name of sweetstakes; the winning price was $1 billion. But little did people know they had filled insurance for $10 million in case someone actually wins it.

7. I have known people who love their private entities but not that much. Singer Dolly Parton insured her breasts for $600,000. Get out of my way; one more insurance is coming.

8. The top model Claudia Schiffer loves her face to extend that she insured her face at $5 million.

9. Back in the early 20s, Ben Turpin insured his eyes at $20,000. It was quite a sum back then.

10. I was saving this one for the last. Rocker David Lee Roth has insured his sperm at the rate of a million dollar. So if you are planning to claim paternal charges against him, the insurance company will cover his bills.

Informative insurance facts

11. There are two sorts of insurance, life, and property. Life insurance deals with the long-term insurance of a person`s life, while property insurance is renewed every year.

12. Architects and people from medicine usually insure themselves with professional liability insurance. They claim it when any of them client accuse them of neglecting.

13. A French man, Max Herve, might end up being the owner of an insurance company because of an unusual insurance agreement. He can trade on previous week`s stock rates because of his insurance contract.

14. Our heroes from Apollo were not able to get through the insurance policies but they insured their autographs. They thought in case of their death the amount of their signed autograph will boom.

15. After the 9/11 incident, people started insuring their property under the title of “terrorism insurance” to insure their property in case of any mishap.

16. In Japan, the company is entitled to pay your family, your insurance money even if you commit suicide. This is one of the reasons for increased suicide rate in Japan.

17. In 1706, Amicable Society for a Perpetual Office was founded in London. It was the first insurance company to offer life insurance.

18. Around 2500 BC the Chinese and Babylonian traders used the method of transferring or distributing risk as the earliest form of insurance

19. Sony is known for its electronic devices while but its insurance division makes more cash than its electronics division.

20. Did you know that the United States celebrate the car insurance day every year on the first of February?

Acknowledging and interesting insurance facts

21. Now about some humanity from Turkey. The Turkish government tried to recover the life insurance of the people turkey killed during the Armenian Genocide. They argued that those people have no heirs that could be identified.

22. Aflac, an American company, has been rated to be the most ethical insurance firm from past seven years. Way to go Aflac!

23. The Starbucks America spends more on the health insurance than that of the investment on their coffee beans.

24. In this insane time of insecurities and disloyalties, the engagement ring is becoming virginity insurance for the bride. The policy is, if the groom hurts the bride to be or leave her for any reason, the engagement ring will act as insurance.

25. The state of Netherland ensures that every living body in their jurisdiction has health insurance. The premium of the insurance does not depend on the age of the individual but the income.

26. It was becoming a common practice in Iran to sell out their kidneys for cash. The government eliminated the transplant waiting list to fight this scenario.

27. When listing the top five least expensive car insurance companies, these will be the names you will find. Massachusetts, North Carolina, Hawaii, Alaska, and Oregon.

28. Since 1975. Hawaii has made its employers pay for the health insurance of their employees who work for 20 hours or more in a week.

29. Remember that Microsoft’s icon? That blue sky and green, grassy, hilly picture? Well, Microsoft wanted the original film of it, but when the courier company realized how risky it was without insurance, they denied the delivery. Charles O’Rea had to deliver that thing to the office personally. Thank you, sir! You gave our children a beautiful image.

30. There are few are insurances which provide special insurances for female drivers. Like coverage of stolen purse or roadside assistance. Thank you for making our life easy you guys!

These are some of the many interesting insurance facts that would help you know more about how people take insurance policies around the globe.

Insurance policies are considered to safeguard you when you need it the most. But for few people out there it is best short-term investment. They scam for quick earning, but that is not how you are supposed to work.