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How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Business: A Guide for Marketers

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Written By Alice Herman

The hashtags have become an integral part of the social media ecosystem with billions of social users using these hashtags actively with the content they share or explore. 

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for hashtag usage and marketing activities by brands. 

But why are Instagram hashtags so important or why is their importance constantly rising among the marketers and brands?

Well! There are many reasons and benefits of Instagram hashtags in marketing for businesses.

So, we have compiled a blog that will perfectly highlight the importance of Instagram hashtags for businesses. 

What are hashtags?

A hashtag is generally a keyword or phrase that is prefixed with the hashtag sign “#” and is available on social media platforms. 

The hashtags work as identifiers or tagging elements so when attached with a piece of content, it provides an identity to that content based on its category, theme, vibe, user feeling, or any other aspect. 

The hashtags also allow the users to find and explore the content they are looking for through searching the relevant hashtags. The hashtag search provides the right content discovery. 

Why Instagram is crucial for marketers?

Instagram is one of the leading and most popular social media platforms among the users and brands with over a billion monthly active users and half a billion daily active users. 

Not just that but this huge user base has also attracted over 25 million active brands on Instagram with opportunities to attract, engage, and convert this massive audience into customers. 

Instagram as a platform is aesthetically pleasing and attractive with many marketing possibilities for the brands & marketers to reach their audience. 

Hashtags are also most perfectly used by Instagram users to sort and categorize their content. So, Instagram hashtags become a hub of opportunities for brands and marketers to drive growth and success. 

Here are some of the best ways Instagram hashtags can help you create a successful marketing campaign and brand growth. 

How to use Instagram hashtags for marketing

There are many reasons and benefits of Instagram hashtags in marketing for businesses. So, we have compiled a blog that will perfectly highlight the importance of Instagram hashtags for businesses.1. Create your brand hashtag

The first & foremost step to start with Instagram hashtags is to create your unique brand hashtag, for example, Apple has #ShotOniPhone or Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke, etc. ]

Your brand hashtag can be anything that is unique to your brand name or campaign name or phrase that can be easily related to your brand by the users.

Using this brand hashtag for a long-time will help you create a unique identity through hashtags that users can easily search for and find your brand.

2. Use relevant hashtags

Not just the brand hashtags but it is essential that you use relevant and useful hashtags along with the content that you share on Instagram.

These relevant hashtags can be from the same category as your business industry. 

Having relevant hashtags according to your content and your brand will allow easy content discoverability by the users.

These hashtags have been in existence for a longer period of time and users have been following these hashtags to explore content. 

Avoid using irrelevant hashtags as they can result in brand identity issues and spammy marketing among the users. 

3. Research the trends 

The crucial part of any marketing strategy is to know beforehand that what is trending in the marketplace or among the audience.

Similarly, you can research the hashtags for likes and content trends on Instagram using analytics. 

The trends research will show the most beneficial hashtags that you can use with your content to get maximum reach, exposure, and user engagement.

The research will also help you identify niche hashtags for targeting a specific group of target users. 

4. Hashtag marketing tool

There are various hashtag marketing and tracking tools available at your disposal and these tools can help in increasing your reach, engagement, and thereby conversion possibilities. 

A tool like a UGC platform can help you track the performance of Instagram hashtags and also collect & curate content from Instagram relating to hashtags into a feed. 

You can then display Instagram hashtag feed on channels like websites, events, outdoor advertising, emails, ads, etc. The tools also come with many customizations, moderations, and branding opportunities.

5. Use hashtag in stories

Instagram stories have worked like a revolution into user engagement with the content as these stories have comparatively higher engagement than the feed content. 

So, you can use hashtags in the stories as well and that will enhance the reach of your content. Also, sharing stories with brand hashtags can provide exposure to your brand to a wide audience. 

Stories will also provide you an opportunity to analyze and evaluate what hashtags perform best for your audience. 

6. Address topical and communicational hashtags

It is important to address the usual and communicational hashtags as they are highly used by the users. Topical hashtags like if someone is talking about the #mondaymotivation or #summerfashion, etc.

Also, communicational hashtags such as where the hashtags encourage communication between two or more people like #LivechatwithXYZ or #AMAWithme, etc. 

Along with that, you can address the platform relevant hashtags like #Instagood or #Instawork or other related hashtags. All these will help in steering the audience towards your brand. 

7. Ask influencers to share your hashtags

Influencers are extremely popular on social media platforms and especially on Instagram.

Brands and marketers often resort to influencers for promotions as they have massive loyal followings and engagement rates. 

So you should seek help from the relevant influencers in your Instagram marketing and also integrate your hashtags with it so that your hashtags will get exposure to new audiences that will be steered towards your business. 


These were some of the best ways to use Instagram hashtags for your brand building and boosting your growth.

It isn’t necessary that you leverage all of these ideas, but you can use the most suitable ones that align with your goals. 

Hashtag marketing tools can also help you take advantage of these hashtags beyond Instagram yet drive your brand success and results.

So, get started now to see how you can benefit from these ideas to magnify your Instagram influence and business ROI.

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