What Are the Unique Challenges of Medical Logistics Today?

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

One of the most significant issues a lot of people end up facing in the healthcare logistics industry is how they approach things. They end up approaching things very similar to how they would approach a tech company’s supply chain. This isn’t something you can do.

The intricacies of the medical supply chain completely change how you need to approach things as they have their requirements, demands, and standards.

To effectively approach the differences in the medical logistics, you need to factor in the end product itself. The end product of the various supply chains is the product itself. When it comes to a medical supply chain, that is not entirely true.

It is not true at all. It is the patient. Because of this, there is a lot more at stake when it comes to ensuring everything is running smoothly. Thus, the logistics company you end up choosing is even more important in the healthcare industry. 

Whenever you are looking to choose a company for your lab, practice, or hospital, you’ll want to keep an eye on some of the qualities mentioned below. That way, you can improve your chances of finding the right logistics company.

Advanced Technology

1. Advanced Technology

As the industry itself continues to thrive, there is only more advancement in technology. Because of this, you need to take steps to ensure your supply chain is keeping up with the fast-paced industry and its relative demands.

You need to select a company that understands the space, updates its technology, and does things to remain far ahead of the competition. Lab Logistics is a company you can count on to do exactly that.

We use the best-in-class technology in the logistics industry including barcode scanning to a fully customized dispatch software. They fully understand that to offer their clients the best possible service in the medical industry, they need to continue to adapt to the changes in the space and continually reinvest to improve their tech. 

2. Scalability

A lot of hospital systems and various healthcare establishments cover a very large area. Some of them span from one coast to the other.

Whenever you are choosing a logistics company to support the establishment, you need to think about how you plan to grow both now and in the future. You want a company that can scale with you. Lab Logistics is a company that has continued to leverage its years of experience working in the industry to offer a courier system that operates nationwide.

Lab Logistics has a national presence and a wide-ranging fleet to ensure its clients can seamlessly grow without having to worry about spending too much money on scaling. 

3. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the main things you want to do when you are looking to choose a supply chain company that can help is to find one that does things in the most cost-effective way possible. This is the best way to save money on your logistics.

You want a company that is efficient and cost-effective. The industry is very costly and it is always good to find areas you can cut costs. One of the best ways for a medical company to do so without sacrificing quality is through better logistics.

Lab Logistics is a company that helps to save its clients as much as 40 per cent on their courier costs while maintaining a 98.5 per cent on-time delivery rate.

4. Personalization

The entire industry is both sensitive and very important. Because of the end product being a patient and because of the nature of what’s being transported, it is essential to find one that fully understands the implications.

When it comes to Lab Logistics, personalization is prioritized. They not only give every client a team of professionals that understand the needs of your business, but they also ensure you get a dedicated dispatcher too.

You will get a team of experienced couriers who are fully compliant with all necessary regulations. They will continue to monitor your operation, figure out inefficiencies, and resolve them. 

5. Better Control

All of the stuff being transported in the industry is important and a lot of the specimen or information is time-sensitive. You want to have complete control over everything being transported because of this.

We know and understand that control is a complete requirement. This is why they offer all of their clients as much control as possible throughout the entire delivery process. You get dedicated and advanced courier tracking technology that is built into the system.

You will have the precise ability to control the route tracking through barcode scanning and GPS. You will use the innovative software to track everything and have real-time data on where your packages are located at all times.

How to find the right healthcare logistics company?

How to find the right healthcare logistics company?

When you are looking to choose a healthcare logistics company for your lab, practice, or hospital, here are some of the qualities you should take note of:

  • Advanced technology.
  • Scalability.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Personalization.
  • Better control.

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