Creating a Family-Friendly Vacation Rental? 4 Effective Ways to Bigger Profit

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Summer is coming, and as the kids are finishing up another school year, parents begin to plan for the annual family getaway. Summer is one of the busiest times for travel, and if you own a vacation rental property, you have most likely been preparing for an onslaught of renters to come through your house this season. 

While you have done everything in your power to make sure your rental property is clean and welcoming, have you considered whether it is family-friendly? There are plenty of options for rentals with Airbnb and VRBO, and millions of families per year rent out a vacation home.

What can you do to set your rental property apart and make it more appealing to families with children? 

Well, the truth of the matter is that some properties just aren’t designed with kids in mind. Some properties have specific amenities and features made just for an enjoyable adult vacation, and that is okay. But when getting involved in real estate investing, you can’t deny the fact that there is a very large market for family-friendly vacation properties too.

So a simple vacation rental loan will get you the funds you need to purchase the perfect family-friendly vacation rental you want.

But until you find that perfect property you want, let’s explore some creative ideas to make your current real estate investment more family-friendly and attract comfortable and happy renters all summer long! 

1. Optimize Your Space

Creating a Family-Friendly Vacation Rental? 4 Ways to ProfitFamilies are likely choosing your vacation rental property over a hotel because they need more space to spread out.

Make it worth your while by optimizing your space and investing in extra sleeping options. A Murphy bed, sofa bed, or trundle would make a great addition to your vacation home without taking up unnecessary space or adding unsightly bunk beds. 

Show families, you have their needs in mind by making the most of your space and you’ll be sure to rake in the rave reviews this summer!

2. Prioritize Safety

A great way to ensure your rental property is family-friendly is to prioritize safety. Make sure everything in your building is up-to-date, appliances are working well, and locks are new and functional.

Make a family’s day by highlighting safety features in your listing such as child safety locks, electrical socket covers, or pool gates. Always set some money aside each year to prepare for regular wear-and-tear, minor repairs, or additions you may want to make. 

When you are buying a house, you must prioritize your finances and set aside money to prepare for any vacancies, repairs, and renovations you may need to pay for throughout the year.

If you are struggling with your finances during any time in the process, apply for an investment property loan to get your financial goals back on track. It is more costly than you may think to keep your vacation home safe, modern, and up-to-date for both yourself and your guests.

Having an expert help you with a financial plan can make all the difference!

3. Invest In Kid-Friendly Extras

Families will be sure to click “book now” when they see that you have kid-friendly extras made for family fun!

If you have a beach house, include chairs, towels, umbrellas, life jackets, or perhaps some toys for the kids. When they browse your listing, families can imagine their little ones playing with pool floats, frisbees, and water pistols while they relax poolside.

Bonus points if you add technology to make your home a smart home or create a game room! Big families choosing a house over a hotel are going to have a lot of kids to entertain on a rainy day. If you don’t have access to technology or an extra room for a big foosball or air hockey table, consider leaving some board games or coloring books. 

4. Offer Suggestions For Family-Friendly Fun

Creating a Family-Friendly Vacation Rental? 4 Ways to ProfitFeel free to leave some suggestions on the fridge for family activities! After a long travel day, your guests will appreciate a note with some suggestions for food and relaxation. Parks, movie theaters, or bowling alleys are all fun local attractions that your guests might enjoy.

Offering up some ideas for family fun will personalize your guests’ experience in your vacation rental and maximize their fun! Bonus points if you compile your suggestions into an aesthetically pleasing welcome pamphlet or coffee table book!

On vacation, parents want to kick back and relax in the knowledge that their children are safe, comfortable, and happy. Encourage more families with children to visit your vacation rental home this year by investing in safety, prioritizing family fun, and adding a few kid-friendly extras to your vacation rental property!

And, of course, if your property isn’t designed with kids in mind, you can always create an additional stream of income and invest in a vacation property specifically designed with in-demand family-friendly features.

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