9 Tips to Make Your House a Smart Home Today

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

The early 2000s introduced us to numerous advancements in technology that has changed our homes. These innovations have made our lives so much better. Since then numerous tech trends have started. One of which is smart homes.

Smart homes refer to modern residences that use technology to automate tasks that humans normally do. They are equipped with electronic devices and appliances that can be controlled via voice command, mobile applications, or artificial intelligence. This kind of revolutionary technology allows you to experience both luxury and state-of-the-art functionality.

As these technological breakthroughs continue to progress, the more we will be able to tap into a better quality of life. If you are eyeing transforming your home into a smart one, here is a closer look at the things you can gain.

What are the benefits of a smart home?

Transforming your humble abode into a high-tech one can be a bit intimidating. Some find it overwhelming and there are others who worry about their budget.

True enough, this kind of adjustment for your home doesn’t come for free. But, it is worth investing in as it can bring you so many benefits.

1. Home Security

Even if many are stuck in their homes because of the pandemic, the police still saw a spike in housebreaking incidents. It is said that a burglary happens every 25.7 seconds. But no one should experience this. Our home is where we should all feel safe.

With a smart home, there is not much to worry about. Home security is one of the benefits that you can enjoy when you convert your home into a smart one. With this, you can connect motion detectors to your home network, automated door locks, CCTVs, and more that will enhance your security remotely.

You can also choose to receive alerts on your devices. Even when you are away, this technology even lets you monitor the activities in your home in real-time.

Regardless of what time of the day it is and no matter where you are in the world, having a smart home ensures that your family is secured.

2. Entertainment

Going for a Smart Home? 9 Benefits of Going For One TodayAfter a long day, there is no place we’d rather be than in our home. Here, we have nearly everything that will help us relax and enjoy the rest of our day. But with a smart home, everything is much more relaxing and convenient.

Once you get home, you don’t have to worry about finding the light switch, remote, etc. to control your appliances as you can already control all of them from a single screen.

You can also play your favorite podcasts, music, audiobooks, and more. No need to get up and exert effort, right?

Family bondings will never be the same again when you have a smart home. With this, you can enjoy a better movie experience with your family. Plus, virtual assistants can even host various games for you and your family.

From quizzes to even an escape room type of game, there sure is a game for everyone in the family to enjoy, especially now that we are often stuck in our homes.

3. General Appliances

The general appliances in a smart home can make every chore simpler and convenient too. The smart appliances for the kitchen alone can make you gain a lot in your every task, making you feel like you are living like the Jetsons.

For instance, there are touch-screen toasters that feature smart cooking sensors, which will give you the perfect toasts; there are also ovens you can control from your phone, so you won’t burn your pastries; there is a smart-touch screen range hood with a built-in cooking app; and even a refrigerator with a tablet screen where you can even watch YouTube videos. These appliances will help you finish your tasks faster and more accurately.

What is even better is that smart technology is only growing from this point forward. Who knows what other general appliances are going to get improved within the coming years. The goal of these tech giants is to make life easier through smart technology. In time, more general appliances will have the right upgrades.

4. Lighting and temperature control

According to a study, TV viewers spend two weeks of their life looking for the remote. Losing remote controls is annoying. Instead of enjoying your free time, you’d likely spend more time looking for the remote. But with a smart home, you won’t need to.

Smart appliances, lightings, and thermostats don’t need remote controls. You can easily control them on your smartphones. You can also control them through voice commands. Some have motion sensors and can be activated with a clap. With a smart home, you’ll never have to worry about losing your remote.

With smart home features, you also don’t have to adjust the thermostat on your own. Smart thermostats can adjust their temperature when your home is occupied or not.

5. Remote Access

Going for a Smart Home? 9 Benefits of Going For One TodayRemote access refers to the ability which allows you to manage and handle your house from a distance.

Whether it is your smart security system or your kitchen, remote access makes it easier for you to manage some of the things that could compromise your security. For instance, you left the door unlocked, remote access allows you to lock the door from wherever you are.

It is not just this, though. Remote access means having access to your security cameras from afar. This is one of the best features of a smart home.

Let’s say you left the children at home and you still want to keep an eye on them. Using remote access via the security cameras, you can check up on them every once in a while.

As you have the view on them, you can call the ambulance or police in case of an emergency. It was tough to do this before as living the kids usually mean actually leaving them alone for themselves. Now, remote access gives you the ability to always be with them through the cameras and it’s saving lives worldwide.

6. Accessibility

Smart homes aren’t just for convenience. They also offer more functional capabilities, especially for people who have special needs.

For visually impaired homeowners, for instance, may find it hard to locate the remote. Those who have mobility issues may struggle to close the blinds or doors for privacy. But because smart homes provide assistance on nearly everything, moving around the house becomes much easier for people with special needs.

7. Empowerment

Advancements in technology also benefit people with special needs by empowering them. For people with disabilities, there is a huge difference between needing assistance and living independently at home.

With smart homes, they will be able to feel more confident. This is because smart homes allow them to do more tasks easily without needing too much assistance from other people. This assistive technology helps them gain more control over their surrounding, as well as their daily tasks. Such empowerment gives them more strength and hope.

We should all feel as comfortable as possible within our homes. This sense of empowerment only makes us more empowered when in our house. As they say, a happy home is a powerful home so this is something that you’ll definitely want to feel.

8. Home Safety

Going for a Smart Home? 9 Benefits of Going For One TodaySmart homes help ensure safety too. Aside from keeping unwanted guests away from your home, they can also help prevent accidents from happening or worsening.

There are smart devices that can detect smoke and even leaks. These gadgets will alert you if they detect something that could damage your property.

Smoke detectors, for instance, automatically senses the presence of an indication of fire. It sounds like a warning to homeowners.

Fire sprinklers, on the other hand, detects high heat when a fire starts. There are also automated leak sensors that can detect leaks and shut off taps.

9. Money-Saving

Smart home features aren’t just for doing mundane tasks or keep you safe. A smart home also saves your wallet.

Statistics show that Americans spend more than $100 billion per year on wasted energy. And if you don’t want to waste such a huge amount of money, smart devices are worth considering. While they don’t come for free, these automated devices can help save you more money.

Because most home devices have motion sensors or timers, your lights, thermostat, and even your appliances will automatically turn off. This will not just save your energy but your wallet too.

A smart home is a heavy expense at first. However, you’ll gradually see that you could be saving more on energy and other things if your home is well automated. After that first major expense, you’ll see that your energy bills will be much lesser later on. This will accumulate over time meaning you save a lot more than you think.

A smart home might be expensive but it is definitely worth investing in. It is not just the convenience you’ll be getting, as you’ll also be getting all of these benefits above. It is only a matter of time before smart homes become even smarter. As early as now, you’ll need to make the right transition as it will be more costly later on.

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