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Can CPG Staffing And Recruiting Seduce Top Talent From Competitors?

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

How can CPG staffing and recruiting agencies attract top talent from competitors?

For anyone unfamiliar, the CPG industry is the consumer packaged goods of the retail sector. These are physical goods that customers purchase regularly for individual purposes. 

These can be raw materials all the way up to an entirely prepared item. These can include food, drinks, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and on. 

As you can imagine, any career path in this industry would likely thrive. The Grocery Manufacturers Association indicates, “the CPG industry supports one in 10 American jobs with it being the largest manufacturing employer within the US.”

Arusiwa from “PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)” indicates that “20.4 million jobs are supported by this industry, generating roughly $1 trillion in labor income and contributing approximately $2 trillion to the GDP.” Click here for details on why you should consider a career in the CPG industry.

In order to staff for this industry, a recruiter needs to find talent with specialized skills because the competition in the field is high in any area you choose to pursue.

But in that same breath, the firm must present a solid brand that outshines the competition and is worthy of the high quality a skilled staff member can bring.

How can a recruiter help brands draw and retain the best, most brilliant candidates in a competitive market? Consider these suggestions putting the spotlight on your hiring brand.

How CPG Staffing And Recruiting Can Bring Top Talent Competition To Your Brand

The idea in business is to attract the best and brightest staff to your brand, and that is mostly true in the CPG industry, where the competition is fierce. Recruiters are tasked with the position of not only finding the highest quality talent but ensuring that they find your brand worthy of their skillset.

Can CPG Staffing And Recruiting Seduce Top Talent From Competitors? 1 Expert tips to grow your business to success.

A qualified, professional recruiting team like those at https://www.peoplesuite.com/practice-areas/consumer-packaged-goods/ will learn what employees most look for in their top choices for employment and then marry the employer with the staff. In today’s market, the following are qualities most sought by talented candidates:

  • 63 percent – career/life balance
  • 60 percent – benefits/compensation
  • 40 percent – culture/colleagues

Let’s look at how you can accommodate new employees’ needs as an employer to maintain your staff’s longevity.

1. Strive for the most outstanding staff experience

A brand must strive for a positive experience for each staff member. That would mean that the employees will receive opportunities for career advancement. The company will provide competitive benefits and compensation.

The brand will be a team where each team member is considered in each collaboration. Staff feedback and input are encouraged to bring innovation, fresh ideas, change, and growth.

In this setting, each employee feels challenged and appreciated for their contributions and efforts making each day worthwhile. That’s an environment where a skilled, talented, and educated candidate would feel most welcome, valued and their qualifications put to use.

2. A brand needs to have a solid online presence

Top talent is viewing their options in the digital scope. If your brand is not visible in that realm in a robust fashion, a website, and a social network, your company will be overlooked by those trying to learn about the high-quality firms in the business of CPG.

They’re looking to learn about your values, what you propose for new candidates, your company’s culture, and what you stand for. These potential candidates want to engage with business leaders on their social pages, sit in on forums, and attend industry events. 

They want to be front seat and personal if they intend to consider you as a prospect for employment, more so than merely talking to you in a formal interview process.

3. Encourage current staff to advocate for the brand

The hiring brand will benefit when current team members advocate for the firm. They can do this in a number of ways by sharing their experiences, their personal stories of why they’re proud to be a part of the company culture, and what they have found to be positive experiences.

When employees who have worked for the company for any number of years are willing to recommend the business to prospects looking for the best brand to start their career by showing examples of outstanding customer support and high-performance levels from the staff for a company that appreciates them, it speaks volumes.

In the same way, a company requests references from an applicant; nowadays, candidates want to hear from the current staff how the company compares to other brands as an employer so that they can make the most informed hiring decisions.

4. A competitive benefits and compensation package is crucial in the CPG industry

Employers must ensure their benefits and compensation packages are competitive with the CPG industry standards. These need to align with the preferences and needs of top candidates, or these talented prospects will find a business with an adequate package.

In the world nowadays, benefits are as, if not more so, essential as salary. A business leader should pay closer attention to the package as a whole and not so much about negotiating the price point. 

A better question for a prospect who seems shaky about their decision is to ask what you can do to bring them on board and let them tell you where the company might need to improve with their offer. Then you can mediate or negotiate to meet the candidate’s criteria to join the team if it’s possible for the firm to do so.

A competitive benefits and compensation package is crucial in the CPG industry

Final Thought

The CPG industry is highly competitive for applicants looking for positions and among businesses themselves. With a suitable staffing and recruiting agency, talented prospects will be sought for the firms, and the highest level brands will be made to stand out among the crowd for the best quality candidates.

In this way, the brand receives a team member that fits their culture, values, and production needs, and the candidate finds a career in which they can collaborate, use their skill set, and advance while receiving adequate benefits and compensation for their efforts.

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