Best Online Meeting Tools to Increase Your Productivity

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The post-impact of COVID-19 shouldn’t be ignored at any rate. Among all this negativity, one positive thing has taken place for sure virtual meetings seem to have gained an immense amount of momentum.

All this has certainly resulted in a 360-degree change in our working lives. More and more companies have dwindled in the past two years, due to which they are trending towards hosting ‘virtual’ or ‘hybrid meetings’.

The Verge of Online Meetings

The Internet is no longer acknowledged as the new wild-west. In fact, today’s advances in computing and software have resulted in the rosy present that no one could ever think about several years back.

Communication has become a lot easier, effective – all thanks to ever-emerging software such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting or Skype and so forth. Not to mention, by conducting online meetings even the business world is availing a plethora of advantages such as spending the least amount of time on travel, gaining easy and more accessibility, environment friendly and whatnot!

Even knowing this, I wouldn’t deny the fact that businesses across the globe were a bit oblivious to the concept of virtual meetings until and unless one fine day due to the COVID pandemic it became a hard-core necessity.

Now it is a safe bet to say that you might haven’t conducted as many virtual or online meetings your whole life as in the past two-year span.

For the majority of companies, conducting regular virtual meetings has become a new norm. And not just for businesses but even our education system seems to have adopted the concept of virtual meets.

Without any further delay, I would like to mention some of the core benefits of conducting online meetings.

How are Online Meetings Beneficial?

How are Online Meetings Beneficial? 

Fortunately, the potential of virtual meetings is pretty huge and never-ending. Yes, though these meetings cannot solve problems materialistically, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored totally.

Every coin has two sides – time to unveil the positive side of virtual meetings. Time to surpass old inefficiencies using virtual meetings. 

1. No wastage of time

With the increase in virtual meetings, one no longer has to waste time scheduling the meeting prior to a week.

You see since it is virtual there is no need to book a room or take care of any logistics, food menu etc. Also, you don’t have to worry whether the employee is present in the office or not.

Not to mention, even for the employees, getting ready for the meet-up takes around 15-20 minutes where they use the washroom or have a coffee before leaving for the conference room.

2. Well-established Communication

Another benefit of conducting virtual meetings instead of physical ones is that you can improve your communication abilities.

Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and ezTalks Cloud Meeting are some of the best tools being used to conduct remote meetings where people from different locations can communicate seamlessly and effectively for a low price. And since you are doing this remotely, you are bound to become more explicit in how you communicate.

Here more democratic participation can be expected. All you have to do is as the moderator just make sure everyone gets their space to talk and no one dominates others.

Virtual meetings play a significant role in creating a company’s healthy culture. 

3. Build Instant Rapport

Another significant element or benefit offered by online meetings is that instant rapport can be built among employees.

In addition, everyone can connect with one another without making much effort. Also, these meetings enable everyone to be at ease most of the time instead of being uptight. This surely increases their confidence in their work even if they are dressed in casual clothes. 

Further below I would like to mention some of the best online meeting tools to take into consideration to enhance productivity.

Best Online Meeting Tools to Take into Account

Best Online Meeting Tools to Take into Account

I am sure you will agree with this – most of the time that we spend in the boardroom is unproductive and tiresome. Yes, it is a real eye-opener. However, one cannot stop to conduct regular meetings.

Fret not, we do have an option for conducting online meetups. Virtual meetings won’t be slowing down anytime soon. 

Down below, I would like to mention some of the finest online meeting tools that must be taken into consideration by businesses to gain fruitful results in regard to productivity and efficiency.

1. Hive Notes

One of the leading tools to take into consideration is Hive Notes. This one is an all-in-one project management software that ensures successful and productive meetings.

Here end-users can easily schedule meetings easily by using the built-in email integration. Not just that, to finalize the meeting topic, you can ask your team members to fill up the form. Apart from that Hive Notes highly supports face-to-face interactions.

It may quite interest you to know that here there is an option for creating and sharing the agenda with all the participants in prior. So that everyone is on the same page and those who have missed the meeting can track progress in no time.

2. Zoom

Another leading real-time online video conference tool is Zoom. I am sure you must be knowing that! However, what you might not know is that Zoom enables a user to stream up to 50 HD videos simultaneously.

More and more businesses are moving in towards the tool and why not? Zoom offers several options such as video, audio, screen sharing, group instant messaging and whatnot!

Also, Zoom meetings can be conducted using any computing device whether it is a mobile, laptop or tablet. You can avail of the free version where you get a time limit of 40 but if you want more, feel free to upgrade to its premium version. 

3. Slido

Have you ever faced the fear of corporate backlash or thought about whether your peers are judging you or not? Well, Slido is one of the best meeting tools that enable businesses to conduct productive meetings and create a highly comfortable environment. 

Here in Slido, attendees can share potential insights via using their smartphones and computers. Also, end users can choose whether they want to reveal their identity or remain anonymous to ensure a productive discussion is being held. Slido also has a facility for video integration. 

4. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a screen-sharing tool but still is considered one of the best online meeting tools. Here users enrolling themselves can get wider remote desktop access.

Employees from all across the world have wide access to TeamViewer from any location and point of time. Most of the time TeamViewer is mainly used to showcase all the technical details to others.

With TeamViewer, you can have control over certain mesmerizing features such as the whiteboard and text chat features. 

5. Google Meet

I am sure you must have known what Google Meet is. Well, Google Meet is a pure video conferencing tool featuring Google’s G Suite.

Google Meet is a user-friendly online meeting tool that enables people from all across the globe to join the meeting right away using the Google invite link.

As mentioned earlier, due to COVID, there has been a severe increase in online meetings and Google Meets leaves no stone unturned here. Apart from being user-friendly, Google meet assists well in hosting as many as 250 participants in a call. 

One of the obvious yet crucial benefits of Google meet is used well when integrated with other technologies.

Why online meeting tools are important for virtual meetings

Why online meeting tools are important for virtual meetings

Virtual meetings and online meetings have become the need of the hour. And certainly, all the aforementioned virtual meeting tools can assist in a great manner.

Pick the right virtual meeting tools on the basis of your business needs, try them out and share which one is the most useful for your company.

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